The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

150.2 The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (40)

“In other words, the situation in Radea must be cleared up by the Rave Empire…

“That’s right. In the unlikely event that the sacred relic of the Dragon Princess disappears, it’ll look like the Dragon Princess had been given to us by Kratos!”

Jill was no politician, but she understood that it was related to the face of the empire. At the same time, her shoulders slumped down.

“Lawrence is anticipating that, too, isn’t he?”

“He probably wants to say that since the Dragon Princess has appeared, she should resolve this trouble. If she can’t, she’ll become a laughingstock because she’ll appear to have been given to us by Kratos. That’s outright harassment!”

As expected of Lawrence, he took advantage of the bad blood between Kratos and Rave.

“But, it’s nice to know what to do. Let’s reclaim Rada. If His Highness Vissel were to learn about this letter, I can’t imagine what kind of outcome would await us.”

“That’s right. Just to avoid the risk, he might try to get rid of you and everyone else related to the crisis!”

“Above all, I can’t allow him dispose the soldiers of imperial army in Radea by labeling them rebels.”

Jill’s words made Listeard, who was already angry, take a deep breath and nod.

“It seems that those of the imperial army have been completely taken advantage of. …I don’t know how Hadith will judge them, though.”

“His Majesty?”

“Regardless of what method Vissel uses, the result usually always benefits Hadith. Hence, Hadith has alway believed in Vissel. As distrustful as he is, Hadith doesn’t doubt Vissel.”

Listeard looked down with a bitter tone.

“There’s something that only those two can understand. I don’t know what it is, though.”

“Your Highness Listeard…”

“I don’t think it’s a bad thing, anyway.”

Jill also stared at Listeard who made a gentle smile so as to not worry Jill. However, his eyes were asking what was it that Hadith knew.

Jill recalled future the Hadith’s voice when he denounced his surroundings—

—in a way, Vissel resembled the future Hadith.

“That’s understandable—but, did you know? His Majesty often talks about you, Your Highness Listeard.”

“I can imagine. He probably complains a lot about me.”

“Yes—‘Today, my older brother did this, he’s terribly noisy…’ Recently, His Majesty only ever talks about his brothers.”

Listeard’s eyes widened.

“His Highness Listeard is one of His Majesty’s older brothers. You’re no different from His Majesty Vissel.”

After furrowing his eyebrows in pain, Listeard sighed in an exaggerated manner.

“I don’t want to be lumped together with that guy. Well, it can’t be helped.”

“That’s right. His Majesty is an unpredictable person—I mean, he went to Radea to open a bakery…”

Vissel was also stunned at that. Listeard showed a tired expression.

“That idiot… what is he thinking, seriously.”

“But, His Majesty has changed. Maybe, Radea’s soldiers will help him—”

“—Your Highness Listeard, Your Majesty the Dragon Princess! A messenger has arrived from Radea!”

Jill and Listeard jumped from their chairs at the same time and stood up. Listeard was the first to speak.

“For real!?”

“The imperial soldiers that Her Majesty the Dragon Princess brought have confirmed the messenger’s identity! The messenger is a former soldier of the imperial army! Moreover, he comes bearing a message from a baker!”

It was real.

Listeard snarled—

“—That idiot is truly running a bakery in Radea!?”

“More importantly, Your Highness, let’s go!”

The soldier saluted Jill, who shouted.

—then, due to the content and strategy given by the messenger, Jill and Listeard ended up slumped over their desks.

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