I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

44. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!


I can feel a damp smell in the cold air surrounding me. I was shaking and shivering as my consciousness came back to me.

In my blurry vision, I saw that some people were surrounding me.

When I tried to sit down, I realized that my hands and feet were not tied together.

Does this mean my condition was different from the others around me?

You’re more than welcome to underestimate me, so that’s not a problem.

When I turned around, I saw that my body was only scratched up. The tendons in my legs that I were most worried about seemed to be okay. Oh, thank goodness!

Ahhh! Oh, no! My arm, my leg!

I’ve got scratches on them!

I’m sure the Knight Commander will be angry with me… Soran will be mad at me… And Lady Irene will be crying.

Oh, and Sara-sama… She’ll very likely even put salt on my wounds.

I know it’s for disinfection, but…


An absurdly stern voice orders me.

You’re talking to me, right?

He seemed to be waiting for me, as I was upset to have woken up to several scrapes and wounds.

“Seeing you come here by yourself reminded me a little of the old days.”

There he was, perched on a craggy rock, in what was probably a cave deep underground.

He was keeping his distance, though… But it’s not like he was trying to torment me. He hasn’t even drawn his sword yet… If he gets any closer, he’s toast!

This is great! I’m already so far ahead of you in so many ways.

I don’t even care; it’s me, the Trapped by Bait!

“Do you understand the position you’re in?”

“I’m not sure if you’re an ally, or…”

At my words, the people around me became frantic.

What is this, an escort? But this guy doesn’t seem to need a companion. Oh, and there was those scary guys from earlier.

But he was unfazed, and with a light tap of his fingers, he was able to control his surroundings. How much control does he have?

“I am Alcaeus, the Fallen Hero, and a past Guardian of the Continent.”

I knew it!

I heard that he was active as a Guardian of the Continent many decades ago, so I expected him to be more like a grandfather, if not a withered tree sage…

And what are those two arms… Logs? Isn’t that too much muscle? His face barely shows his age, but no matter how you look at him, he’s still mature.

On top of that, combined with his aura of intimidation, he looks like a giant demon. What’s with this guy… He’s frightening!

I’m going to be okay, right? The Commander can win, right?

With a graceful movement, the Fallen Hero descended from the rock and came near me. Smooth joints, I see.

Doesn’t he have a weak point somewhere?

With no killing intent, the hero simply leaves.

However, he looks much, much more threatening than the others who came before him.

I was now being rolled right in the middle of a magic circle of some kind, still some distance away from the Fallen Hero coming to my side.


Now’s the time to use it!

From the back of my right hand, I pulled out the necklace that Soran gave me.

Wrap this around your neck as you see fit, and you’re ready to go.

I also took out the bag of magic stones for the attack.

All right! I’m all set!

“Hoh, you’ve got some good stuff there.”

He stopped and looked at me with a bit of admiration, not at me, but at Soran’s unique necklace.

“Hmmm! A friend of mine made this for me.”

Now you’re done for! I thought, but the looks around me were of tranquility.

I get it, alright? You just wait and see it!


“You didn’t make it.”


The impact sent them flying away!

I couldn’t pass the stone, so I rolled around and hit the rocks.

Ouch! I hit my head!

Who is it? Who dares to take a weak girl like me by surprise?!

Whoa! I just broke a diamond!

Thank you very much, Master Soran…

“Wow, that’s amazing, huh? It also nullifies sword attacks. I want it…”

Slowly, I got up.

An annoying Green-headed figure jumped to the scene.

I knew it was you, Green guy!!!

I glared at him and his frivolous face. It has hardly changed since that time, twisting into a grin.

“The other stones have anti-magic, as well. That’s a lot of power.”

The Fallen Hero calmly analyzed the situation in a soothing voice as if nothing had happened.

So, it’s not a problem that one of my men suddenly slashed at you?

Manage your men properly! You Fallen Hero!

“It’s been a long time since we’ve met.”

“Don’t talk to me like we are close!”

The Green man sneered happily as if he had heard something interesting.

The green bastard talked to me as if this tragedy had never happened… As if he were talking to an acquaintance he hadn’t seen in years.

To this guy, he just doesn’t care at all!

I feel like they are desecrating everything I hold dear, and it makes me sick. But maybe it’s because I was prepared for it… That I’m dealing with it more calmly than I thought I would.

I feel like snarling at the green guy, but I’m going to take it easy.

“Oh, by the way, Hero-sama… Why haven’t you summoned the Evil Dragon yet?”

Suddenly, he looked away from me to ask the Fallen Hero that.

How could you say that? No, I’m glad I had an extension, though.

“No, there’s something I need to ask this girl.”

He looked deep into my eyes, even though he was still far away from me. Inevitably, I looked back into the eyes of the Fallen Hero.

The unfathomable emptiness of it all made me shiver.

But still, I can withstand his gaze.

I stared back into those eyes with fierce intensity.

The Fallen Hero, who had been expressionless the whole time, seemed to smile faintly.

“Are you aware that I will combine my Dragon Crest with your Dragon Crest to revive the Evil Dragon?”

“I know. But I won’t allow you to!”

“After the ceremony, your life will be reaped.”

“I will not die!”



This time, I saw the sword looming before me.

The second time, I was blown away, but I could hold on for three turns.

Not again! I’m talking to you right now! Diamonds aren’t free, you know!

