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43. The Golden Creation of the Divine

43. The Golden Creation of the Divine

The long night commences, bringing our long awaited 2 days 3 nights recreation accommodation to a head.  That said, right now we’re still riding the bus.

“Yuuki-kun, you look considerably tired. Are you alright?”
“I’m good, I just stayed up a bit too late.”

Probably because of my continuous yawning, the class representative voices her concern.

The reason I’m sleep deprived is Rin. She wanted to accompany me on this trip and it took a few hours to calm her down. As such, I didn’t get much sleep. Yet even until the end, she wasn’t convinced. Kuro and Shiro told me they’d look after her, so I left it to those two small animals and flew out of the house.

Incidentally, as Near and Urd aren’t noticeable even when they are with me, I am bringing them along on the recreation accommodation. Near is inside my pocket while Urd is floating around me as a spirit body.

“I won’t go easy on you just because you’re sleep deprived! Eleven back!”
“8 cut, I give you a 3 of hearts.”
Ah,  I also give.”
“Me too.”

Starting with the the 3 of hearts I handed over, the class representative, Ishida, and Aihara-san follow up one after the other. Takigawa once more becomes the Grand Pauper1.

“Wh- whyyyy!”
Takigawa cries out in regret as he flings his card into the air.

Fuu fuu fu, when it comes to daifugou, I’ve lost more than enough times at home. It isn’t a career, it isn’t! But now that I’m on the topic, every single match we’ve had at home has closed with an overwhelming victory for Near.

“Look, look, we seem to have already gotten off the freeway.”

I look outside at the class representative’s words and see, “Asahikawa Takasu” written on a sign.  Apparently, we have reached our destination.

“It was a little less than 2 hours. It felt long and short.”
“We did play cards the whole time-”
Aihara-san responds to Ishida’s comment.

True, it was long and short.

Then, after 20 minutes, our bus reaches the Asahikawa museum parking lot where we safely reunite with the children from the middle school.

Onee-chan, senpai, it has been a while.”
“Starting from today, for 2 days and 3 nights, we shall be in your care, desu.”

Uruna-chan and Owl-chan, having arrived on a bus for the middle schoolers, join us. From here on, all the teams shall act together with the middle schoolers in groups of 7-8 people.

“All members have gathered. So then, shall we go?”
In response to my call, everyone enters the museum.

The arrangement for this morning is for the members of all the gathered teams to enter and view the exhibits of the Ainu people that are open to the public.

“Hm?  Th- this!?”

Within a place like this, at the display in the entry lobby, I alone tremble after being struck by overwhelming awe. Before me is an astounding collaboration corner where an Ainu girl and the protagonist, a former soldier possessing the nickname Invulnerable, are sparing no effort in search of gold. It is called [The Golden Creation of the Divine].

“What are you doing?  Hurry it up and come on.”
Ah, but, right…”

Except, I do not have the time to enjoy this display. In addition to having to write a report about the contents of our tour, we only have 30 minutes to look around in order to avoid getting caught up in any disorder.

As such, I reluctantly turn away from the display at Ishida’s urgings.

“This display has some materials that can be taken home. Let’s go get some next.”
“Is this display item a ceremonial tool? It seems to have been used for important ceremonies, so there shouldn’t be any problems with sketching it.”

After entering the venue, the class representative and Ishida serve as guides and show us around the appropriate displays. Those two are honor students ranking among the top 5 of our grade. Their minds are quick.

Incidentally, my test scores rank me a bit higher than half the student body.

From what I can see… there seem to be about as many as in my house’s garden.

“Yuuki-san, is something wrong, desu?”
“Owl-chan, can you see that?”

I ask her while pointing at a building that is a reenactment of an Ainu dwelling.

“As expected, Yuuki-san can see them as well. Most likely, those are spirits associated with the Ainu people, desu.”
“I see. By the way, about how many can you see?”
“1, 2…in total, there are 4, desu.”
“That’s all of them?”
“That’s right, desu. Why do you ask, desu?”
“No, no reason in particular.”

I see, 4 was it?

1, 2, 3… yep. In total, I count 13.

Most likely, what Owl-chan sees are the 4 colorful spheres of light gathered in the center of the house. She doesn’t seem able to see the other white spheres.

“Owl, Yuuki-san, did something happen?”
Uruna-chan, perhaps curious about the conversation Owl-chan and I are having, also rushes over to join us. Incidentally, I try asking her as well and receive the same answer.

