Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

119. How Frustrating. I’ll Never Forgive you

When I reached the throne room, I saw Nigel being lifted up by a demon.


While saying that, I immediately tried to run up to him.

However, the demon only grinned.

“Why if it isn’t the saint… However, you’re a bit late. I’ve already absorbed the magical power that was bestowed upon this man. This man is already gone.”

The demon tried to break Nigel’s neck.



Nigel screamed and struggled to break free from the demon.

In an instant, the demon was frightened. I didn’t miss the chance to hit the demon with all my might.

“…Hmm. How annoying.”

My attack didn’t do anything.

However, I was able to distract him at the last minute.

Nigel broke free from the demon.

He held his throat and coughed painfully.

“What on earth are you going to do? Do you think you can survive?”

The demon wore a regal cloak. He was twice as large as me.

However, I wasn’t scared. Instead, I stared back at him as I tried to support Nigel.

“You’re all finished. I have all the keys.”

“…The keys?”

“To revive the Demon King.”

The demon spoke with arrogance.

“I absorbed Philomero—an archdemon—into my body, and also the Goddess’ blessing. With this amount of magic, I will be able to revive the Demon King at the expense of myself.”

After saying that, the demon turned his back on us.

“Come, the festival is about to begin. Fighting against a saint is a waste of magical power. I don’t have time for you.”

The demon descended under the throne—to the room where the Demon King was sealed.


“Eliane! This is bad! Stop him!”

Nigel also reached out, but it was to no avail. He could barely move.

I wanted to cast a healing spell on him but decided against it.

I could do that later.

The current priority was to stop that demon.

I couldn’t make a mistake!

“I won’t let you go!”

I set up a barrier in front of the demon in an attempt to stop him.

“You’re such a pain.”

The demon reached out and tried to destroy the barrier.

Refusing to lose, I increased the strength of the barrier, however—

—no, at this rate, it will be destroyed!

“W, what are you trying to achieve?”

I extended both of my hands forward.

As I tried to strengthen the barrier, I spoke to the demon.

“A lot of people will die! Don’t you feel guilty!? Are you alright with that?”

“Do you even need to ask? Of course, I’m alright with it. You’re the odd one in the first place.”

The demon continued without pause.

“You received horrible treatment from this kingdom, and yet, you returned to save it. It’s really strange. What do you gain from it?”

I wanted to argue, but I couldn’t muster a word.

“See? You’re the strange one. Once the Demon King is resurrected, you will tremble with all your might. Then, you will be desperate to protect your own life… mark my words.”



Glass could be heard shattering and we were blown back by the shock wave.

I immediately stood up to stop the demon, but he had already disappeared.

He most likely went to the place the Demon King was sealed.

Fear filled my body.

I was stunned and stood there in a daze, but…

“Eliane! We have to chase him right away! We can’t let the Demon King be revived!”

Nigel’s voice brought me back to reality.

“B, but, Nigel, you’re injured…”

Maybe it was due to the fierce battle… Nigel suffered a lot of injuries.

He was bleeding, and he had trouble standing.

Even though I casted a healing spell, it didn’t mean I could erase his fatigue.

It was impossible to completely heal Nigel, especially considering the fact that I had exhausted my magic.


“It’s okay! If we don’t go, this kingdom—no, the world will end! I won’t allow him do what he wants, even if it costs me my life!”

Despite his grievous wounds, Nigel tried to chase after the demon.

What he said was understandable.

Nevertheless, I wanted him to rest. But, as of the present, without Nigel, I wouldn’t be able to stop that demon.

That was why.

“…I understand! Let’s move!”

I made up my mind and chased the demon with Ngiel.

While descending the stairs…

“Nigel… I’m frustrated. That demon has no regard towards human life! Such an evil being… I can’t forgive him!”

“My thoughts are the same, Eliane! We will definitely stop him!”


Nigel pulled my hand as we rushed to the bottom of the stairs.

The warmth of his hand naturally gave me courage.

***T/N: …What. The way she phrases it make it sounds like demons have any regard towards human life in the first place… whaddaya expect… you are the saint here, not them.

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