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47.2 Epilogue: The Grand Finale

“I will report to my father of what I’ve heard today.”

“I will do the same.”

“So, Ms. Sharina, won’t you explain a little bit more about your situation?”

They hoped that the students who participated in the evening ball would spread Sharina’s love story to their parents and relatives.

Even if they didn’t know that Sharina was never attracted to the second prince.

Even if they didn’t know of Sharina’s principles and feelings—

—they’d surely understand the truth.

After all, how close the two were should be obvious.

Therefore, if in the future the queen were to attempt to turn Sharina into a concubine, everyone would be more suspicious.

That was the goal of their strategy.


Seeing the intentions of the seniors, Sharina’s eyes brimmed with emotion. Everyone understood her. Everyone understood that as long as it was Sharina, she’d always choose Riol over the crown prince. Her love was the truth.

“Alright, then let’s start from our very first meeting. One day, I found a rare flower in the academy’s courtyard. It was about a month after I enrolled.”

As Sharina enthusiastically tried to fulfil their request, she was stopped by Riol. He squeezed through the crowd.

“That should be enough. Let’s go.”

“Huh? Where?”

Riol extended his left hand to the dumbfounded Sharina.

“To the center of the hall.”

“R, Riol! I’ve always dreamed of dancing with you! Today, that dream comes true!”

“Well, it’s a dance party after all. We should dance. Or did you not want to?”

“No, no, because I was so busy telling everyone about Riol’s coolness and how much I love Riol, I almost thought there was no time left…”

“Hence why, that’s enough.”

In a dance hall illuminated by magical instruments floating in the air, elegant music played. In the middle, a pair of man and woman were dancing.

“It’d be strange for the highlighted couple to not dance during the dance party.”


Although his height was considered short for a man, it matched his partner. The man donned an out of fashion black suit. His hair, which bore the same color as his attire, casted a shadow over his face. His figure exuded listlessness. Bordered by gloomy circles were his dark green eyes, visible through his long bangs.

No matter how someone looked at him, he was a boy with no gorgeous element whatsoever. He was someone who couldn’t be separated from the word, ‘brooding.’

“…Today is the happiest day of my life.”

“I’ve heard the same line before.”

“Yes, after all, it has been updated many times! As long as I’m with Riol, expect that line to be renewed often!”

The girl’s uncommon strawberry blonde hair fluttered every time she spun. Each lock shimmered under the light. The fair-skinned girl’s cheeks were full of vitality. Her light blue eyes, which were as uncommon as the color of her hair, sparkled like a lake reflecting the spring sun. They were truly a sight to behold.

“…As I thought, Shari and Riol suit each other very much!” Said Ange.

“I agree.” Said Tobias.

Yin and yang, a gloomy boy and a cheerful girl. Not only did the two contrast each other, they were also disproportionate in term of status.

But, at that moment, everyone in the venue thought they were a good match. Even if a prince with an almighty status and appearance were to appear, it wouldn’t be strange for said girl to not bat an eye.

Some begun to whisper;

“To try to separate them just to restore their prestige, how foolish of the queen.”

“Hey, be quiet, we’re still on school grounds.”

“Would it be alright to tell the truth to my brother and sister? After all, they graduated a year or two ago. It’s uncomfortable being the only one who knows…”

However, there was no whisper of doubt towards the future of the two.

In the first place, when it came to the students, many wondered when would the two get engaged. Nevertheless, the countess’ engagement with the second prince was announced and they couldn’t bear to tell the truth to their parents.

“My father and the rest of my family will be sure to hear about this. It isn’t something I can do openly, but at the very least, I want them to know.”

“That’s right, if I don’t delay the talk, my parents might believe me… Thanks to him, my grandfather’s demonic disease was cured. To think that I always belittled Riol Glen back then, how foolish I was!”

There was also the fact that the students weren’t mature enough to just seal the truth within their hearts.

Beyond Riol’s expectations, the truth would gradually spread to the students’ siblings, parents, relatives, friends, and surroundings.

The queen, who would sense it, might be enraged. However, as long as that narrative stayed, there was nothing she could do. Especially when that narrative came from the academy that stated, ‘All students are equal. We do not discriminate between students of higher status and lower status.’ It was also an aristocratic habit to believe that front.

“I feel ashamed… Back then, I was jealous of her. I wanted to be noticed by the prince, too.”

“After the incident regarding His Highness Leonardo, I should’ve opened my eyes…”

“Someone who would love another despite his lack of wealth, or their difference in status… I thought that was genuine fantasy, but…”

The boy and the girl danced happily as if they were the only ones in the world. It was if their eyes existed solely for reflecting each other—as if their hands existed solely to hold each other.

“…Sometimes, it’s nice for such a beautiful fantasy to become reality…”

While dancing on the side, while holding a drink in one hand, while leaning against the wall, the students watched over that day’s protagonists.

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