Translation Yuusha Ni Narenakatta Ore Wa Isekai De

23.1 Meeting and Sora

Sora teleports to the room with the round table in the dai maou’s castle. Some dai maou have already gathered.

Upon teleporting into the room, the first thing he sees is Vera staring back in surprise. Beside him is a one-eyed, skinhead maou with a scar on his face―― If I remember correctly, his name is Willia. I think he’s the dai maou who holds the position of chief strategist.

There’s me, Vera, Willia, and Rose, that makes four. That’s surprisingly few. I was told there was going to be meeting, so I thought it was supposed to be here. Is it in a different place? Or maybe it just hasn’t started yet?

The next thing to catch his eye is the round table. At first glance, it doesn’t look like it has changed much from the last time he visited. However, upon looking properly, it becomes clear that the number of chairs around it has increased by one.

The seats of the five dai maou, the seat of Elias the Dai Maou, and one more seat…… that could be mine. If I remember correctly, Elias said that she’d prepare an extra seat for one more person. Sure enough, there’s no doubt that the meeting will be here.

Rose’s eyes glitter as she speaks.
“Being able to use teleportation is really amazing. Actually, I can use it too…… but you saved me the trouble!”

She’s very cute despite being a maou. Well, rather than that, before I used teleportation she said, “So, you can use transfer. As expected.” But now she’s saying, “So you really could use teleportation.” Did she not believe me?

Not to mention, Rose can also use teleportation…… Well, if you think about it, that’s obvious. How else would she have come from the dai maou’s castle to Nanaria village in less than a day?

Vera, who had been frozen in place with an expression full of shock, shouts out to Sora for some reason.
“Hey, Sora. Why are you here!”
“Why? Because I’m attending the meeting.”

“The meeting? …… Aah, that’s right, the Gods are starting to move. But why are you attending our meeting……?”

Her reaction gives Sora the impression she didn’t know he would be attending…… Isn’t this something everyone would normally be informed of? Well, considering it’s that Elias, she’ll probably just say, “I forgot to tell you~”

“Oh yeah! You’re obviously here for your ‘revenge against God.’ I get that.”

Ooh, so she remembers.

“That’s exactly right.”

Once Sora finishes talking with Vera, he sits in the empty seat. Vera is talking to Rose about something along the lines of their munitions stores. It sounds troublesome, so he tries his best not to listen to in. As such, he distracts himself by examining the interior of the room.

Willia, who’s sitting next to Vera, looks at Sora with interest. At first, he only glances as him, but those gradually become a stare. Sora, naturally becoming sick of it, decides to talk to him.
“What do you want?”
“Oops, so you noticed.”

That is Sora’s first time hearing Willia’s voice, but he is a bit relieved that it matches his appearance. Even so, this guy was looking at me like that. Did he really think I wouldn’t notice? Is this really the maou who leads on making strategies? Is that really alright…?

“If you look at people like that, they’ll usually notice it. So, what do you want?”
“It has nothing to do with work…… but I’m a little interested in you.”

I- Interested in me!? This guy is dangerous! My instincts say so!

“Oy, oy, what are you getting so wary for? I’m not interested in you in that way.”
“What a relief.”

Sora sighs out in relief and calms down.

If he’s not interested in “that,” then what the heck is this guy interested in?

Willia begins to explain his thoughts.
“I’m interested in your relationship with Dai Maou-sama and Vera. They seem to have their own fair share of interest in you as well. I’m curious as to where you acquired that sort of charm.”
“They’ve all taken that much of a liking to me…”
“Aah, it’s already a hindrance to our everyday life.”

Him saying that it interferes with their daily life sounds like a lie. Nevertheless, I wonder what Vera’s daily life looks like. By the way, according to Elias’ memories, her daily life consists of…… a triple combo of eating, sleeping, and playing.

Ah, but she seems to occasionally patrol around the dai maou’s castle. Is something like that really okay for the Dai Maou.

“Aren’t you exaggerating?”
“No, not really. Just earlier, I had a small errand to run. Yet when I spoke to Dai Maou-sama, all she spoke about was you and I couldn’t bring up the main topic at all. Vera is the same. She would always spend her time practicing, but recently she has only been talking about you with Dai Maou-sama.”

They like me that much…… I’m happy, but I don’t think I’ve done anything to deserve this.

“I haven’t done anything to get on their good side. Besides, I have no charm.”
“I see, so it’s unintentional huh. I see, it’s magic beyond your awareness, unintentional magic. This requires observation.”

Uwaah, seriously. Is this maou is going to keep staring at me with a face that stern? I don’t like this.

―― Rumble Rumble――

As Sora entertains such thoughts, the door scrapes against the floor and opens with a loud bang. Then two maou enter the room.

On the right ―― an akuma with black hair and pale skin. His name is Gwain. He’s the maou who commands the akuma. He is the one who had his head grabbed by Elias after calling Sora an inferior being. Sora remembers it clearly due to the great impact it had on him.

Beside him is a female akuma with short blue hair and calm eyes with blue pupils ―― If I remember correctly, her name is Melikia. I think she’s the maou who escorts Elias.

Gwain bows and apologizes as soon as he sees Sora. He doesn’t understand what he’s apologizing for out of nowhere and decides to ask.
“Sora-sama, I’m sorry for what happened before!!”
“What are you talking about?”
“For calling Sora-sama an inferior being.”
“I don’t really care so it’s fine.”
“Ooh, thank you very much.”

What’s with this guy!! His tone is completely different from before. Should a maou even apologize to a human? Does this guy have any pride? Well, it doesn’t feel too bad, but still.

“By the way, why is your lordship1 here?
……Umm, your lordship?

Melikia calls out to Sora, but due to his thinking she is talking to someone else, he unintentionally ignores her. Only when Melikia looks at him with a troubled expression does he finally realize that she’s actually talking to him.

Even so, getting called your ‘lordship’ is a bit……

“Pleased to meet you. I was invited by Elias to attend this meeting.”
“Oh, I see. Pleased to meet you, too.”

What a stiff maou.

Gwain and Melikia sit in the empty seats. Only Elias’ seat remains. The maou are making small talk about various things and are excited. Sora, not suited for those sorts of conversations, keeps his attention away from them for about ten minutes.

―― Rumble Rumble――

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  1. 貴殿: Very polite way of saying you.