I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

45. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!




Both of them clashed their swords in silence, the Knight Commander and the Fallen Hero.

I can feel the tension from here!

It seems like the Sorcerer Commander used some of her magic to dissipate the impact.

“Hey, come on! Rai, you bastard! If you destroy this summoning formation, the Earth’s Veins will spiral out of control! Think before you fight!”

From the magic circle of the Magician Leader, a thin blue-white light traveled straight ahead and hit the enemy!

“Ouch! Ow! I can’t do it! I can’t avoid it! I want to flee!”

There were screams from what appeared to be sorcerers and soldiers. Let’s leave them be.

No, no, Sorcerer Commander.

Didn’t you just say something life-threatening and vital?

Everyone here seemed to be ignoring it, so even if it matters, it’s pointless.

“I’ll wipe you out, so come at me!”

“Hoho, then come as you like.”

The Green bastard made the flames cover his sword again, entering the bosom of the Sorcerer Leader. He blew away the fire with his magic, swinging the blade to her arm.

When the two sides separated, the pale blue light split in all directions and pursued the Green man as if to surround him.

I heard screams that sounded like ‘Ahhh’ and ‘Yaaah‘ But I guess they were fine.

However, the Green bastard easily let go of his sword, throwing numerous tiny daggers at all the pale lights to cancel them out!

It’s a battle of non-humans, that’s all I can say.

My mind was not ready for this.

Where is my safe zone?! Where is it?!

While I was looking for it, the Sorcerer Commander spoke to me.

“Hey, big sis!”


When she called out to me, I looked over to see the Sorcerer Commander, who was beating an underling into a coma with her fists, without using any magic.

Sorcerer Commander… Where’s your sorcery?

You throw that magic stone, little girl! There are a lot of wimps here, so no worries about throwing that!”

“Understood, Ma’am!”

That’s what was said to me…

That’s it, isn’t it? Aside from the Green bastard, the little goons heading towards the Sorcerer Commander seemed to be stuck in a dead-end.

Ah, that’s it, then. A while before, the Fallen Hero spoke to someone called Torque.

You want me to interfere with your preparations?

I then moved to the shade of a rock where I could hide outside the summoning magic circle, which was probably my safe zone.

Now, I’m going to throw it at all those people who were sneaking around and clumping together.

Ping… Pong!

Huh? What the hell is that?


“Waaah! Hot, hot, hot!!!

A tornado of flames appeared, trapping about two people in the area where I threw it!

What the hell did you put in this bag, Soran?!

It looks like it won’t instantly turn into charcoal, so it’ll hopefully stay on until the end of the battle!

‘If you’re confident that you can survive this, then we won’t hold anything back!

All right! I’ll throw as hard as I can!

Get ready for it, you Evil Dragon-loving underling fools!


That was rough. I need to catch my breath.

The ritual people were lying on the ground, unable to fight.

Hmph. That sounds like a good result for me.

On the other side of the safe zone, the outsiders were still in the middle of their brawl.

This looked like an excellent place to watch the spectacle.


Waaah! Careful!!!

Something hit the rock I’ve been hiding on!

I’ve honestly had enough!

“You’re just an ordinary person. It would be best if you were careful.”

“I really think they’ve forgotten about us…”

“Looks like we are in deep trouble…

“Yeah… I can’t even use magic right now, so it’s even more of a problem.”



I’ve turned around and gazed at the person I’ve been talking to.

There was a restless, rat-like man with emaciated cheeks, dark circles under his eyes, a thin body, and a slightly low hairline, hunched over and looking for a safe place to be.

You’re…! You’re the Torque that the Fallen Hero ordered to prepare for a ritual, huh?

In short…



You seem shocked, rat-man. You looked pretty relaxed a while ago for someone trying to revive an Evil Dragon.

Well, now… Fight me!!!

“Ouch! Stop pulling my hair!”

“Shut up! You won’t succeed in your filthy rituals!”

On the side of the battle within the outsiders, a microscopic struggle was being fought.

No, no. This is very serious, alright?

I removed my hand from pinching his cheek, grabbed the collar of the rat man’s dress, and tightened my grip.

“Come on, now! Spit it out! Why can’t I use my magic right now?!”

“I’ll tell you, but let me go first!”

No way, you liar! I’ve met your kind in the past!

Well, Master Aide Necro used to say:

If you’re not sure about the truth, just say something and see how they react.

No, I was taught a little better than that, but I forgot.

But let’s give it a try on this rat man!

“So, by using magic!?”

“You know we can’t do that!”

Let me try something else.

“Then it could have something to do with summoning the Evil Dragon?”

“No that’s not the reason why!”

Oh, I’m getting close, huh…

“No way, maybe there’s a third sacrifice?”

“No, that’s not it too!!!”

Not this one, either…

“So, to maintain the summoning ritual in order?”

“No, no, no! Absolutely not!”

For a guy who said he wouldn’t talk about it, he’s been saying a lot…

Hohoho, so that means…

I smiled at him, this poor rat-man.

“If we can knock you out or render you unconscious, we win.”

“Why are you so vicious?!”

Whoa, he almost shook me off him.

Men and women were pretty different. Indeed, I’m already getting tired from the effort.

Not for me! Cha-ching! Soran’s extraordinary Energizing Medicine!

I gulped and wiped my mouth roughly with my sleeve. It’s surprisingly delicious!

I threw the empty bottle at the rat-man. But sadly, it didn’t hit him.

As I felt better, I leaned in to give him a poke in the head. But the rat-man just tried to keep his distance, as if frightened.

You aren’t terrified of a poor little girl like me, are you?

I’m just going to shake your head a little… Fufufu

“Wa… Wait!”

The rat-man tried to restrain me with a wave of his hand.

What’s this? Stalling isn’t allowed, okay?

“By now, your country is already full of demons! Don’t you dare!”

I hit the rat-man who was trying to continue.

What is it that you’re trying to say? Spit it out!

My king can see all through this…

Your Majesty, Your Royal Highness, the Chief Priest, the Prime Minister, the Chancellor, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Knights, the Sorcerers…

The people who have been protecting Lemaire so far…

Sara-chan, Soran, Lady Irene…

The people who had my back despite my selfishness.

It’s because I’m here today, safe, that I can thank all of them.

So, why would I be worried about my country when there are such great people protecting it?

I laughed at the teary-eyed rat-man who was holding his stomach.

Don’t underestimate my country!