The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

136. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (26)

“You seem to have become friends with Her Highness Frida. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t see it coming.”

Upon entering the corridor, the guards remained in front of Frida’s room. Vissel led Jill to start walking.

Apparently, the crown prince himself would be escorting Jill.

“Are you trying to say that I’m deceiving Her Highness Frida?”

“I didn’t get along well with that family. The same goes for the two of us. It’s only to be expected that you’d get along with her.”

In other words, it was only expected for Vissel that people who weren’t close to him would unit. Jill frowned and spilled her true intentions in a roundabout manner.

“…Can’t you be more straightforward?”

“Ahh, I forget to take into consideration that you’re a brute. I’m proud to say that it’s a court tradition.”

…That guy was always doing his best to get to her. Jill decided to just be true to her emotions.

“It’s precisely because you’ve remain in the court for too long that you become twisted!”

“Let’s say I’m glad you understand.”

“But some people grow up to be upstanding, even when they are raised in court—just like His Highness Listeard!”

“That must be true. After all, Hadith grew up in a remote area yet still end up being twisted.”

“His Majesty is honest!”

“He’s honest in terms of being twisted.”

She couldn’t argue back, and promptly stopped talking. Vissel chuckled. As always, she didn’t know what he was thinking. He seemed to be enjoying that conversation.

“I’ve been informed that Lord Listeard has safely arrived in the Leirzatz territory. It seems that he went to the Duke of Noitral to test the waters. He’s very good at these things.”

Vissel was acting up again. Jill frowned at him.

“…Why are you sharing this information with me?”

“Whenever I asked Hadith, all he’ll say about you is,‘she’s my bride.’ As such, I have taken it upon myself to determine your true nature. Above all, it’s better to see, hear, and decide for myself.”

In other words, he was gauging Jill’s reaction.

Then, there were a lot of things Vissel wanted to ask Jill. That could be seen by how slow his pace was. It seemed that he had plenty of time on his hands.

“What about the negotiations with the former imperial army who kidnapped Her Highness Natalie?”

“Under His Majesty’s order, I properly sent a messenger. I’m not sure a negotiation will actually take place, though.”

“It’s usually only to be expected for a negotiation to occur in such circumstances, though…”

“Unfortunately, I disagree. At best, I could surmise this was carried out by the people of the back palace up until they left the imperial capital with the princess as a hostage. Most likely, there’s no coordinator or even a sense of unity.”

“But, Her Highness Natalie is with them.”

“Lady Natalie’s options are limited. At the very least, she won’t be able to put any soldiers together.”

It was quite understandable—Jill lowered her face. If Vissel’ status quo was true, the former imperial army was beginning to lose discipline. Under such circumstances, there was a limit to how Natalie, who had no fighting power, could hold her ground.

“It’ll be even more troublesome if the fleeing soldiers were to head to Radea.”

The imperial army who supported Georg was in Radea territory. At the same time, they were also allied with the fleeing imperial army soldiers. It wouldn’t be strange if were forced to make an alliance with the anti-emperor faction upon being cornered.

In the end, it all depends on how many decent imperial soldiers are left, one’s who are determined to protect the princess… I wonder if it’s all up to natural selection…

“I’m Hadith’s ally more than anyone else. As of the present, I’m quite in shock and troubled. Hadith spared Marquis Veil. He didn’t purge the imperial army. Even though before, he was planning to turn Veilburg into a military port as a way to reform the imperial army. It’s all for the sake of fighting Kratos. Before I knew it, he ended up changing the direction of his policy.”

“…Do you believe that no one will join his cause?”

“That’s right. Especially now that he decided to turn you into the Dragon Princes. To be honest, I didn’t expect him to recognize you as the Dragon Princess. That child is just bad at giving up.”

There was a hint of a bitter smile, but Vissel was otherwise unreadable. With an indiscernible feeling, Jill’s impression about his expression stayed the same.

“I wonder if Your Highness Vissel is refusing acknowledge His Majesty as the Dragon Emperor, just like Georg…”

He even suspected Hadith’s motives for being an emperor. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be spreading information to Kratos.

“No way.”

Vissel dismissed Jill’s suspicion.

“Hadith is the true Dragon Emperor. The fools who scorned Hadith and tried to cheat him of the throne died—”

“—t, that’s because of the Goddess—”

“Yes, it’s not Hadtih’s fault. It wasnatural selection.”

There was no hesitation behind Vissel’s remark. Jill shut her mouth.

“More than anyone else, the Rave royal family should’ve known that. Hence why his father denounced the throne and begged Hadith. Hence why his uncle became an ugly monster. Even though he isn’t actually part of the Rave royal family, he recieved the luxury of being ended by the Dragon Emperor himself. Until the end, he was lucky.”

The fact that Georg was consumed by the fake sword and became a monster was concealed. Regardless, Vissel didn’t try to hide the fact that he knew the truth. He even spoke in a trivial tone.

No way… for even the crown prince to be a double agent, such a foolish story…

It was terrifying. A strange anxiety welled up inside her.

It was as if Jill was experiencing that horrid future—

especially because Vissel’s words ended up being said by the lone Hadith, six years from now.

“Nevertheless, the case of the Rave royal family could do with a little embellishment. It’ll serve a better purpose. He can make them dance like clowns.”

“H, His Majesty won’t do that!”

Jill affirmed in a loud voice to block her unpleasant premonition.

She went on. “He said that he forgave the betrayal of Lord Georg and Her Highness Elynsia, and he properly accepted His Highness Listeard. It’s proof of His Majesty’s strength. I love His Majesty!”

Vissel turned around. His thin, moon-like eyes, hidden beneath clouds narrowed like a crescent moon.

Your Hadith did, but my Hadith is different.”

Reflexively, Jill clenched his fist.

“Do you really think he forgive everything? If so, you misunderstood.”

“What are you implying?”

“When that stupid and helpless mother slit her own throat, screaming that Hadith is a monster, guess how my cute brother reacted.”

‘If you don’t want to hear it, run.’—Vissel seemed to be implying that.

Hence why, she persisted and kept her ears open.

“He laughed.”

Vissel told Jill of the Hadith she didn’t know.

“I won’t forgive anyone who dares to hurt that child.”

“I won’t forgive you.”

“Yet you told him to forgive everyone who hurt him?”

“That’s right, because His Majesty is someone who’s capable of it!”

Vissel snorted as if he were talking to a clown.

“But I don’t want my cute brother to do that. See? You and I aren’t compatible.”

She was deeply aware of that. Jill took a deep breath and laughed back.

“I understand! I hate you anyway!”

“Good, I hate you too. You are unfit to be the Dragon Princess.”

His refreshing smile almost caused her blood vessels to pop.

She always thought the biggest threat was the Goddess, but Vissel was more or less just as dangerous.

She finally realized what caused her to fear that man.

It was because Vissel’s driving force was love—

—Vissel loved Hadith, hence why he wanted to satiate his desires.

“You are so annoying! Even more so with your laugh that resembles His Majesty! You’re making me even more furious!”

Vissel raised his voice at Jill for a moment.

“Similar, Hadith and I—!?”

“Your Highness Vissel! I’m reporting to you!”

A soldier who appeared from the back of the corridor saw Jill and closed his mouth.

Vissel turned towards the soldier.

“Proceed with the report.”

“The messenger we had sent to the former imperial army… his corpse has returned.”

Jill’s breath came halted as she realized the implication.

They refused to negotiate the return of Princess Natalie. Now the escaped imperial army were actual rebels.

“Well, I know it was going to be a waste of time, anyway.”

Vissel left with mockery, while Jill hurriedly chased after his back.

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