The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter—I’ll Show you What I’m Capable of! (LN) Translation

1.1 The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter

1.1 The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter

There was festival-like drum echoing in my head.


When I squinted my eyes, I saw men wearing tight loincloths (mawashi) on their almost naked, fat, bodies. On the “TV”, the two slammed their flesh into each other, and fought while their muscles moved vigorously.

Everyone was utterly fat, and the muscles on their thighs and backs were no joke. They wrestled each other while uttering words that should’ve been foreign to me. 

Oh, a “television.” For some reason, I miss it… it’s a magical box where I can perceive “the other dimension.” I didn’t know how to explain it quite well…

Strangely enough, I knew that the white, square, room I was seeing was a “hospital room.”

The private room with no visitors was as quiet as the bottom of the sea. There was a girl lying in bed watching TV. For some reason, I wanted to say, “Long time no see.” to her.

She was 18-years-old and was probably going to die soon. Indeed, she must had been 18-years-old.

She had lost her parents in an accident when she was in junior high school. Moreover, she also had no other relatives. To top it off, she had a relatively incurable disease with no recovery in sight.

All she could look forward to was watching sumo-wrestling on TV, doing handicrafts on bed, and reading the fantasy novels volunteers had brought for her.

…Ah, I see—

—You’re “me.”

I didn’t feel the slightest need worry.

Whether it was an illusion or reality,

Whether it was a lie or the truth,

Whether it was fiction or non-fiction,

I was convinced that she was the predecessor of Juliane Gessel.

My memory of the past was vividly revived.

I see… I was so unhappy in my previous life, I wanted to do whatever I pleased in the next life.

—Hence why, I ended up becoming a woman like this.

Juliane Gessel was the kind of woman who wanted to acquire all the things wonderful and beautiful in the world. Turned out the reason stemmed form her previous life.

Whether it’s serious or comical, this development is just tasteless!

While looking at my past self, I was twisted with dilemma. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and covered my face with both hands.

Tententen, tententen.

The taiko drum, which accompanied the wrestling, resonated again.


“Juliane! Stay strong, Juliane! What a tragedy! Kyle, what will you do if Juliane never wakes up!?”

While my eyes were still closed, I could feel my intense heartbeat. My temple was pulsing. My heart was racing, showing no signs of calming down.

“Ugh… I can hear you just fine. Stop being so loud.”

When I opened my eyes, I saw that I was wearing a dress designed to make me look slim. However, my pudgy stomach entered my vision almost immediately.

“Juliane! You’re awake! Kyle, what did you do to Juliane while we were away from the house?! Depending on what you did, prepare yourself for the consequences!”

A greasy and petite old man with superb baldness, which gave off a gentle luster, was grabbing Kyle’s neck while shouting. Because Kyle was taller, the sight was even more surreal.

The fat aunt and the bald uncle weren’t just some random people, but the lord and madam of the Gessel family. Their hearts were rotten. Those pieces of crap were none other than my parents.

I don’t understand anything, but I seems to have regained the memory of my previous life…?

“What did you to do Juliane? Tell me, Kyle, what exactly did you do? See, all you need to do is be honest, as usual. Depending on what you say, this father of yours won’t get angry?”

The bald old man changed his voice to that of a concerned father.

In all honesty, the guy was crazy about filling his own pockets. He was hated by the lords.

As he grew older, only an awkward amount of hair remained on the back of his head. Not only that, it was messy and cluttered on both sides. As such, he was nicknamed, ‘Baldy.’

I seemed to have fallen on the corridor. I got up and opened my mouth.

“Father, let go of Kyle. I fell on my own after the vase was knocked over. Due to that, Kyle was splashed with water. In short, Kyle is a victim.”

As I felt for the bump on the back of my head, I saw that Kyle’s eyes go wide open.

“I, is that so? But, didn’t you do that out of fear? Wasn’t Kyle threatening you or something?”

“It’s nothing like that.”

Towards my mother, Rotundia, who put a hand to her cheek and tilted her head, I waved my hand.

“It was nothing like that.”

That woman was loosely related to the royal family. Although she had the most prolific bloodline in the Gessel family, her rotundness stole the spotlight—as such, her nickname was, ‘Fattie.’

It seems that if you stay with evil people for too long, their badness will seep in… I can totally vouch for that.

“Ununununu, why are you just standing around, Kyle! Quickly, call a doctor for Juliane!”

Until a second ago, my father had curbed his arrogance. But, just then, he had dropped all pretenses and spat out his true personality.

Aah, it can’t be helped.

Because my parents were obsessed with money, their wicked personality were oozing out through their appearances. No wonder they were bald, sloppy, and fat.

Regardless, even though I kept roasting them, they were still my parents.

Indeed, unlike in my previous life, even at the age of eighteen, my parents were still alive. It was something I should be grateful about.

“No, I don’t need a doctor. It’s just a lump. I can just compress it. Kyle, you should hurry up and get changed. In the past, you often caught colds, didn’t you? You have to be careful so you don’t end up like that again.”

Towards what I said, Kyle was amazed once again.

It was amazing how he stayed handsome amidst dropping his jaw.

“Also, father, you look pale. Have you been sleeping properly? By the way, haven’t you said that you’ve been tired in the mornings?”

“What? Oh, that’s right. I’m quite sleep deprived and tired these days.”

“Well, I think that’s because you drink too much. The liver can’t speak because its an organ, but it’s trying to send you a message. Isn’t that a good thing? You are probably sleep deprived and less energetic because you drink too much. Refrain from drinking for a while and get some rest.”

Father got carried away by my momentum and nodded.

“Also, mother, your swelling is indeed terrible. It may be due to menopause, but in the first place, you lack exercise. It’s counterproductive to refrain from even drinking water because you don’t want to get fat. It’s not good to eat late at night. To top it off, you also refuse to eat vegetables.”

My mother uttered out in confusion, “Eh, uh…”

“Lastly, Sasha, stop opening your mouth! Breath through your nose, your nose!!!”

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