Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

124.2 Things that Change, Things that don’t Change (Claude’s POV)

“—It’s too salty! I thought I’ve measured the salt properly? Why is it so salty?! Why is cooking so difficult!?”

—a corner of the royal capital.

A high-pitched female voice echoed within the girl’s academy.

Although the voice was considerably loud, the people of the academy were accustomed to it and didn’t seem to care much.

“Ugh… but I have to do my best. I still can’t meet Claude like this…”

A woman was wearing an apron.

She remained alone in the home economics room, practicing her seasoning.

The woman was Leticia.

That was right, Leticia hadn’t left Claude.

She just decided that she had to be worthy of Claude and was attending a decent bridal school.

I, I’ve been too naïve until now… I thought my magic would solve everything for me… I have to train myself!

Although frustrated, Leticia regained her spirits.

The academy wasn’t actually that far from the royal castle.

If Claude were to take the matter seriously, he’d find Leticia easily.

However, she opted not to tell Claude.

Their surroundings also kept their mouths shut. It was both for the sake of maintaining Claude’s motivation—and also for fun.

Of course, Claude and Leticia didn’t know that.

I’ve been fooling around until now. This time, I will get what I want in a straightforward manner. That’s why, I can’t stop now!

Leticia’s fighting spirit reignited.

The girl named Leticia had the blade of a grudge in her heart.

Although her face was pretty, she exuded a tense aura.

But as of the present, she had a refreshing look, as if that aura had been removed.

She no longer faked being a bubbly, flirtatious, girl.

As of the present, she was focused on the matter at hand. Her intention was only one—to cook for her beloved.

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