The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter—I’ll Show you What I’m Capable of! (LN) Translation

1.4 The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter

“Well, indeed. Such is the case.”

I nodded lightly. Kyle’s eyes and mouth opened wide in surprise.

“I’ll ask you one thing—is something uninteresting about to start or has it started?”

“…I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. The Duke of Ruston and the Duke of Aldridge are the ones spreading the rumors of Lady Amalia entering and leaving the palace, and also about the princesses from the other kingdoms. It’s unclear whether or not Lord Alfred had met any of them. But I have heard rumors that Lord Alfred was interested in the young ladies.”

“Ugh, how unreliable are you? You’re just being used by them to make me angry. If you want to be haughty, then at least do some research.”

Kyle’s face was dyed bright red.

“Even so, Lord Alfred, that workaholic, to be interested in young ladies… did spring finally begin for him?”

In other words, there was no possibility that Alfred would turn to me and say, ‘I’m wholeheartedly thinking about our future.’ Or ‘Let go of the past, throw everything away, let’s live only with love.’

That was right.

My engagement with Alfred was already doomed from the start. For the ten years that followed, I only continued to mess up.

I turned the page of my notebook and moved the pen again.

“…What language is that?”

Kyle peeked into it.

“Ohoho, when it comes to me, such a super-esoteric language is nothing!”

I was scared that if I were to answer it was ‘Japanese’, a demon exorcism would be held in my house.

  • Prerequisites for a ‘Bad Ending’:
  • The happiness of Kyle and Sasha
  • Baldazar and Rotundia continue to live
  • The continued existence of the Gessel family

The method for them would greatly differ depending on the direction and from whom. An annulment, condemnation, exile, execution, to be deprived of the title—

—it was good that I was knowledgeable about those elements from novels about it.

In my head, I shall draw a concrete map of what I should do from now on. I felt bitter—it was as if I had been scammed. But it couldn’t be helped anymore.

However, Kyle and Sasha, who had suffered until now, couldn’t be involved.

I didn’t know the specific details yet, but now wasn’t the time to be scared. Whatever I did, I had to find a way to minimize the damage to Kyle and Sasha.

We had to absolutely ‘absolve’ or ‘give back’ to those we had caused trouble to so far. I meant it—I wanted to work hard towards that goal.

That was the only compensation that I, the villainess, could give.

Even though I’m in a world based-off a novel, I don’t really understand the storyline. I don’t have enough knowledge, or experience, to cheat. I have no choice but to go through it.

When I thought about that, Kyle made a light sneeze.

“As I thought, you’re cold because of the water from the vase. Even if you aren’t, you’re in the process of catching a cold. Drink tea about once every 20 minutes. The tea will fight the cold, and afterwards, it will cleanse your stomach.”

“Ah, okay…”

While listening to Kyle’s stupid reply, I kept my eyes on the notebook and added something at the end—

  • The End Result:

Sasha as the crown princess, and Kyle as the Marquis of Gessel.

Those would be the happiest conclusions for them.

For the time being, Kyle and Sasha are sure to hold a grudge against me. I hate that bitch, Amalia. I also don’t know what Alfred thinks… but, for Amalia, he’d be sure to break his engagement with me, the villainess, right? That’s how it usually happens in novels.

The past Juliane had raised red flags from all directions. It was unknown whom I’d be condemned by. I assumed it would be either from Sasha or Kyle. But, the most troublesome one was Amalia. Amalia was aiming for the role of the crown princess. Once I fell for that trap, the Duke of Ruston must had been planning to get the annoying Marquis of Gessel out of the way. I absolutely had to stop it.

However, if I were to move around now, it’d just be to the benefit of Duke Ruston.

While summarizing my thoughts, I pressed the dent around my temple, the dent just past the side of the eyes, the dent at the inner edge of the eyebrows, and the center of the bone under the eye in that order.

“…What are you doing?”

“Hmm? If you press there, it’ll help alleviate tired eyes. You also have to read about territorial management, right? I recall the numbers in those documents are small. So, if your eyes get tired, do it.”

Well, in my case, after my memory returned, I saw a Baldie, a Fattie, my ugly self, and a beautiful man and woman—the sight was beyond surreal. In addition, I was wearing a flashy dress which stabbed the eyes. That my eyes were about to go on strike—was an understatement.

“Kyle, I’m sorry, but bring me the income and expenditure reports for our territory.”


“It’s okay, it isn’t like I’m telling you to bring the books you’ve kept hidden from father.”

Kyle’s breathing halted. It was easy to understand that I was spot-on again.

…You’re too easy to understand, Kyle.

The Baldie loved the convenience that came from outsourcing his work. On the surface, Kyle adhered to Baldie, but he seemed to be the type of guy that would cause a coup d’etat?

“Y, you’re a woman. Can you understand them?”

“Ohoho, who do you think I am? I’ve been the fiancée of the Crown Prince for ten years.”

It was more precise to say that I was doing it voluntarily rather than out of obligation. I called top-class instructors and taught myself the princess education.

When I think about it now, weird feelings welled up. For the past ten years, Alfred is only interested in studying. Hence why—…but, I wonder if I overdid it and obtained knowledge that made me unadorable, instead.

While I was pondering that, I realized that Kyle was intently staring at me.

“Hurry up and fetch it!”

I put my chubby hands together and commanded loudly.

Kyle clicked his tongue and left the room while huffing. On his return, he snorted while slamming the books on the desk.

“Yes, thank you. You can go, now.”


Kyle stared at me suspiciously, but eventually gave up asking. In the end, he stepped out of my room.

“Hmm, this is the only one.”

Throughout the night, I read Kyle’s income and expenditure reports. After groaning from the bottom of my stomach, I wrote some more in my notebook.

  • Emergency that needs to be Issued:

Save Baldie and Fattie

***T/N: My knowledge about health just keep increasing and increasing, picking up this novel turns out to be the right choice, after all!

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