I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! x Background Setting (9)

The glowing Magic Stone that the Main Character had: A magic stone used to inform the Leader of the Sorcerers of its location. If it were a normal one, the enemies would’ve noticed it, so I made them think it was just a magic stone for light, but it emitted its wavelength of light. It was too weak to be detected by itself, so the two Commanders waited quietly nearby. To use it, you just have to hold it with your hand, how convenient!

Sorcerer Commander (male): When I entered the cave, I got excited because there was a mural of a Dragon and another Dragon, but I’ve tried to relax when I saw the situation. When the other guys tried to scratch the wall with magic attacks, it was useless. The Knight Commander almost lost her temper when she gouged the wall. But after I defeated him, I tried to appease myself by taking the wall painting home, but I was so shocked when it fell and broke into pieces! It was quite a shock…

Knight Commander (female): The Knight Commander was a confusing person, but I’ll show her off here. She is equipped with armor made from the skin of a legendary sea monster called Hydra, enhanced with magic. It was made in perfect condition. But in the end, she was kicked and even had her ribs broken.

Protagonist (Rururia): I’m too tired this time for that… Too tired… So much…