Apparently, even if the 2 of them can see the fairies, they can’t see the orbs (the spheres of white light). According to Kuro, those orbs are the souls of humans and animals. I don’t know why, but they can only see the fairies.

Ah, everyone is going to the next exhibit. We should go too.”
“You’re right.” (Uruna)
“Let’s go, desu.” (Owl)

Although I am vexed that I wasn’t able to enjoy examining the Golden Creation of the Divine display, I’ll settle with having made a new discovery.

While I am thinking that, even more discoveries appear before my eyes.

“This seems to be a knife that was actually used by the Ainu people. What an elaborate design.”
“It seems to be called an Ainu Makiri2. What a beautiful design.”

Ishida, Aihara-san, and Takigawa state their expressions one after the other. Certainly, it’s as the 3 of them say, it has a crisp and cool design.

“I feel a faint magical power, desu.” (Owl)
“This…” (Uruna)
“This perhaps might be a [magic tool]. Its power has waned, though.  Seems like there may have been a practitioner among the Ainu people capable of making magic items.” (Uruka)

My hearing which has been enhanced by kami-sama accidentally picks up the words of the 3 practitioners. Owl-chan, Uruna-chan, and the class representative are muttering amongst themselves in voices indistinguishable by their surroundings.

This is my first time hearing the term, [magic tool], but they are probably referring to a named tool that possesses a special power. In any case, the knife in this exhibit isn’t ordinary.

“Maybe I’ll try taking a closer look.”
I focus with my eyes and concentrate on the knife’s design.

“Its name is, [Divine Knife (Kamui Makiri)]. A magic tool used by the chief to dismantle animals. Its effects…”
I learn the effects of the knife before my eyes and how to manufacture it.

At any rate, it’s an absurd magic tool. Depending on how it’s used, it is capable of killing opponents in one hit.

I’ll just keep the manufacturing method locked away in my heart.

“Kousuke, what are you doing? Let’s go—.”
“Sorry, I’m coming now.”

While I was examining the [Divine Knife (Kamui Makiri)], everyone had already moved onto the next exhibit. After a moment, I too join them.

The morning museum tour was a treasure of unexpected harvests.

—This establishment does not have a noble diamond—

“Here now, how about some treats House Head left us?”

Rin firmly refuses the potato chips Kuro offers her.


Shiro gives Rin some apple juice while communicating, [Not even the juice master made for us?] with his cawing.  However, even that is firmly refused.

“This is distressing. Rin may possibly intend to not utter anything until House Head returns.”

As if saying, [That would be awful……], Shiro caws.

“I suppose it cannot be help? …Rin, will your spirits recover if you are allowed but a glimpse of House Head?”
“Recover! Recover!!”
“Really now?  I am certain the destination was Asahikawa. I believe the arrangement was for 2 nights and 3 days?”
Umu, in that case, how about coincidentally seeing House Head while we are on our way to visit my old friend?”
“Your old friend?”
“A friend from long ago. My friend is a great youkai responsible for the Asahikawa region.  I believe we could trouble him to tend to us for about 2 nights.”

[If we do that, won’t we deviate from master’s original wish for us to watch the house?] is what Shiro keeps from saying.

The only instruction Kousuke gave was, “I’ll trouble you with looking after Rin.” He didn’t say, “Don’t accompany me to Asahikawa.” Furthermore, Shiro himself also wants to be near Kousuke. That desire takes priority.

“Shiro also approves? Well then, let us depart at once. Rin, pack clothes for 2 days. We shall trouble my old friend for food and a place to rest.”
“Change of clothes, immediately get—!”

Rin takes Kousuke’s rucksack without permission and stuffs her clothes and underwear in it one after the other.

“Well then, shall we go?”
Kuro, upon seeing that Rin has finished preparing, transforms his appearance into that of a golden shishi.

“Climb onto my back without hesitation. I will take us there.”
“[Pesudo  Mist Illusion Barrier].”

Once Kuro confirms that Shiro and Rin are on his back, he invokes a barrier. It mimics the [Mist Illusion Barrier]’s ability to repel people and conceal with an efficacy no lower than the original’s.

“I am departing.”

A golden shishi clad in mist jumps into the sky while carrying a white crow and a white-haired girl on his back.

T/N: I hope she doesn’t forget to unpack her clothes from Kousuke’s bag once they return home. It would be awkward if he goes to pull out his homework only to find something else.

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  1. Daifugo, a card game also known as, rich man poor man.