I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

46. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

I regained my composure and searched the bag of magic stones, thinking of launching an attack on the enemy.

We… We are out of magic stones!!!

I threw quite a few, but none of them hit the rat-man. I don’t understand.

Oh, don’t bother. It was useless to simply worry.

Thanks to the outsiders, there was plenty of stones lying around here. There’s no problem at all!

“He… Hey quit it! Throwing rocks like that is dangerous!”

“Hold still, you goon! I can’t hit you like that.”

It’s hard hitting a rat-man running away from you.

I’ll just give him a lesson, it’s not like I want to knock him out.

Ahhh! I hate myself for being so horrible at throwing!

If I can’t hit you, then I should just throw an enormous rock!

I’m a genius!

Now that it’s been decided, all I have to do was implement my brilliant idea!

I searched for a stone that looked good while trying not to lose sight of the rat-man.

There was a fist-sized rock that looked like it would be easy to throw.

I’ve chosen a fantastic stone! The rat man’s face turned blue at the sight of it.

This one would bring down the rat-man, for sure!

I swung and threw the stone!



I looked in the direction of the voice, and my eyes met with the Green bastard’s, who was holding his head, groaning in pain.

Did it hit?

I’m pretty sure he wasn’t in my line of sight.


I’m a natural at this!

A single rock, a single shot. I did it!

The Green bastard with bulbous veins popping up from everywhere came running towards me!


“You won’t escape me!”


The Sorcerer Commander deployed a magic circle around the Green bastard. To avoid it, he moved away from me.

Thank you very much, Sorcerer Commander!

I ran as fast as I could, taking advantage of the precious opportunity to escape.

Phew. I think I’ll be okay after all this, seeing that there’s no one else around me.

Now, let’s find what hole that rat-man has gotten himself into.

So, with determination, I took my first step forward.

The ground seemed to have gotten kind of shiny

“He… Hey, Sis!”


I’m in the summoning formation! Oh no!

It’s glowing, that means it… It… It has been triggered!

“Ha-ha-ha! You are an idiot! You stone-throwing hag!”

The rat-man’s pathetic demeanor had changed to one of great pride.

I’m vivid, but I can’t deny it! I’m such an idiot!

Seeing this, the Knight Commander tried to remove the Fallen Hero from the battlefield.

However, there was a sudden pressure from above within the summoning circle.

Both the Knight Commander and the Fallen Hero who were within the summoning field fell to their knees.

The Sorcerer Commander, the Green bastard, me, and everyone in the camp, as well.

What the hell?

I can’t get up!

“Come on! The time has come! Evil Dragon, come back to life!”

As the rat-man beckoned the ritual, while alone outside the summoning circle, it shone brightly!

Yeah, my mistake.

The Dragon that was unsealed in the Empire was intimidating, but it didn’t harm us, so I’m sure it will do the same this time.

Such naïve thoughts were blown away when I saw a being about to appear from the summoning formation.

It was horrible, fearful, disgusting, dreadful, and unholy.

It was indeed an Evil Dragon!


Rang a voiceless roar that drained every ounce of strength from my body.

It was a fear akin to the fear of death itself.

In despair and fear, a vicious and ugly jaw stood right before me.

Help me!

I’m sorry!

A thin, straw-colored boy, who did not resemble the jaws of the enormous Evil Dragon, landed on the ground.

The next moment, the Evil Dragon was sucked into his right hand and disappeared.


What the hell?

While I was astonished, the boy smiled at me and just disappeared.


He vanished.

What was that, Tenryuu-sama?

Wha… What… What just happened?

They had been fighting to the death just a moment ago… But they seemed to have been paralyzed by this situation.

I turned my gaze in confusion, looking to them for answers.

Somebody tell me what the hell just happened!

Reality was heartless.

Like a lost kid in the park, I was met with suspicious glances from friend and foe alike, as if it was all my fault.

It feels a little like Deja vu…

I don’t know anything. Stop staring at me, everyone!

I made a big fat X with my arms, but it didn’t seem to have convinced anyone.

At least the Knight Commander and the Sorcerer Commander should believe me.

It was the Knight Commander who was the first to break free from the slightly relaxed atmosphere.


The Knight Commander instantly closed in on the Fallen Hero and slashed at his right arm. He then crashed into the wall with great force!

Apparently, the Fallen Hero just got kicked.

The Fallen Hero staggered back with a ghastly smile on his face before being blasted from the Sorcerer Commander.

In the midst of all this, the rat-man was nowhere to be found.

The bastard has escaped!

The Knight Commander and the Sorcerer Commander came before me. Their equipment were in tatters, telling me that it was a fierce battle.

Uhm, there’s a hole in the wall where the Knight Commander hit it. Do we have to go through there?

The Fallen Hero and the Green bastard were face to face.

Of all the people here, only four of us were left standing.

I’m sorry, but I’m going to sit this one out…

A severe atmosphere filled the air like there was another fight about to start. But before that, can I just say something?

I’m still confused because of the sudden appearance of Tenryuu-sama.

They all don’t say anything, but what was that all about? I was about to die, what should I do!?

The entire cave began to shake, though I don’t think it was in response to the cries of my heart.

Kyaaa! We’re about to be buried alive!

“It’s going to collapse! We have to get out of here!”


The Sorcerer Commander restrained the Knight Commander by her shoulders as she tried to have a go at the Fallen Hero again.

“Hold tight, big sis!”


Taking a glance at the Fallen Hero who was still staring at the Knight Commander, the Sorcerer Commander closed his eyes tightly.

When I opened my eyes, the madness I had felt when I was fighting was already gone, and I was back to my usual self. The same applied to the Knight Commander.

He was silently carrying me on his shoulders.

And so, we hurried to the hole that the two Commanders had made.

As I was being carried, I made eye contact with the Green bastard supporting the Fallen Hero, not moving from their spot.

Large boulders start falling from the sky, one after the other.

Yet he showed no emotion, just a blank stare directed towards us.

I just kept on looking back at the Green bastard…

Until the moment when the boulders obscured my vision.

While being carried by the Knight Commander, I asked my friends if this was the right thing to do.

Of course!‘ Nobody said. So I, myself, had to answer in response.

I’ve done everything I could.

I’m being carried on her shoulders, my stomach screaming under the pressure, but I don’t have the energy to react to it.

I can’t wait to get home and greet everyone.

I want to sleep with peace of mind.


I want to… go back home!