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94. The Unchanging Feeling of Love

  • Side: Claude

—He had made an error in judgement.

While trapped in a prison, Claude lamented.

It’s a mistake to banish Eliane. If I hadn’t exiled her, none of this would have happened.

But it was too late.

Before he could realize that, he had wasted a lot of time.

At first, he refused to admit his failure. He wanted to believe that what happened was inevitable—with, or without Eliane.

That he wasn’t wrong.

That it was Eliane’s fault. If she had put in more effort in enticing him, Claude wouldn’t be confined in such a narrow place.

Claude recalled Eliane’s statement again and again, that ruin would befall that kingdom once she was gone.

At first, he thought that she was spouting nonsense.

After all, