A Court Blacksmith, whom was Condemned for being a ‘Woman who Reeks of Iron’, was Picked up by a Friendly Guild and Attained Happiness Translation

9. I Want to Repay You

‘Sword of the Blue Sky.’

I was worried about the guild to which Grave belonged.

I tried to talked to Anna while eating.

“Uh, that…”

“You can call me Anna! I’m 15-years-old!”

“I’m Liliana, and am the same age as you…”

“Really?! Yay! This is the first time I’ve gotten a girl friend of the same age! Nice to meet you Liliana!”

Anna held my hand and shook it up and down.


It had only been a few hours since we had met. I didn’t really comprehend her.

Still, that wasn’t a bad thing.

As she smiled, Anna looked truly happy.

“Thank you.”

“No problem! Also, did you have a question?”

“Well, yes, what kind of place is this?”

“Here? You want to know more about the guild?”

“That’s right.”

I answered with a nod.

Anna started pondering.

“Does Liliana know what a guild is?”

“A gathering of adventurers? That’s the extent of my knowledge, I believe.”

“Almost correct.”

Grave was the one who responded.

Anna took a turn to explain.

“A guild is like a shop run by adventurers! There are many types of guilds in the world!”


“Yes! For example, our guild, ‘Sword of the Blue Sky’, is the type of guild that receives many admissions for monster extermination!”

Anna went on to explain for me.

Guilds were divided according to their purpose.

However, there was no clear standard.

A combat guild mainly received battle quests—such as monster extermination, or being a bodyguard.

A commercial guild would sell, buy, and distribute items.

A manufacturing guild was a place where craftsmen gathered to produce things.

It seemed that there were other guilds such as mining guilds and street performance guilds, too.

“Even though this is a combat guild, you also have a store?”

“That’s right!” Said Anna.

“Back when we first launched it, it was purely a combat guild. But, as the guild grew, and the number of people increased, we started doing various other things.” Explained Grave.

“For example, selling the materials we get from exterminating monsters! I, personally, have started concocting potions!” Said Anna.

I wondered if their ‘shop’ basically sold everything…

“…What about blacksmithing?”

“We rely on outside sources in regards to our weapons and armor.” Said Grave.

“Even though the ‘Sword of the Blue Sky’ is abundant with human resources, we have no blacksmith, yet.” Said Anna.

“I see.”

Even in royal castle, blacksmiths were valuable.

Skill was needed to become a blacksmith. Also, even if someone had what it took to become one, that person still had to endure long-term training.

The same went with craftsmen. Basically, they had to steadily improve their skills step by step.

Recently, people had begun mass-producing swords through the simple method of pouring iron into a mold. Thus, the need for blacksmiths decreased.

There were also several other factors as to why the number of blacksmiths were declining year by year.

“It’s difficult to ask outsiders every time we need something. Having our own blacksmith would be helpful.”


I didn’t think Anna had any underlying intentions.

She didn’t know anything about me, much else my talent for blacksmithing.

“Thank you for the food!” Exclaimed Grave.

I followed suit. “Thanks for the food. It was truly delicious.”

“Too bad I wasn’t the one who cooked it~” Said Anna.

“Anna’s cooking is also delicious.” Said Grave.

“Thank you, but I still can’t beat my mother’s cooking! I have to keep practicing!”

Afterwards, I helped clean up the dishes while Anna remained in the kitchen. It seemed that she still had something to do.

Guided by Grave, we went to the third floor.

“The 4th floor is the men’s room, while the 3rd is the women’s room. You shouldn’t carelessly come to the 4th floor, you hear me? You might be misunderstood, after all.”


I heard the clicking sound of a metal.

Suddenly, I lowered my gaze and saw the sword he was carrying on his waist.

Quite an old sword it was. I deemed so from the number of scratches on it handle and its discoloration.

“That sword…”

“Hmm? This?”

“It’s an old sword…”

“Indeed, I’ve been using it all the time.”

Grave removed the sword, along with its scabbard, from his waist and unsheathed it sideway.

I got a glimpse of the blade.

“Do you leave it in the care of the outside source?”

“That’s right. But, lately, I’ve been taking care of it myself.”

Grave spoke with a bitter look.

I was worried about the implication and thus asked him.

“Why is that?”

“…This sword, as you can see, is very old and no longer sharp. But, it’s important for me. I really want to keep using it. In short, it’s out of my own selfishness. The guild is against me using this sword. Also, if I were to go to a blacksmith on my own, big sis would get mad.”

While talking, his gaze was distant.

While his eyes remained upon his sword, it was as if he was looking at something else.

The blade of his sword, which was said to be important, wasn’t in good condition. However, the rest of the sword was.

The scratches could be processed so that they wouldn’t be noticeable. At the same time, I could also see how careful he had been when using it.

He’s so different from that man.

The holy sword a certain man brought to me would always be in a pitiful state. Sometimes, it’d also be extremely dirty.

In comparison, Grave’s sword looked happy to be with him.

“That sword… shall I mend it?”

“What? Is that alright with you?”

“Yes, but I will need materials. Oh, and also, I don’t have any tools…”

“I can prepare everything, but do you really mean it?”

I nodded and told him.

“Well, it’s repayment for your help. Do you… dislike it?”

“No! Not at all! I’m actually happy! I’d love to receive your help!” Grave smiled joyfully.

It was very innocent, like the warm sun. My chest felt a bit hot.


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