How bad can you be, you Green bastard?

He looked at me with the same flirty smile he had a moment ago, but with a bit of annoyance.

“Hey, hey, you’re too weak. How do you plan on stopping us?”

Snap, snap!

He cast fire on his sword and swung it at me. The attack broke two other magic stones.

While that sword’s lit, I’ll distance myself from that dangerous Green bastard.

It’s too hot! Stop it! You’re burning me!

“I wonder how I’m going to survive this…”

Even though he didn’t hit me directly, the Green guy looked down at me without sneering as I was already getting torn apart.

I guess so…

I know all too well that I don’t have enough power.

“You’re weak, too, you Green bastard. I know it!”

Slowly, I stood up.

I was so weak that my feet trembled after only three attacks.

I knew it… There’s no way I can hit that guy directly.

“But you know what?”

I brushed my hair up to look more desirable and confident.

I couldn’t tidy myself up very well because it was all tangled up in the dirt from rolling around too much, but that’s okay.

I can see the magic stone in my grip becoming more and more luminous.

Just a little more…

Pointing firmly, I declared in high spirits…

“I’m not the one you’re fighting! But more erm… Even scarier people!”


I can hear the explosion and its impact from behind me.

That scared the shit out of me! What? What just happened?!

“You’re safe, Lady Rururia.”

“Are you alive, big sis?”

I saw the light blue and red heads in the dust cloud.

They’re here! It’s the Commander of the Knights and the Commander of the Sorcerers!

No, no, I’m not okay at all! I thought I was done for! I can’t take this anymore!

The two Commanders came to my side in synchrony through a large hole on the cave wall.

Seeing the two of them in front of me made me feel so safe. Thank you very much!

Puffing, I placed my hand on the large rock on my left side to catch my breath.

But there was no rock there to support me, so… Ahhh!!!

Ah, scary!

I almost got crushed…

“Those guys seem like a lot of fun.”

“You’re covered in bruises.”

“Before you do that, look at this! This rock! It almost crushed me with its killing intent! Please direct the same killing intent at them, Knight Commander!”

The Sorcerer Commander, who never touched the large rock next to me, looked at the enemy with displeasure.

Angered with my scrapes, the Knight Commander unleashed his fury!

Huh? The sense of security I had just now is…

“I wonder what’s coming next… His strength rivals Rumer’s!”

The Green bastard spun his sword around and spoke to them as if to provoke a reaction.

“So, you’re Io of the Dead, one of the fallen heroes, huh? I’ll obliterate you!”


Yes, he’s been provoked by this feeble being.

The Sorcerer Commander raised her magic power and got into a fighting stance, while the Knight Commander was silent, but you could see the fire in his eyes.

The Green bastard looked at me without looking at the two who provoked him like that.

“So, Lady… Are you just going to hide like that?”

“No! You’re so rude! You Green snot!”

Green?!” Without looking away, I continued.

I placed all of my energy into it and kept going.

“I swore I would surely hit you, at least once!

In my mind, I saw the boy with kind friends and tears in his eyes.

Ah, the time has finally come… Though it’s not quite the punch I swore to give him.

“Look at them! Now that these two are here, it’s the end for you and your schemes.”

Hold out your hands as an offering to them. They are the strongest in our country. You should shudder in fear.

Yeah, I don’t mind the stares from the front two. I don’t mind it at all.

“In short, this situation right here is my punch in your face. Get it?”

All right! I said it. Take that!

Get ready for it, you Green idiot!

This is it! Since I’m not hitting you directly, this is my maximum best punch for now!

I confronted and glared at the Green guy.

Hehe! Eat this, you Green idiot!

Now, now… How does it feel to be beaten by someone as weak as me?

I don’t know what he was up to, but at least his plans to resurrect the Evil Dragon are over.

By the Lord Commander of the Knights, the Lord Commander of the Sorcerers, and by my hand, as well!

“I’ll have to live up to your expectations, Rai.”

“Ain’t that so, Ali.”

The Sorcerer Commander and the Knight Commander turned around and smiled at each other.

Oh yeah! Get them, you two!


The Fallen Hero, who had been very quiet until then, suddenly burst into laughter.

Hey, you scared me! Don’t laugh so suddenly!

“I never thought I’d see her again! You got me there, Io.”

“Glad, it worked out, Hero-sama.”

The Green bastard responded with a bitter face. Haha! Of course, it’s going to work!

Of course, I believe you! Commander of the Sorcerers! Commander of the Knights!

“Torque, use half of them to advance the ritual. The rest should be with Io.”

“Hero-sama, can you do it alone?”

When the Green man said that, the Fallen Hero laughed ferociously.

He quickly pulled out a giant sword that I wouldn’t be able to lift even if I used both hands and stared at the Knight Commander with madness in his eyes.

“You’re mine.”


The eyes of the Knight Commander looking back at him gradually became more ferocious.

Oh, no! Knight Commander, you look like trouble!

“So, that means I’m in charge of dealing with you guys.”

“I’m not much of a sorcerer, am I?”

A sorcerer leader who wore lightning and deployed multiple magic circles.

I’m still in the chikakunin!

I couldn’t see at all which one of them made the first move.

I just heard a crash and felt the impact.

The two of them clashed!

Alright, alright, alright. I’ll be hiding now!