The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

45.2 The Ladies Dread the True Power of the Frontier

── The frontier, near 『Hazama Village』──

[A letter of apology has been sent to the 『King of the Frontier』. He should be coming to greet us soon……]

The carriage is advancing. The land surrounding the road has turned to fields. Legumins that even Silvia are familiar have grown branches and are beginning to bear fruit. 

[Ajin of the frontier they might be, but it looks like they do have the wisdom to grow crops.]
[They’re 『furara beans』, aren’t they? But…… it’s a bit too early for them to be in season. Moreover, their pods are truly too large……?]
[Could they be a variant belonging to the aijin? How do they care for each of them?]

Reines spats her exasperation.

[Look. Children are running around like animals. This is the frontier, after all. A land of barbarians.]
[The expressions of the oni tribesmen… appear to be pained. Could the 『King of the Frontier』 be ruling them harshly?]

Silvia brings her face close to the window and decides to listen to the voices of the oni tribesmen.

[Ah, we’re so busyー. Ever since Overlord-sama came hereー. We’ve never stopped workingー.]
[Tell me about it. We’ve been really busy since the land’s been revitali── I mean, since the land’s been changedー.]
[I can’t believe the 『furara beans』 won’t be ripe for a whole monthー.」

[…. Hm?]

She seems to have heard something strange.
『Furara』 beans certainly grow at a quick pace, but they consume a lot of the land’s nutrients to ripen. To reach maturity in 1 month is impossible. Although it’s another story if the land is rich with fertility……

[Hey, you kids! Do your work properly! 『Overlord-sama』 won’t stay quiet if all you do is play around all day!]
An oni tribe woman shouts at the children from a corner of the field.

[Surely you kids also know that 『Overlord-sama』 walks around our village at night.]

The children stop running at the woman’s words.

[Naughty children……]
[[[Naughty children……]]]
[Naughty children will be taken by 『Overlord-sama』!!]
[Aah! Hey! Like I said, I’m telling you to stop running around! I’m sorry, Haruka-samaa, this is having the opposite effectー!!]

[……Yes, Reines-nee-sama?]
[Is this 『King of the Frontier』 you speak of truly a fearsome presence?]
[You don’t understand, Nee-sama?]

Within the carriage, Silvia brings her knees together as she straightens her posture. Then, she looks straight at her blood related sister, Reines Kittle.

[Now that we’ve temporarily set aside our usual power struggle and are facing each other as just sisters, I shall give you my honest thoughts. The 『King of the Frontier』…… truly terrifies me. What makes him absolutely terrifying is an 『invisible form』, nee-sama.]
[The same way 『being formless is what makes water mighty』?]
[Indeed. The 『stone wall』 we saw in the meadow. Consider the processing technology needed to make it. If the villagers truly have harvested the beans twice, the one who changed the geological features of the frontier must have also been the king. He’s feared by the adults, and yet loved by the children. Nee-sama, can you fathom such a presence?]
[You’ve been ensnared by the 『King of the Frontier』.]

Reines holds down her throat and laughs.

[I haven’t found a single thing terrifying. Well, whatever. From here on, I shall assess the 『King of the Frontier』 as your maid.]
[Ascertain to your heart’s content.]

Silvia turns to elder Dougal who stands outside the carriage and waves her hand. From the other side of the window, he gives instructions to the soldiers.

While a messenger has already probably informed the 『King of the Frontier』 of their arrival, they still needed to announce their arrival. All that remains is to wait for a response.

While they are considering such thoughts──


A loud roar echoes from the outskirts of 『Hazama Village』.


[Eh?] [What the?!]
Silvia and Reines opened the window and look outside.

The soldiers, elder Dougal, and the oni tribesmen in the field all looked up and are left staring.

A jet-black dragon is flying in the sky.

A long and massive body, lustrous black scales, and a pair of horns sprouting from its head. It is unmistakably a dragon. A twin-headed one at that.

[Aaah! 『Overlord-sama』 has lost itー]
[Surely…… His First Consort, Lizette-sama, she must have incurred the wrath of『Overlord-sama』.]
[It’s because Lizette-sama is too straightforwardー She couldn’t meet the demands of 『Overlord-sama……』
[His First Legal Wife, Haruka-sama…… isn’t shy…… I hope she can do her best, but……]
[His First Beloved Wife Yukino-sama………… carries high expectations for the future.]

The villagers tremble as they stare at the 『Twin-Headed Dragon』.
Neither Silvia nor Reines can remove their eyes from the dragon flying in the sky.
The soldiers can barely hold their shields towards the sky.

Everyone understands. If that dragon turns towards them, there is nothing they can do to defend against it.

Silvia had written a letter of apology. She had expressed that she would do anything for forgiveness.

Perhaps……that was not enough……

Reines is utterly terrified. Her teeth are clattering and her body trembling. She is sitting on the floor before she knew it.

[A dream…… This is a dream. There’s no way something like that can exist. It’s a dream. This must be a dream.]
[……As someone who prefers to scheme, you have little tolerance for reality, Nee-sama……]

[Envoy of Silvia-hime── Oh, why if it isn’t Silvia Kittle-sama herself.]

A voice calls out from outside the window.

No one had noticed. Silvia, Reines, and the soldiers were all distracted by the 『Twin-Headed Dragon』.

That truth sends chills down Silvia’s back. She is aware that the owner of that voice could have killed Silvia and Reines at any time.

[……If that 『Twin-Headed Dragon』 is a subordinate to the 『King of the Frontier』…… then he is truly a fearsome man.]
[No, no, that signifies the 『King of the Frontier』’s wrath. I…… no, I1 was unable to meet the desires of the 『Aberrant Overlord』……That angered him. Please be at ease, Silvia-hime.]

The owner of the voice kneels before the carriage.

The owner is an oni tribesman girl.
Her red hair is decorated with transparent crystals. A closer look reveals they are 『magic crystals』. They’re a purified form of the crystals mamono sometimes drop. Selling one can would be ludicrously profitable, yet she casually wears them on her body.

She is wearing a sleeveless dress, one with white feathers woven into the fabric in multiple places. The feathers are peculiarly large. Could it be── are they the feathers of an aged harpy? Even though harpy feathers are precious commodities, from where did they get the feathers of an Elder Harpy……?’

[My Lord, the 『Aberrant Overlord』 has said that he desires to deliver the swordsman Dims to you.]
The oni girl speaks.
[However, before that, he wishes to persuade Dims and his men in the presence of the envoy-sama. Should you consent to this, please accompany me.]

They couldn’t refuse.

Without them knowing, 『Twin-Headed Dragon』 had vanished, but Silvia and her entourage no longer have the will to resist──

With that, the carriage carrying the sisters Silvia Kittle and Reines Kittle passes through the gates of 『Hazama Village』.

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  1. Haruka used the masculine boku before switching to the neutral watakushi. She’s currently playing the role of MC’s wife and is using polite speech.