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The Result of Two People who Aren’t Close Writing a Story

Katagiri and Wajima don’t really get along with each other, but it is decided they will work together to write a story.

As a junior high school Japanese teacher, I gave a rather uncommon task to my first years.

“Take turns writing a short story and submit it.”

For example, student A will write the first scene, then student B will write the second scene. Then, student A will write the third scene, student B the fourth scene, and so on until the end.

The assignment will only end up written well if the two students work together. As such, normally, people who are close with each other should be paired, but there was one very incompatible pair.

The first student of the group was Katagiri. He was impatient, headstrong, and prone to getting angry. Because everyone avoided pairing with him, he was left out.

The other student was Wajima. He was so slow, class had already ended by the time he started looking for a partner. The fact that he loved obscene jokes was one of the reasons why he was ignored.


I was looking at the completed assignments.

Many of the students weren’t accustomed to writing, while some of them were just not good at it. Of course, there were also those who wrote stunningly solid sentences. Above all, there were many works in which the story moved to an unpredictable development because it was written by two people. They were very interesting to read.

Finally, I came into contact with the story that was submitted just before the deadline.

It was none other than the work of Wajima and Katagiri.

  • Katagiri’s part

Title: The Crimson Female Knight

Once upon a time, the world was dominated by the mighty Demon King. The Demon King’s army invaded and assaulted the people, and humankind was on the verge of extinction.

At that time, a female knight stood in front of the Demon King’s army. Her name was Isabella. She was from a prestigious and sacred lineage. She excelled in both magic and swordsmanship, and was chosen by the God. She managed to pull out the legendary sword, ‘Excalibur’ when no one else could, and had garnered the people’s admiration.

I see, is the setting a medieval fantasy? I wonder how Wajima will proceed with this…

  • Wajima’s part

That Isabella had someone she loved.

So, you’re going to turn this into romance?

It was a handsome boy named Wajima.

A self-insert has appeared! Not to mention, he called himself ‘handsome’…

Isabella was attracted to Wajima’s Wajima.

What the hell is Wajima?

“As long as I can be with Wajima, I don’t care about the world!” Said Isabella.

She’s starting to sounds like a country girl…

“I also love Isabella, jima!”

Why do you insist on ending the sentence with your own name…

Said Waimosunpe.

Wait! Who the hell are you!?

  • Katagiri’s part

So, Katagiri will start writing from here? I am curious as to how he’ll fix the story now that the setting has been destroyed this much…

Wajima died.

He killed him off!?!?

He was captured by the Demon King’s army, and after being punched and kicked, he shouted, “Wajimaa—” and died.

What manner of death is that!?!?

After returning to sanity, Isabella resumed her training so that she could face the Demon King.

Ford, who was in charge of her training, was a veteran who had survived many wars, and was the best swordsman in the kingdom. He was tough and impatient, but he was also most concerned about Isabella who carried such a heavy responsibility.

Ford’s guidance was strict. However, it was all done for the purpose of raising her into a formidable warrior. That way, she wouldn’t be killed, nor would she be defeated at the hands of the Demon King.

  • Wajima’s part

The fierce rebuke of Instructor Ford could be heard that day, too.

“Hey, Isabella! Do you think you can still be a ripe apple tree like this!?”

An apple!?

Ford said while putting on his pants.

This guy got mad while his lower half is exposed!?

  • Katagiri’s part

…They switched really early, this time around.

The conversation between the two was a delusion that Wajima saw before he died.

≪…He pushed everything on to Wajima!

Finally, the day came. The subjugation team, including Isabella, would depart for the Demon Castle.

A small number of people had been selected. There were only about 100 elite people. The strategy was to secretly infiltrate the Demon Castle, and sent Isabella to the Demon King to launch a deadly assault.

  • Wajima’s part

Ford departed along with Isabella. He smiled at Isabella as she stretched her back and whispered to her.

Huh? This part is quite decent…

“Actually, I also loved Wajima.”

What kind of reveal is that?! What are you talking about under such circumstances!?

  • Katagiri’s part

The battle with the Demon King army was extremely disastrous.

Before they could approach the Demon Castle, they were discovered by a demon. Many of the subjugation unit were killed, and Isabella was also taken prisoner by the Demon King.

That’s quite a turn. I wonder if the story would have become a dark fantasy if Katagiri were the sole writer.

  • Wajima’s part

Isabella was captured.

She screamed, “Kukkoro! Kukkorohoi—!”

The tension is lost!

  • Katagiri’s part

The fact that they switched early proves that they fought over this…

Meanwhile, at that time, a man was charging towards the Demon Castle with a horse to rescue Isabella.

Indeed, the man was none other than Ford.

He forged ahead while slaying demons!



  • Wajima’s part

Ford exposed his lower half while screaming.

It’s ruined!

The demons died after seeing Ford’s sheer nakedness.

Well, ain’t he well endowed!?

Then, Ford arrived at the place where Isabella was imprisoned.

Has he put on any pants, yet? Just asking…

  • Katagiri’s part

Oi, Wajima. If you want to make Ford such a pervert, then write the rest and submit it on your own, you stupid moron.

Katagiri snapped!

  • Wajima’s part

Thus, Wajima defeated the Demon King effortlessly.

Wajima was resurrected!?

Wajima, who had regained the world’s peace, became the new demon king.

The End.

It’s a nightmare!!

I was quite baffled over how to evaluate the work of Wajima and Katagiri, but I decided to give them a B. After all, even though they weren’t close, they managed to write a story and met the submission deadline.

E/N: To be honest, that wasn’t too bad.

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