A Court Blacksmith, whom was Condemned for being a ‘Woman who Reeks of Iron’, was Picked up by a Friendly Guild and Attained Happiness Translation

17. Help for a Limited Time

How warm…

Everyone was laughing, and I was relieved.

“Alright, talk’s over. Please bring me more alcohol!”

“W, wait, I’m not done, yet.”

“Hmm? There’s still more?”

“Yes, I don’t want to remain indebted, so I’d like to help the guild as well.”

A week had passed since the day I met them.

In spite of the favor from Grave and the others, I was staying for free.

Although everyone else was working as a member of the guild, I was the only freeloader.

Some time had passed since my banishment from the royal capital, and now that I could think calmly, I felt remorseful.

“…However, all I can do is blacksmithing.”

“You don’t actually have to do that, though… if you want to gather your thoughts, it would be best to make that your priority.”

“That’s not it. I think it’s better to do something.”

“Is that so?”


“Isn’t that fine?”
After taking a swig of alcohol, Teresia spoke.

“She said she wants to do it, so let her.”

“Hmm, alright, then! You’re very welcome!”

While still holding some bread, Rigard clapped. His hands were big, and his clap echoed so clearly that everyone could hear it.

“OK! Then, Liliana, I shall appoint you to be our exclusive blacksmith for a limited time!”

“Yes! I appreciate that!”

When I bowed my head, applause arose all at once.

While I was happy at being accepted, I became embarrassed upon recalling everything I had just said.

I lowered my head and then sat back down in my seat.

Then, Grave, whom was beside me—

“—Good job, Liliana.”


The banquet continued until dawn.

The people who drank went to bed as soon as the banquet ended. However, there were also those who had already fallen asleep. We had a hard time carrying them to their rooms.

I was relieved at being able to convey what I wanted to say. The moment I touched the mattress, I seemed to have fallen asleep.


The next morning.

I went to Doga’s smithy along with Grave.

I went around to the back upon arriving and found Doga was striking iron.


“That voice!”

Doga turned around vigorously.

He stopped working in an instant and rushed to meet us.

“Liliana, so you’ve decided to come!”

“Y, yes…”

“Did you finally feel like working with me?”

“N, no, about that, I’m sorry…”

…He’s too close.

“Doga, you’re making Liliana uncomfortable. Would you back off some?”

“Huh? Sorry bout’ that.”

“It’s fine.”

Grave sighed rather exasperatedly.

Similarly, Doga sighed, but he seemed to be greatly depressed.

“So, what business do you have here?”

“Actually, I’m supposed to help my guild.”


I told Doga about my situation.

I came there because I wanted to borrow his smithy.

Grave assisted me whenever I couldn’t explain well.

“I see… so that’s why.”


“We don’t have a smithy, after all.”

“I will make sure to not become a hindrance, so can I borrow your smithy?”

“Of course, it’s no problem at all!”

…Doga gave his permission rather easily.

I thought he’d be more reluctant, so I came up with ways to coax him.

“However, I have a condition!”

“…As long as it’s within my capability.”

“…Why does it feel as if you intentionally included that as an afterthought?”

“Don’t worry. I won’t ask anything unreasonable. While you borrow my smithy, can we talk about technical issues?”

“Eh? Are you alright with just that?”

“Of course. There aren’t many blacksmiths as talented as Liliana. I’d love to learn from you! I want to improve my skill!”

He clenched a fist in motivation.

Doga’s enthusiasm let me conclude he was a straightforward person.

“I understand. As long as you’re alright with me.”

“That’s a huge favor! So, when will you start? You can start borrowing it from today!”

“No, I planned on going shopping today.”

“Then, tomorrow!”

Doga moved his eyebrows as if a thought had occurred to him.

Then, while staring at us, he grinned.

“I see… shopping together?”

“S, so what?”

“How romantic! Rest assured, I won’t disturb your date!”



“You’re mistaken. Liliana said she’s going to shop for materials.”

“But at the end of the day, you guys are still shopping together, right? Isn’t it a date, then?”

 “No, it isn’t. I’m going.”

“Have fun! Ah, youth~”

“Stop spouting nonsense… let’s go, Liliana.”


We left Doga’s smithy and went towards the shopping district.

“What are you going to buy?”

“Let’s see, a set of tools used for blacksmithing. They are consumables, so I don’t want to keep borrowing them.”

“OK, then we’ll head to a tool shop.”

“…A date.”

Remembering that, I unconsciously muttered so.

The moment I noticed it, I shut my mouth.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“N, no. It’s nothing.”

What a relief.

It seemed that Grave didn’t hear it.

…Now that I think about it,

To a bystander, it might seem as if we were on a date.

***T/N: When a woman and man who’s interested towards each other go to somewhere together, only the two of them, iT’s a DaTe!!1!!!

…Being serious, though, I wonder why “Is this a date?! Do people think we’re on a date?! Do we look like we’re on a date?! Does he think this is a date?! Do I want to go on a date with him!?” get empathized so much in lotsa novel??? Like, if an author wants to show to ppl that those two have something going on with each other, wouldn’t it be better to show it through their actions & interactions?

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