A Court Blacksmith, whom was Condemned for being a ‘Woman who Reeks of Iron’, was Picked up by a Friendly Guild and Attained Happiness Translation

33. Sharing Secrets

Two people were wrapped in one blanket.

The blanket was meant for one person, so it was inevitable that our bodies would touch…

Grave’s face was close.

We were so close that I could hear both his breathing and heartbeat.

“I’ve been to this mountain several times. I first came when I was 10-years-old.”

“10-years-old? That young? Were you alright?”

“Back then, I trembled a lot, too.”

Grave moved his arm as we spoke.

The movement of his arm pulled the blanket. We got even closer.

“I, I see. You did well to endure it.”

“Not at all?”


“I couldn’t stand it, so I took a break like we’re doing now. Since I was still cold and shivering, older sister wrapped me up in a blanket and held me.”


Grave nodded.

I could imagine Grave as a kid, but I couldn’t imagine Teresia hugging him.

The Teresia I knew wouldn’t do that.


“Y, yes.”

“Older sister is pretty kind. Especially towards those who work hard. On the contrary, she’s strict towards those who’re lazy.

“I can understand that somehow.”

After all, I had often seen her getting mad at Rigard for skipping out on his work.

“As older sister said, humans are warm. When it’s cold, people get together, and huddle their bodies to share warmth.”

“That’s right. It’s definitely warmer.”

Before I knew it, my shivering had subsided.

Maybe it wasn’t just due to his body heat…

Thanks to that, though, I was able to calm down and think.

How long ago did Grave join the guild?

From what he said, he was already a member when he was 10-years-old.

I was also curious about what he said before—that our situations were similar.

“When did you join the guild, Grave?”

I decided to take the plunge and asked.

Grave answered nonchalantly.

“After I turned six, I guess? It’s been fourteen, fifteen years…”

“From so long ago?”

“That’s right.”

Knowing that Grave had been in the guild since he was little piqued my curiosity.

It was also because he told me our situations were similar.

But, more than that, my desire to know more about him was stronger.

“G, Grave, uhm…”

“Do you want to know my past?”

“Y, yes… how did you guess?”

“I can see it from your expression.”


Am I that easy to read?

I hurriedly touched my face.

Grave laughed a little when he saw me.

“Just kidding. I was just wondering when you’d ask.”

“W, what?”

“So, do you want to hear it?”


“Let me say this before hand—it’s not an interesting story to hear. It might even make you uncomfortable. Do you still want to hear it?”

For him to say such thing… his past must had been truly difficult.

It was kind of him to notify me beforehand.

But—I wanted to know.

My desire to know more about Grave was stronger. I answered firmly.

“I want to hear it.”

“…I see. Let’s talk, then.”

Grave took a breath and opened his mouth.

“Does Liliana know the name—‘Crontland’?”


“Judging from your reaction, it seems that you don’t. Well, it’s a small kingdom, one far from the kingdom.”

While saying that, Grave seemed a little disappointed.

“So… that’s the name of the country?”

“Indeed. It’s so small, it can’t be compared with your kingdom… Liliana, I was the prince of that kingdom.”

“Uh, a-a prince?”

Grave was a prince…?

I was so surprised, I couldn’t speak.

I remained silent for a while, my eyes open wide.

“Is it that shocking?”

“I, I never imagined that Grave would be a prince…”

“Hahaha, that’s right… Actually, it’s a story from when I was a kid. I don’t think of myself as a prince anymore.”

Grave laughed.

Even though I had the impression that it would be a dark story, he spoke with a surprisingly cheerful tone.

However, that was over soon.

“Believe it or not, I was a prince. My kingdom was peaceful and had no conflicts. But… suddenly, a coup d’etat happened. I recall the day happening on my birthday.”

Tragedy happened without warning—

—listening to Grave’s story, I realized that.

The mastermind of the coup was a nobleman of the kingdom.

He was enticed by power and wanted to usurp the throne.

Many aristocrats aided said nobleman.

The gorgeous atmosphere of the birthday changed completely, turning into a murderous battlefield.

“Everyone was killed. My father, mother, and older brother were killed.”

“…What about Grave?”

“I survived because of my father. Afterwards, the perpetrator fled to another country. In the end, my kingdom was no more.”

He lost his family, position, and home.

Grave… became truly alone.

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