The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

135. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (25)

The fluffy Haddy looked great with Frida.

With peace of mind, Jill decided to get straight to the point.

“If you’d like, I’ll let Haddy stay with you until His Highness Listeard returns?”

“Eh, but, isn’t he… important, to Your Majesty the Dragon Princess?”

“You can call me Jill. I’m sure Haddy will protect Your Highness Frida. I can’t standout right now… I have no better way to protect Your Highness Frida.”

Frida went against Vissel head-on. It was already a miracle Frida wasn’t being treated without mercy by them.

What would happen in the future, Jill honestly couldn’t tell. That was the reason why Jill visited Frida—to give her a good luck charm.

“If you’d like, I can also let Sauté stay with you. After all, Haddy and Sauté are always together.”

After silently pondering for a moment, Frida looked up to the soldier in the doorway.

“Leave—this is a princess’ order.”

“That kind of thing—”

“…What’s your name? Where are you assigned to? Please tell me.”

The questions of the princess confused the soldier. He seemed about to argue, but decided against it in the end.

Perhaps wanting to supervise them, the soldier kept the door slightly ajar despite having left. That was probably due to Vissel’s command, to keep an eye on how Jill and the others behave. Otherwise, why would such strict surveillance be required?

But, despite that, the authority of the princess which could dismiss a soldier without even lifting a finger was put in practice.

“Your Highness Frida is amazing…!”

“N, not at all… older sister Natalie and Elynsia are more amazing, and so is older brother Listeard… More importantly, uh, older sister Jill…”

‘Older sister Jill.’

Jill was dazed for a moment at the destructive impact of being referred as such. Soon, she regained her composure.

“W, what is it?”

“I, I want to apologize, about Rho…”

Towards the mention of that name, Jill couldn’t hide her shock.

Frida lowered her face and continued in a soft voice.

“…Older sister Natalie said to entrust Rho to her, for ‘this child is a king, so he needs to be kept in a safe place.’”

Jill took a breath. Did Natalie know that Rho was the golden-eyed, black, dragon—the king of dragons—all along?

Frida nodded to affirm Jill’s doubts.

“I wasn’t aware of it at all… so, I was truly surprised when she told me… That’s also why older sister Natalie was concerned about leaving Rho with me, for he is the Dragon God Rave’s blessing…”

Towards Frida, who uttered in a quivering voice, Jill hurriedly snuggled up.

“Your Highness Frida.”

“O, older brother Listeard will surely be angry… b, but, it’s not older sister Natalie’s fault… it’s mine. I’m the one who hide the truth. I’m the one who’s in the wrong. I’m sorry…!”

The reason she squeezed her eyes shut was probably to prevent tears from spilling. Jill quietly spoke to the little princess who was shivering and waiting for her denunciation.

“Did Rho hate being taken with Her Highness Natalie?”

Frida opened her eyes and shook her head as she trembled.

“He was calm…”

“Then, I think he decided to go with her.”

After all, Rho was a child who could escape quickly—even if he couldn’t fly. If he truly disliked something, he’d do absolutely anything to run. After all, he was Hadith’s heart.

“That’s why, it’s alright. He’s trying to protect Her Highness Natalie. He’s the king, after all.”

Within Frida’s eyes, which were filled with anxiety and expectations, Jill’s resolute nod was reflected. After Frida sniffed a little, she muttered.

“W, will older brother… agree?”

“His Highness Listeard? Of course!”

After shaking her head, Frida asked once again.

“Won’t, older brother Hadith… get angry?”

Older brother Hadith.

That had more impact than when Frida referred to her as older sister.

“He won’t!”

Jill grabbed Frida’s shoulders.

“Next time! By all means! Please call him that to his face! It’s your ticket to all-you-can-eat cookies!”

“C, cookies?”

“The visitation time is over, Lady Frida.”

Due to the gentle voice coming from the doorway, Frida stiffened. Vissel laughed gently at Jill who turned around.

“Lady Jill Saber, you can thereby return to your room.”

Frida grabbed Jill’s sleeve, but Jill smiled back and unraveled her fingers.

“It’s alright, Your Highness Frida. Sauté and Haddy are with you.”

Frida, who looked at Jill, was terribly anxious. However, she nodded firmly while hugging Haddy. Glancing at the table, Sauté was on the lookout, as if saying, ‘leave it to me!’

Vissel, who stood by the door, shrugged.

“Aside from a stuffed animal, you also give her a chicken? I truly don’t understand the brutes of Kratos.”

“I had already informed you before the visit, though. Is there a problem?”

“As long as you quietly return to your room, none.”

Although Vissel was smiling, Jill couldn’t grasp what was going on in his mind. Afterwards, he closed the door of Frida’s room.

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