Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

65. The Limit of His Majesty’s Patience

Thus, the wedding day came.

Tistye, who closed her eyes before the mirror, slowly opened them due to Lizzy’s voice.

Behind her was Lizzy, who was already tearful, and also the maids who helped her into her dress. Elena stood beside her with an expression full of accomplishment.

“Your Majesty the Empress… how beautiful…”

“Thank you, Lizzy. There’s no need for you to cry.”

While soothing Lizzy, who finally began to cry, Tistye gently stared at Elena.

Her long, red, hair had been cut. Her hair only reached down to her shoulders. Short hair suited her nicely.

“Thank you, Elena. By the way, you cut your hair.”

“Yes, as a mark of a new beginning.”

Eventually, the door to the dressing room was knocked. The chief of the ceremony appeared from behind the door.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Your Majesty the Empress. Let’s go.”


Within a chapel at the heart of the royal palace was a sanctuary. The only times it opened was for prescribed rituals, and it forbid all conflicts.

In the novel atmosphere created by the historic building, she could see a round, rose patterned, window with blue glass. Below the window was a beautiful, three-sided, stained glass. A bright red carpet was laid through the room, showing a straight line to the altar within.

In addition, famous lords from all over the kingdom also attended. They were seated at the left and the right sides of the hall and were looking forward to the appearance of the leading roles. Eventually, the old wooden door opened, followed by a slight creaking noise.

The first empress, whom was clad in pure white, appeared.

Her lustrous silver hair was carefully tied up, while her face was hidden underneath a veil with delicate embroidery.

She was covered from her chest to her shoulders in a delicate lace woven by craftsmen over a long period of time. It emphasized the curve of her nape and collarbone, which were as slender as the neck of a swan.

Her narrow waist was adorned with two types of ribbons, satin and frills, which were fastened with white roses and butterfly decorations. The front of her skirt was embroidered with the royal crest, one made of silver thread. The rest of her dress was made of the finest, heavy, silk fabric.

The design was simple, and not too flashy.

However, it also incorporated the latest trends and the style of the imperial family in an exquisite balance. The dress didn’t only captivate the eyes of the many women who attended, but also the men who had never seen such a dress before.

Everyone inside of the hall was naturally full of admiration, and they paid attention to the empress’ every move.

Wanting to fulfil everyone’s expectations, Tistye carefully stepped forward. On the red carpet, the hem of her veil, which appeared like moonlight, slowly spread. Eventually, Tistye reached the altar.


When she raised her face, she saw the standing figure of Gaizel.

His white outfit was adorned with silver epaulettes and aiguillette, while his buttons were engraved with the royal emblem. He wore black leather gloves over his hands.

A goldsmith circlet, which imitated the leaves of a plant, adorned his head—further enhancing its blackness.

A lavish cloak was draped over one of his shoulders, giving him a dignified apperance. He looked like the God of Creation from the myths. Even though all he did was stand there, Tistye felt as though she were about to topple backwards.

Arriving before Gaizel, Tistye gently knelt down on the step. She listened to the lengthy words of pray read by the chief of the ceremony.

After praying for the permanent peace and prosperity of Verscia, the tray with tiara was reverently delivered to Gaizel. Gaizel lifted the tiara as it spilled star-like sparkles.

“—My the heart will protect you, and my arms will be your shield.”

Gaizel’s low and soothing voice touched Tistye’s entire body.

“I want you to love me as much as I love you. I want you to love this kingdom.”

In response to Tistye’s reply, Gaizel gently unveiled her. Her long, bow-shaped eyelashes and faintly colored lips were exposed. The guests lining the front seat gasped.

Eventually, a silver-white tiara was held over the head of Tistye. After confirming that Gaizel’s hands were above her, Tistye slowly stood up on the spot.

A massive levanite shone at the center of the tiara.

The jewel, which reflected light perfectly from any angle, brought breath taking admiration to anyone who saw it.

It was as if the bewitching charm of the dark night had carefully been extracted and refined.

On the other hand, the silver work surrounding it was abundantly decorated with diamonds and pearls the size of seeds. The exquisite detail performed by the craftsmen was enough to make everyone hesitant from touching it out of fear that they might break it.

By combining those two, the finest tiara was created, one no one would believe was crafted by the hands of humans. But, as soon as Tistye wore it, it turned into another accessory meant to complement her.

It was a very beautiful, but ferocious, beast-like ornament which devour its wearer.

But, when coupled with Tistye’s beauty and modest smile, the accessory looked like a tamed beast.

Perhaps Tistye herself wasn’t aware of it. She turned her eyes, which shone like a clear sky, straight towards Gaizel and gently opened her mouth.

“—For each other, for the sons of Verscia.”

Towards her words, Gaizel slightly narrowed his eyes.

Tistye was so nervous, she couldn’t see her surroundings at all. But, for some reason, only Gaizel’s face was clearly visible. Tistye replied with a fluttering smile towards the heartwarming sensation.

Eventually, Tistye went up on to the stage and stood beside Gaizel. The words that signal the end of the ceremony were spoken. The two faced each other, awaiting signal from the chief of the ceremony to make their oath.

He tilted his face, and gently touched her lips.

At that moment, the transparent bell rang, and the applause of blessing enveloped the entirety Verscia.

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