Because Pushing Didn't Work, I Decided to Pull Away Translation

22.1 Only you, for the Rest of my Life

“I’m so sorry for being late…! The healer will arrive soon, so please stay strong!”

am I dreaming?

There was no way Noel would be in a forest like this. Apparently, I had been driven to the point of hallucination. Death was truly approaching.

But in the end, even if that was only a hallucination, just seeing Noel made me happy.

“…Because of me, you suffered a lot of injuries…”

However, his expression and voice, which should be illusions, seemed terribly pained.

In retrospect, he was always blaming himself—even though Noel wasn’t in the wrong at all.

I gently extended my aching right hand to his cheek. The moment I felt his slightly cold face, I started to realize that everything might be real.

“…Are you, truly, Lord Noel?”

“? Yes, of course.”

Despite being confused by my question, he still answered. I also liked that part of him.

“…I’m truly sorry for my lateness. Once I’ve successfully brought you to a safe place, I’m willing to accept any kind of punishment.”

“…It’s not your fault, Lord Noel. I’m glad you came for me. I love you.”

“No, it’s entirely my fau—huh?”

At that moment, Noel’s eyes went wide from surprise.

I, myself, was a little surprised that the restriction spell had been lifted. From the bottom of my heart, I was relieved.

I was certain that I was ragged and dirty. Not to mention, I was hit on the face. I must had been ugly-looking.

Still—I wanted to tell him right away.

That was right.

I had to tell him.

“Lord Noel, I love you.”


“I truly love you.”

Ever since the first time I saw him, I fell hopelessly in love.

The moment he entered my view, he became my everything. From that day on, he had always been the center of my world.

“I love, you.”

My words were interrupted by the pain. Regardless, I was glad that I could finally speak them. Even so, I had wronged him many times. I recalled the past three months.

Eventually, I felt a little tired and closed my eyes. Then, cold droplets fell on my face.

When I thinly opened my eyelids, wondering if it had started to rain, I surprised to discover that the droplets were overflowing from Noel’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help but cry…”

In a hurry, he wiped his tears with the back of his hand. But in the next moment, his tears spilled again.

He was dearer to me than anything else. I reached for his soft, silver, hair, and gently stroked his head. He looked like a little child.

“Will you love me forever?”

My chest tightened from his sudden words.

“Will you love me for the rest of your life?”

He was begging—it was a plea.

Somehow, I realized it. Noel wanted affection. Noel was asking me for the love he couldn’t get from his family.

That was why he probably loved me back—a mediocre girl whose quality was only her extraordinary love for him.

Nevertheless, I had hurt him and caused him to feel miserable. I even thought that all the pain I was feeling at that time was a form of karma.

“Yes. For the rest of my life, you’re the only one for me.”

From now on, I swear that I will never make Lord Noel feel that way again.

I wish that the day he felt glad he loved me would come.

I want him to think it isn’t a mistake.

While thinking that, I let go of my consciousness.

***T/N: …I myself didn’t know whether or not I’m happy to see Noel again.

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