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40. Deal with the Devil

40. Deal with the Devil

“I have decided to stay in this city for a while. Hero Grave, Princess Liliana—where’s the representative of this city?”

“W, wait a minute.”

“Hm? Are you frightened by my appearance?”

The Demon King snapped his fingers.

The sound echoed and could be heard many times.

Then, the Demon King’s body glowed purple and a miracle happened.

His height shrank to that of Grave’s, and his hair turned black.

His skin color also changed to that of a human’s…

“Is this okay?”

“You’re kidding me…”

“I’ve transformed into a human.”

His figure was that of a young man’s.

His horns had vanished into thin air. Not only that, his intimidation and terrifying aura had also disappeared.

He was truly different from his original appearance. Grave and I were taken aback.

“He looks similar to Grave…”

“It can’t be helped. After all, I used Grave as my model. It’s only natural for us to be similar.”

“Y, you used me as a reference?”

“That’s right. You’re right in front of me, after all. Is that a problem?”

The Demon King asked.

Unwittingly, I was a little surprised.

Although he resembled Grave, his atmosphere was just different. It was as if ‘Grave’ was showing me a new side of himselve.

“It’s totally bad?”

“Don’t be angry, Hero.”

“I’m not the hero. Why are you trying to stay in the city in the first place?”

“Of course, to get that girl. So far, she still doesn’t seem to be interested in me? It’s alright, I’ll wait patiently.”

“I… that…”

For that reason?

Perhaps, Grave shared the same thought.

“Well, that’s not all. I’m also somewhat interested in human life. The last time I mingled with them was thousands of years ago. It’s been a long time since then. How have you developed? I want to see it.”

The Demon King’s eyes were filled with excitement—it was akin to when a child acquired a new toy.

Innocent and full of expectations.

“Of course, I won’t cause you any harm. The same goes for the people of the city.”

“Do you think I will believe you?”

“Then you can sign a contract with me. While I’m here, I won’t hurt those who live here. In exchange, you will be responsible for my life. You’ll provide me with clothing, food, and shelter.”

“A contract? Why would such a verbal promise matter?”

“It’s not just a verbal promise. Humans and demons have different values in terms of contracts.”


The Demon King snapped his fingers and a red magic circle appeared beneath his feet.

Grave was vigilant and prepared himself to protect me.

“What is that?”

“You don’t have to be wary. It’s a contract ritual—a ritual used by devils and humans to make arrangements.”

“A ritual?”

“It’s the so-called, ‘deal with the devil’. Each side stands on the magic circle and makes an oath. If accepted, the contract will last until either it reaches its maximum duration, or a mutual agreement is reached. If either side breaks the contract, that side will be punished severely. Thus, I promise—I will not harm the people of this city. Well, unless they attack me first.”

Grave was prepared.

Although no hostility could be felt from the Demon King, he remained alert.

“Can’t you trust me? Well, you have no choice, though.”


That was right.

Grave had no choice but to agree.

If he refused and fought, the city would become a battlefield.

That city was important to Grave. The lives of the people might be at risk.

Grave, who was kind, wouldn’t let that happen.

“I… understand. Let’s sign a contract.”

“That’s a good decision—as expected of the hero.”

“I said, I’m not—”


Grave turned to me, and he laughed in a reassuring manner.

“Don’t worry, I don’t think he’s lying, for some reason…”

“I think so, too…”

“Liliana, too?”


I couldn’t put it in words, but I shared the same thought as Grave.

Despite being the Demon King, he seemed trustworthy…

Was it because he looked similar to Grave?

I didn’t think that was the only reason, but as I had said, I couldn’t express it through words.

After that—

“—I think Grave can decide.”

“I see. If Liliana says so, I think it will be alright.”

“Have you decided?”

“That’s right.”

Grave stepped into the magic circle.

“Here’s the contract. I will not harm the people of this city, with the exception that they don’t bring me any harm first.”

“I guarantee your life in this city, Demon King Ibris.”

The contract was spoken to each other.

Then, the light of the magic circle became more intense.

The red light gradually changed color and turned to blue, enveloping the two.

A magic circle became engraved on the backs of each of their right hands.

“This is…?”

“It marks the contract between us. Now you and I are bound by a contract. Be proud! The one who signs a contract with me is considered my equal! There has only been one other in the long history of thousands of years!”

“Indeed, that’s certainly an honor.”

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