I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

57. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

While folding my favorite dress, I asked myself why I was even preparing for a trip at all.

Oh, that’s right.

Because of some assholes with political power.

“Let’s see, let’s see.”

Once it had been decided that I had to participate in some expedition that I still don’t fully understand, I returned depressed to my room.

Then, a female Knight kindly taught me how to prepare for the trip.

…I just tried to imagine that I’m going camping.

“Hey, Manya… My tummy hurts.”

“I think some blessed magic should cure that. Here you go, my lady.”

“…Thanks, Manya.”

That’s the issue! I can’t even use sickness to get out of this. They’ll just use healing magic.

There really was no way out of this.

No, no, no! Just try to think positively!

I don’t know if I should be thinking at all about this, but I’ll try!

I’m going to the Frontier with my Dragon and the Chief Magician, where mysterious beings have been sighted.

…Yep! My desire to not go kept going up!

This will fail. It will fail!

I can just pass off any paranormal investigations on the Chief Magician, right?

And if we run into a Dragon or something, I’ll leave that to him, too.

Then I’ll just get the Chief Magician used to my Dragon, so that I could pass that off on him, too…?

There it was, there it was…!

The Chief Magician who loved Dragons so much will be happy, and I, who will get to go home without the Dragon, will also be satisfied.

What a wonderful world that would be!

Alright! Let’s go with that. I know I have a contract binding me to that damned Dragon, so the chances of success were low, but let’s worry about that later.

People need hope, after all.

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of hope.

At some point in this trip, I’ll need to try covering the Chief Magician in honey.

Having made that plan, I turned to see Manya staring at me suspiciously, but I just accepted it.

I’ve done nothing wrong. I’m just trying to have hope.

“Manya! Please give me all the honey you have!”


Hey! It’s for me! Run along now, Manya!

Rather than running as I requested, Manya exited my temporary room at a polite speed, befitting a maid.

…Well, just as long as she’ll be able to bring it.

I placed my folded clothes into my trunk.

I can’t take a maid on this trip, so I’ll be responsible for everything on my own.

…But I’m a lady… Oh, well.

Mwahahaha! Oh, Chief Magician!

My Dragon is going to be your problem soon!


“Lady Rururia!”


That startled me! The Knight Commander was suddenly in front of the window!

“Ah! Oh, damn…! We need to get out of here!”

“Huuuh!? What… Hold on a second!?”

Don’t just hold out your hand, not saying what we’re supposed to be escaping from!

The Knight Commander wouldn’t be here unless we were facing some major enemy like the Heavenly Dragon, would he?

“Should we evacuate… No, just take shelter for the time being.” the Knight Commander muttered while hanging his feet from the window frame.

At such a severe look, I hesitated to say anything.

But I really want him to tell me what’s going on!

Was this about the Chief Magician? Some powerful monster… Shouldn’t they be happy, then?

The Knight Commander’s strange appearance had me feeling scared, “What is it!?”


With a loud metallic sound, he pushed me backward with incredible momentum.

But I didn’t feel any shock at all as the Knight Commander had offset it.

I saw a beautiful foreign woman in front of me, slashing at the Knight Commander.

“Don’t even think about hiding, my dear.”

As she held me in her left arm, I got a good look at her exotic beauty up close.

Take her down! Knight Commander!

She had dark skin and black hair, a rare sight in this country.

And she wore the familiar garb of a Knight…

“I’m not hiding… Ah, I’ve been caught…!”

Another beautiful woman came through the door.

She had fiery red-gold hair and a satisfied expression as she rushed into my temporary room.

I can’t say it enough. She was beautiful.

The red-haired beauty pointed at the Knight Commander as she had already won.

“Think carefully now!”

An exotic beauty was holding a sword and another predatory beauty behind her.

…Don’t do anything stupid Knight Commander. Just surrender. And then get out of my temporary room.

Please do it now!

“Well, Li-chan would be so embarrassed~”

The red-haired beauty faced the nightmare witch to the right, looking down at the stabbed Knight Commander…

His face wasn’t just expressionless. It was a frozen, almost dead.

“Well, what now…?”

“Maybe we should introduce ourselves properly!”

I had already forgotten the Knight Commander’s words.

What’s the deal? The one on the left hadn’t used any magic, but it seemed like she had.

“Is that so? I was disappointed that he went down so quietly.”

The one on the right sighed sadly before patting my head.

…What was all this? The nightmare witch was patting my head.

And now she’s putting me on her lap!

The girl on the left, the Knight commander, and me on the lap of the girl on the right, all lined up on the sofa.

What was all of this for!? I can’t understand what’s going on!

It felt so strange being on this woman’s lap.

The Knight Commander looked at me with his dead face. It seemed he really wasn’t a match for the girl on the left.

I’ll just have to leave the Knight Commander and ask the girl on the right for directions.

“Uhm… Miss, are you Vidika…?”

Her face changed from sad to a wide smile as she looked at me.

“Can I call you Vidika?”

I felt my head be stroked some more.

No, no, no… Calling the girl on the right by her name, that could be taken in a bad way… Maybe even disrespectful.

I mustn’t do that.

“Call me Isabella.”

Ooooh!? The one on the left which beat the Knight Commander was talking now?

The two of them looked at me with glittering eyes.

…Well, whatever.

I was already set to go on a mysterious journey. I am filled with all kinds of disturbing things, so I’m just rolling with all of this.

Yep! Just let it all happen.

“So, you on the right… Vidika-sama. And on the left… Isabella-sama…”



Isabella gave the Knight Commander a nasty look.

Vidika-sama seemed downcast, with puppy dog eyes.

…I’ll just pretend I didn’t see that.

“Well, Vidika-sama and Isabella-san… What the hell’s happening?”

The two exchanged puzzled glances.

“We came to see Li-chan’s fiancé.”

“We had hoped to give Lionel a good partner.”



How did I end up as the Knight Commander’s fiancé!?

And besides Vidika-sama… He’s already married, I’m not.

The two cocked their heads in confusion at my astonished outburst.

But the one who should be cocking their head was me!

What’s going on!?

Knight Commander!?