The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

143. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (33)

What greeted Natalie upon her return to the imperial capital was neither a welcome, words of concern, nor a scolding.

“Well done.”

Natalie was disheveled and smelled bad, but she was embraced without hesitation.

Something welled inside Natalie’s chest. To conceal it, Natalie deliberately stayed quiet.

“You’re exaggerating, elder sister Elynsia. It was merely a kidnapping.”

“That’s not the case. You did well. Had it been me, I wouldn’t have been able to do the same. You’d have been shocked at Vissel’s expression when Frida threatened him about you!”

Natalie was curious about Vissel’s expression.

“You’re a courageous child.”

To be praised by Elynsia who had a strong backing, even in the Rave Empire, called the Duke of Noitral, and was also the leader of the elite Dragon Knights… was embarrassing, to say the least. She couldn’t muster an answer, instead she could only squirm. Her gentle half-sister also rushed from the back of the corridor, almost stumbling a few times.

“Older sister, Natalie!”


“I’m so relieved, you’re safe!”

Natalie knelt before her half-sister whom had begun crying while hugging her teddy bear.

“I already said I’m okay. Don’t cry, Frida.”

“But, older sister, you’re crying…”

“No way—”

Natalie reached for her own cheek, only to find that it was wet—which explained why her vision blurred. She smiled bitterly.

“Still, don’t cry—we’re princesses.”

Frida squeaked, and closed her tear-soaked eyes. With feelings that no words could express, Natalie hugged Frida with all her might. Frida’s little hands hugged her back.

Elynsia turned to the knights of the Dragon Princess who had escorted Natalie.

“Good job, Camila, Zeke.”

“Escorting the princess is an honorable duty ~”

“At least I got to return on a horse. Better than riding a dragon, at least.”

“So, what about Jill? And Rho?”

As Elynsia spoke to the dragon knights, her voice lowered. She decided not to interrupt the moment between Frida and Natalie.

“Rho was taken by Jill. They are heading to Radea~”

“If it’s the command of the dragon king, the dragons will surely obey, right? Meanwhile, there’s nothing we can do with the dragons of the imperial capital.”

“It should be impossible for anyone to catch up with the captain. To be honest, I’m more concerned about the movements of the Fairert army.”

The tall, great sword-user, Zeke refused to call the army Vissel brought with him as the imperial army and opted to call them Fairert army, instead.

“They straight up went South without trying to search out the imperial army. Where could their destination be?”

“That’s because they went to Radea.”

Everyone on the spot looked back at the soft voice.

“Welcome back, Lady Natalie.”

Just like a vassal, the moment she was called, Natalie stood up.

“I’ve returned, Your Highness Vissel.”

“I don’t mind being called Vissel. Besides, it isn’t like you care whether or not I am your brother or the crown prince. After all, you’re deemed on getting in my way, hence you became a hostage.”

Although he spoke like a gentle half-brother, his eyes were chilly.

“But, if you want to get in the way of His Majesty, that’s a different story. Please be careful about your actions from now on.”

Frida, whom was beside Natalie, hid behind her. Elynsia, who appeared before Natalie and the others, sighed.

“Vissel, what do you mean by your army is headed for Radea?”

“I sent troops in time to suppress the uprising in Radea. All I need to do is pick up Hadith. Since we can’t utilize our dragons, it’ll take longer than usual. Hence, I prepared in advance.”

“…I get the need to prepare in advance, but we didn’t know there’d be an uprising in Radea.”

With a bitter face, Vissel ridiculed Elynsia.

“You’re as naïve as ever. It was already inevitable for an uprising to happen in Radea.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because you’re the one who orchestrated it!”

Towards Natalie who interrupted him, Vissel responded with a smile. The smile didn’t reach his eyes.

“Actually, it was my uncle’s plan.”

Towards the revelation, everyone was shocked. Vissel, who found it funny, laughed.

“Lord Georg had left an order for the imperial army on the chance he was defeated by Hadith. As such, the imperial soldiers gathered in Radea are moving accordingly.”

“That’s… foolish.”

“Then, how do you explain the gathering of the imperial army in Radea? Isn’t that too convenient? It’d be impossible without prior instructions.”

What Vissel said was plausible.

“W, why would uncle…”

Frida, who quietly snuck out from behind Natalie, asked. Vissel was astonished for a moment, but still answered.

“Who knows, I didn’t get to ask Lord Georg about that. However, I can roughly guess by considering what he tried to protect and what he did in Radea.”

“What did my uncle try to protect?”

Vissel ridiculed the frowning Natalie.

“If you aren’t aware, Lord Georg wouldn’t gain anything from this! It’s none other than you that the rebels are trying to protect!”

Natalie and Frida were at a loss. Elynsia clenched both of her fists.

***T/N: OoooOOOooo more twist! …Well, basically all those villains have good reasons at this point… that we just didn’t know yet.

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