I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

58. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

“Would your ideal home be a cute little one? Or a big mansion? Well, with Li-chan there, we’ll need a large garden.”

Personally, I prefer a cute house, but Isabella-san had already rejected that idea.

“That Lionel guy didn’t tell us what your favorite color was, so we just brought what we could.”

My favorite color is sky blue, but the Knight Commander wouldn’t know that. What was all this jewelry in your hands, Vidika-sama?

I looked at the dead-eyed Knight Commander.

I imagined my eyes being the same as his right now.

Wow, we match.

“Quit it! Stop staring at me like that!”

“Lionel, which one do you think looks best on lady Rururia?”

These two were totally in control of whatever’s going on.

What should I do…? The Knight Commander was near-death.

“This was the necklace we won off the King of the South. And this was a hairpiece we received from the Dwarves for returning their Princess.”

These explanations were too excessive!

Wasn’t this just a bunch of boring, old history!?

She had a necklace of large diamonds and tiny rubies, more than I could count, in her right hand and a barrette with embedded sapphires and fine engravings, too small to make out.

God damn!

Weren’t those national treasures!? Vidika-sama!

“No, they’re too expensive.”

“Yeah, but they look good on you… And maybe this one, too.”

Wow! Before I could even refuse, she had already put them on me!

She placed jewels on my head, neck, arms, chest, and ears.

What do I do if I break one!? Oh, God! I could buy a whole country with these!

I’m scared. Really, really scared… My hands were shaking, and I started sweating with anxiety.

I suddenly felt them being lifted off.

“…Master, I think that’s enough.” It was the Knight Commander who was supposed to be dead!

Thanks for taking off all that jewelry from Vidika-sama off of me, Knight Commander.

But what does it mean to be moved from Vidika-sama’s lap unto the Knight Commander’s!?

Don’t worry about it, just be glad for the help for now.

“…And Captain Bezarel won’t be needing any land either.”


Whaaat!? The silence was broken by Isabella-san writing out land grant documents!

I felt my blood drain as I shook my head at Isabella-san.

This was dangerous! They’re trying to send us off to live together on some land somewhere!

“…What is it? You don’t want our celebratory gifts?”

“…Well, I wouldn’t say that…”

“…Oh, is there an issue? I want to get involved.”

Isabella-san stood up with a murderous look in her eyes.

The Knight Commander rose, too. He was gripping me in one arm, with his sword on the other.

Vidika-sama seemed excited as she stood, drawing her own sword.

These three very different people began trying to kill each other.

The window glass squeaked, a teacup shuddered, and then someone screamed in the distance.

Was any of that good?

Please put me down! Being in the Knight Commander’s arm in the middle of a fight like this was way too uncomfortable!

But I can’t bring myself to say anything at a time like this!

I was breathing heavily.


“Do pardon the intrusion!”

As the door opened loudly, a round object flew in.

Now, what’s this!?

“Our country incurred considerable national debt in the previous war… So, could the two of you please not damage this castle anymore than you already have!? Oh, and sign here, please!”

That round thing… Was the Minister of Finance, bowing as he offered some documents.

He sure was brave to come into such a tense situation asking for signatures.

“Broiden-sama! How bold!”

“Round Jeffrey sure is round and cute!”

“Don’t worry, Broiden-sama! We’ll deal with those documents later!”

Treasury officers encouraged him while hiding outside the door, along with a woman dressed like an aristocrat.

Was that really good enough when your boss is in danger?

“…I guess it can’t be helped. You’ve said all you can, Jeff.”

“That’s too bad, Your Excellency, the Finance Minister.”

“I can’t do anything violent in front of my wife.”

It was thanks to the sight of the Finance Minister and his unreliable companions… The tense state in the room had subsided.

…Hmmm? Wife? Does he mean that aristocratic woman…?

I looked towards the door again and saw the Finance Minister shedding tears of joy… Let’s just pretend I didn’t see that.

“In addition, I have brought a message from His Majesty.”

“But, is it really okay for someone as important as Minister Jeff to be running around like a messenger?”

“Hahaha, well… None of my subordinates can get close to you two.”

He laughed as he said it, but was he really okay?

Isabella-san, who had been filling out the documents, turned around.

“You don’t want any jewels, or land… I’m also confused by Li-chan’s face, and I can’t bear the hostility in here… Ruru-chan!

“…But I really wanted to give them to you.”

Huh… Huuuh?

What…? What do you mean?

“We just really like you, Ruru-chan. Just be careful while traveling…”

“So… If anything happens, just give us a call.”

I looked stunned as Vidika-sama patted me on the head as the two of them left.

At that point, the Knight Commander began to murmur with a pained voice.

“…They really got me.”


…Could this mean all of that was just an act, and Vidika-sama and Isabella-san were backing me?

Without realizing it, I perked up. I guess I’m just happy…?

If His Majesty makes me do something unreasonable, in case of emergency, I’ll give them a call…! No, I’ll do more than that!

But the Finance Minister and his officials were still in front of me… No one was paying any attention to them, huh?

“I’m sorry. I wish my Masters had taken a more relaxed approach to all of this…”

“Oh, no… There’s no need to apologize on behalf of Isabella-san or Vidika-sama.”

The Knight Commander was staring right at me… What’s that about?

“Was something wrong, Knight Commander…?”

What? Did I say something weird?

“…That name…”

He mumbled softly. Name? What name…?

“No, it’s nothing. Excuse me, lady Rururia.”

“Huh? Oh, okay…?”

The Knight Commander left with a cold attitude.

Was it that he wanted me to call him by his name, too? Knight Commander!?

But, going off the context… And about what was said before, I’m not so sure…

Ooooh! This is so irritating! What the heck!? Cut it out!

Whatever it was, he should just say it clearly!

I hesitated, going through all kinds of different thoughts in my head! What am I even thinking!?


“…My lady?”

While I laid on the sofa screaming, Manya came in holding a jar, with a concerned look on her face.

“Ma…. Manyaaa!”

“What is it? My lady, you asked me to bring the honey…?”

That’s not… That’s not it! Just listen… Wait… No! This terribly weird fiancée situation!

“What? Are you hungry, my lady? I’ll prepare something now.”

No… But I’ll eat anyway!