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125. The World’s Peace (Philip’s Perspective)

“It’s been a year since then.”

“That’s right.”

The spirit village, Philip’s house.

Vincent was having a conversation with the Spirit King, Philip.

“How quickly the time flies…”

“…The last year has been turbulent. It’s no wonder you feel that way.”

Both spoke without changing their expressions.

Speaking with this guy makes me feel irritated… I feel like I’m looking at myself…

Inwardly, Philip thought such as his expression twisted.

That year.

After the Demon King was defeated, the world gradually resumed its course.

The Kingdom of Verclaim was originally hostile to other nations, to the point it wouldn’t be strange for them to suddenly declare war on them.

Philip thought.

But… ironically, by joining forces with Lynchgiham to defeat the Demon King, their hearts have become one. Now, the relationship between the two kingdoms is pretty good.

The only concern was the incompetent future king—Claude. But he heard that was gradually becoming resolved.

Claude had reformed, and not a trace of his previous self could be seen.

I couldn’t think of him as the same person who drove me away before. I hope that kingdom of such great power will be an aide to Lynchgiham.

It was good for the world to be so peaceful—so concluded Philip.

“Lord Vincent, I’ve made a crown for you.

“Let me put it on you.”

“Thank you. Previously, didn’t you give me a flower necklace? Why do you all insist upon giving me such presents?”

Al and Mars came and put a flower crown on Vincent.

Vincent didn’t smile at all, but he seemed to be happy.

Knowing how he truly felt was a little difficult.

That was a well-known fact amongst the spirits.

“It’s because Vincent has a beautiful heart.”

“The others and I can understand that.”

Al and Mars said that.

“…When I came here, none of you were scared of me despite my being called the ‘Duke of Ice.’”

Vincent sighed.

My first impression of him was that he’s a cold man. However, I seem to have been mistaken. Al and Mars were quickly attached to him. There’s no doubt that he’s a kindhearted man.

Looking at Vincent, Philip inadvertently thought so.

At the suggestion of Nigel and the others, Vincent became the guardian of the spirits.

Over the past year, Philip had developed a friendship with Vincent.

They sometimes quarreled about the forest’s defense, but it wasn’t like they were on bad terms.

Until now, no one had advised Philip regarding such things.

Therefore, Vincent’s existence, someone who’d give him frank opinions regarding that matter, was valuable.

Thanks to that, the village has become richer. Everyone seems to be living with peace of mind… I truly have to thank Vincent and the others.

Al and Mars spun around Vincent’s head.

“Don’t bother him too much.”


“We’ll be more disciplined.”

After Philip reprimanded them, Al and Mars flew somewhere else.

“It isn’t like I’m annoyed or anything.”

“That isn’t the case. Also, it’s about time to leave. Still, I never expected for Vince to welcome Al and Mars… I mean, my first impression of you wasn’t that good.”

“Me? Ha!”

Vincent spat out.

“It’s just, I like cute things.”

“…How surprising. After all, you never mentioned a word about that until now.”

“Because you didn’t ask.”

Vincent, who seemed to be dissatisfied, folded his arms.

By the way, Philip heard that Vincent gave Eliane a talisman when she was about to take an exam.

He was called the ‘Duke of Ice’, and had untouchable aura to him. However, coming from him, that act may not be that surprising.

Philip became more convinced of that over the past year.

“Hmm. Then, do you want to leave?”

Vincent stood up.

As of the present, Philip and Vincent were dressed more formal than usual.

Vincent wore light blue formal wear.

Even though he was a man, he was beautiful enough to leave spectators speechless.

On the other hand, at first glance, Philip didn’t seem to have changed much.

However, he wore a black bow tie around his neck. His attire was more gorgeous than usual.

“That’s right. Anyway, this attire is hard to move in.”

“It’s the clothes that I’ve prepared. In my opinion, it looks good.”

“Haha, I’m a bit happy to hear that from you. I more or less wanted her to say that to me.”

“That sounds very much like you.”

That was right.

She went far away—Philip was sure of it.

I… am truly fond of her. Whenever I think about her, the inside of my chest feels… fuzzy? What is this feeling…?

The Spirit King still didn’t know love.

Philip still didn’t know that what he was feeling was love.

“What’s wrong, Spirit King?”


Philip regained his composure.

“Let’s leave the village early. If we’re late, Nigel will be angry.”


The two laughed a little and left.

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