Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

61. The Homes of Aristocrats and One’s Parents are Challenging (13)

“Elena… I can sympathize with Orbit a little…”

“Your Majesty the Empress…”

“Every design you drew is very nice. When you were measuring my dress, you were always serious… Hence, I became aware of how much you really enjoy making dresses.”


“Of course, not everyone in the world will value that. However, I think being hardworking is good in of itself.”

Tistye was ashamed to admit that at first, she had been resigned to the fact that as a female designer, Elena would be shunned in Verscia.

However, Verscia was about to be transformed—by none other than Gaizel’s hands.

When I heard His Majesty’s vision, I thought that it reckless… but, what kind of empress am I, if I don’t believe in the change?

It didn’t matter how long it took or how many people rejected it. There was no point in creating the conflict-free world Gaizel envisioned if she didn’t take the first step now.

Tistye squeezed her hem tightly.

“This kingdom will change. We will change. Until then, I want Elena to not give up on her true feelings…”

Tistye understood that her wish could also be considered cruel.

In a world where women weren’t allowed to work, fighting the absurdity of the world was like being on the front lines of a war. Elena, who listened to Tistye’s words, lowered her gaze—it was as if she was suffering. Orbit, who looked up at her, was also full of pain. He looked ready to cry.

Then, Luka’s voice came from the door.

“—Forgive me. The atmosphere felt heavy, so I refrained from entering.”

“Luka, you…”

Orbit’s expression changed.

On the other hand, Luka continued to fluently spin his words as if nothing had ever happened.

“…How meddlesome. Your engagement has been annulled, yet you still insist upon staying beside her.”

“That annulment was one-sided! Now that I know the truth—!”

“This is our problem. You have no right to voice your opinion. Not to mention, you even mimicked a thief and faked a burglary—you’re such a hassle.”

“Damn it!”

In contrast to Orbit, who was aggravated, Elena was in awe at Luka’s appearance. Luka narrowed his eyes towards Elena who was still keeping her head down as she bit her lips.

 “Elena, thanks to you, the perpetrator confessed to his crime. In addition, the empress also got involved. What timing—let me just clarify this here.”


“What do you want to do? What is it that you truly want?”


Elena’s fleeting voice was like a flickering candle that was ready to disappear at any moment. Tistye also gazed hopefully at her.

For a moment, Elena’s eyes met with Tistye’s. However, she immediately lowered them again.

Elena, don’t lose…

After a long silence, Elena finally opened her mouth.

“I… for once, I want to fight.”


“I’m sure it won’t be as popular as my brother’s, I don’t think it will sell at all. Nevertheless, I want to design a dress with my own name…”

Every word seemed to be made of teardrops.

Imagine how much courage Elena took to say that wasn’t hard. The years of Elena’s accumulated suffering and sorrow seemed to gradually be melting away.

Elena’s words reached their limits and eventually vanished.

Luka was silently contemplating. Elena waited for his next response.

Soon enough, he opened his eyes and showed a beautiful smile.

“Then, try it.”


The short yelp wasn’t Elena’s, but of Orbit and the tearful Tistye. Towards the delighted replies of the two, Luka squinted his eyes.

“To be precise, I will leave the position of the designer for the soon to be launched brand to you.”

“Why, so suddenly brother…?”

“It isn’t sudden at all. Ever since the beginning, I was planning to do that.”

Luka then took a small piece of paper from his breast pocket. It was a business card for ‘Ciel Etoile’ that Titsye had seen before. The words ‘Designer/ Elena Schneider’ were clearly engraved on the back.

“Working as a woman in this kingdom still has a lot of setbacks. In fact, if I hadn’t sold them under my name, I wouldn’t have been able to put her first dress in my shop.”

But—Luka hid his mouth with the card.

“The dresses you’ve painstakingly made have become coveted in the social circles. Everyone wants to get their hands on them. At such a time like this, it no longer matters whether or not the designer is a female. No one will them give up, those wonderful dresses are already in the hands of plenty women.”

Only aristocrats and influential people were buying dresses from the workshop. As such, there was no one brave enough to criticize what they loved. Luka wasn’t only developing the workshop, but also the foundation for Elena’s designing career.

While Tistye admired Luka’s skill, Elena suddenly seemed unable to understand the situation.

“Of course, I will also announce that you were the designer for the dresses I have sold so far. I need to be prepared for some backlash, but there’s no doubt it’ll become a hot topic. Not bad for a debut, eh?”

“Older brother…”

“…I really wanted to prepare the stage sooner. I’m truly sorry for being so late.”

Seeing his bitter smile, Elena shed tears.

As she desperately tried to wipe them away, Luka gently hugged her. Elena kept crying silently into her brother’s chest, perhaps because she could no longer suppress her emotions.

Looking at the two, Tistye also couldn’t help but cry.

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