A Court Blacksmith, whom was Condemned for being a ‘Woman who Reeks of Iron’, was Picked up by a Friendly Guild and Attained Happiness Translation

21. A Hero Consisting Solely of Talent

I wasn’t a combat expert.

I only had a base understanding about the standard of strength.

However, there was something I could say for sure.

I really didn’t want to acknowledge it because it would only fuel negative thoughts…

“Tch.” Said Grave.

“So, you somehow managed to resist my blow!” Said Allen.

Allen was a formidable opponent.

He was the hero, after all.

He was the man chosen by the Holy Sword Zephyr.

To become the chosen one, one had to have a special blessing called, ‘The Blessing of the Hero.’

From the moment Allen was born, it was already decided that he was the ‘Hero.’

He was a special being.

“Your strength, speed, and reflexes are all commendable, but!”


“You’re still below me.”

Grave received Allen’s blow with his sword.

Because he was unable to parry it, he was blown backward.

Grave quickly restored his stance, turned around, shook his head, and fought back.

“Do you think I can’t grasp your movements?” Said Allen.

“You talk too much. Careful or you might bite your tongue.” Said Grave.

“Thanks for the concern.” Said Allen.

The winner and the loser were already apparent.

Surprised voices could be heard from the people of the city watching the duel.

“A, am I seeing things? That Grave is being pushed back!”

“Well, the opponent is a hero. That sort of outcome might be inevitable.”

“What do we do? Maybe we should call Master Rigard…”

Most likely, everyone in the city knew of Grave’s strength better than me.

Grave, who could fight evenly with the two strongest of the city, was struggling against the hero.

No wonder people were shocked.

As for me, it didn’t come off as very surprising.

The Holy Sword Zephyr had the ability to maximize the potential of its wielder.

By just possessing that sword, the wielder could effortlessly obtain great power.

For a gifted man such as Allen, the effect was even more apparent.

Grave received yet another one of Allen’s heavy blow and repelled it with a great amount of strength, creating a distance between them.

“That makes ten times.”

Towards Allen’s words, Grave frowned.

“You must be wondering what I’m talking about. Fine, it’s the number of times you’ve received my blow.” Explained Allen.

“What about it?” Said Grave.

“Haha! I’m praising you, you know. Somehow, you were able to receive my blows ten times! However, aren’t your arms about to reach their limit?”

Allen grinned and pointed to Grave’s arm.

Grave only showed a fearless expression and didn’t answer.

“You don’t have to pretend. Your parry is great, but still imperfect. The impact of every blow you deflected was transmitted to your arm… the damage should be accumulating. Soon, you won’t be able to move your arm. Or maybe, that sword will be the first to fall.”

“What did you say?”

“Geez, let me explain—I’m wielding the holy sword, while you’re just a nobody with a random, dull, sword. It can be considered a miracle that sword hasn’t broke yet.”

“A dull sword, you say…”

Grave laughed dauntlessly.

“If mine is a dull sword, then yours is scrap metal!”

“It seems that you still didn’t know your position.”

“Right back at you.”

“Cheeky bastard! I will make sure you’ll never be able to talk to me that way again!”

Allen swung his holy sword.

Angered by Grave’s provocation, he was filled with a desire to kill.

His malicious intent was apparent—even to me, a bystander.


“This is the end!”


A blade snapping rang out.

Unable to withstand the impact, part of the blade chipped—

“No, way…”

—but it wasn’t Grave’s sword.

“Seems like you’re the one who isn’t aware of his position.”

“Grave!” From the bottom of my heart, I was relieved.

What broke was none other than Allen’s Holy Sword Zephyr.

Surprised, he leaped back in a hurry to distance himself.

Grave didn’t give chase.

While keeping his distance, Grave explained to the appalled Allen.

“You’re certainly strong. I won’t deny it—both your strength and reflexes are superior to mine. Your weapon is also a holy sword, as such, it can’t be weak. However? My technique is better.”

“What are you talking about…”

“Did you not notice? I was always aiming for the same spot whenever I received or attacked your sword.”

“W, what?”

I see.

That part of Allen’s sword broke because Grave focused on it.

I was familiar with the strength of Holy Sword Zephyr.

Because it was a holy sword, it was dozens of times more durable than a normal sword.

Regardless, that didn’t make it invincible.

Receiving relentless damage and impacts, the holy sword finally reached its limit.

“That’s just impossible…”

“Your movements are fast, but it follows the same pattern. It isn’t trained. You’re just using that sword and your talent to cover for your lack of training. It seems that somehow, you’ve managed to not be defeated until now, but I’m different. I’m unlike your previous enemies.”

Grave readjusted his sword and charged towards Allen.

Taken aback the direct onslaught, Allen focused on defended himself.

“Your speed, has increased—!?”

“Fast, isn’t it? That’s because I was holding back the entire time. That’s all it took for you to lower your guard.”

“You bastard!”

“Alright, let me tell you another reason why were able to remain standing until now!”

After closing the distance, Grave twisted his sword and struck Allen’s holy sword from below. The holy sword was thrown upwards.

Grave slashed at Allen’s defenseless torso.


Allen’s armor was torn into pieces and fell to the ground.

As he was, Allen fell onto his butt.

“M, my armor!”

“You’re actually surprised by that? Until now, you’ve been protected by Liliana’s armor.”

Grave pointed the tip of his sword at Allen.

“Do you understand? It was because she was there that you, a half-hearted man who doesn’t train, were able to claim victory!”


Surely, Grave fought to tell me that.


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