Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

66. The Limit of His Majesty’s Patience (2)

After the coronation, they moved to the courtyard and directly presented themselves to the citizens celebrating the good day. Those who couldn’t fit in the premises were overflowing beyond the walls and even on the main street. Despite being nervous from all the bustle, Tistye earnestly waved.

Anrie, Dita’s daughter, raised her hands high, especially after Tistye spotted her leaping high into the air. Dita himself must had been appointed guardian of the royal palace. As such, he was accompanying Anrie.

“Your Majesty, look. Anrie is there.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

After Tistye secretly whispered to Gaizel, who stood next to her, he smiled nostalgically.

Tistye waved her hand towards Anrie as best as she could. Afterwards, her eyes returned to the cheering crowds. While the event had progressed, Tistye and the others were still far from resting.

“For the birth of the wonderful mother of Verscia—cheers!”

In a large hall within the royal palace, a dinner party was being held. Attending were high-ranking aristocrats.

Glasses were raised from all over the venue for a toast. Bubbles rose softly from the light golden liquid. Tistye tilted the glass, and the contents soon moistened her throat. She later realized the unique taste on her tongue was alcohol.

While it was a dinner party, it was still a place for greetings. The aristocrats visited Tistye and Gaizel, who sat on tall seats, the entire time.

Acknowledgements and honorifics were exchanged one after another; people swore allegiance to Gaizel, and some also complimented Tistye.

Before a couple who suddenly appeared, Tistye smiled.

“His Majesty, this is such a great day. I’d like to extend my heartfelt congratulations.”

“Duke of Carida.”

Sara, who stood beside her husband, smiled at Tistye’s joyful appearance.

“Lord Glen, thank you for coming.”

“That’s only natural, after all, it’s such a wonderful day. Her Majesty the Empress is really beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

When Tistye carefully bent her knees, Glen squinted in astonishment. He turned towards Gaizel and spoke in a gentle tone.

“I’ve always been worried… I’m but a duke. I kept wondering if I, someone who only has territory in the countryside, could truly raise a prince.”


“But, you’ve grown so well. What more could I have wanted?”

Glen’s eyes were filled with lustrous tears. Gaizel also stared at Glen for a while. Then, as Gaizel lowered his head, he humbly spoke.

“—I can only stand here because of the two of you.”

“Your Majesty…”

“You welcomed me when I was abandoned by my father and was shunned by my brothers. You scolded me and loved me as if I was one of your own… I am truly grateful.”

Gaizel slowly said, “Thank you.”

Perhaps due to his lacrimal glands reaching their limits, Glen finally began to sob. Sarah’s big eyes were also widened. She nodded many times while holding her handkerchief.

Eventually, Glen adjusted his breath and laughed with satisfaction from the bottom of his heart.

“Your Majesty, please be happy with Her Majesty.”

After parting from the couple, Gaizel looked at Tistye and frowned.

“Why are you crying?”

“B, because, I’m touched…”

Gaizel suddenly laughed at Tistye who was trying hard to not ruin her makeup. He stretched his fingertip and wiped away the drops remaining on the corner of Tistye’s eyes.

“If you’re tired, why don’t you rest a little?”

“N, no, I’m still alright…”

“Don’t overdo it.”

“O, okay…”

Certainly, there were more aristocrats being invited than the previous ceremony. It was as if Tistye didn’t even have time to breath.

Tistye moved from the venue to the salon, thanking Gaizel for his kindness. After evacuating, they proceeded to encounter a familiar-looking back.


“Your Majesty!?”

Already there were the Schneider siblings and Orbit. They had just escaped from the hustle and bustle, just like Tistye and Gaizel. Luka immediately bowed deeply towards Gaizel.

“Your Majesty, congratulations for today.”


The remaining two also bowed in a hurry. Seeing the three of them together, Tistye recalled the story she heard from Elena.

Although he did it for Elena, what Orbit did was definitely a crime.

However, because the tiara was left intact and was kept in its container, and because Count Astel didn’t file a complaint, it seemed that the knights released him in the end. However, he was to be kept under strict surveillance for three days.

However, the ‘strict surveillance’ was nothing more than deception. In fact, it was a far more tolerable penalty than a ‘fine’ or ‘light’ punishment.

The most frightening thing Orbit encountered was the knight who supervised him had a rugged body, like that of a bear. He seemed to be a strong knight with a beard like a mountain dweller. Long story short, Orbit was sure he wouldn’t be returning alive. After being released, he was still traumatized.

Orbit stood in front of Tistye and bowed to the point his forehead touched his knees.

“Your Majesty, about the precious tiara for the ceremony, I’m truly sorry…!”

“Since it’s been safely returned, it’s alright. Thank you for saving me from the irrigation canal.”

“Your Majesty…”

Orbit, who looked like an abandoned puppy, worshipped Tistye as if she was the goddess herself.

However, he was immediately pierced by Gaizel’s gaze, something which was akin to a sharpened blade. I an instant, he corrected his posture. Elena, who saw the entire development, sighed in amazement.

“Really… why would you get into so much trouble?”

“I honestly can’t think of anything else… Luka is too perfect… I wish he had told me about the designer of the new brand, though…”

“That’s because you didn’t ask, Orbit. Why do you still treat her as if she’s your fiancée? In the first place, the engagement was decided by your parents. Not to mention, hasn’t it been formally annulled?”

“But, I’m still an aristocrat. Someday, I will need to get married. Towards Elena, I’ve always…”

Orbit’s voice grew faint by the end. Then, as if Orbit had struck a nerve, Luka, whom was usually calm, spoke in frustration.

“I’ve put up with it all this time… marriage?! Ha, how stupid! Connection between homes? Status? That’s bullshit! Marriage is just expense! There’s no real benefit or profit behind it! Also, when it comes to Elena, she shall never be a bride until a man who truly loves her appears!”

“Brother, your voice is too loud…”

Luka, whom had been polite until then, argued against Orbit using abusive words.

For a moment, Tistye was at loss. But, like Elena, Luka and Orbit were childhood friends. They were probably arguing over some childhood memories.

Tistye asked Elena in secret if it was difficult.

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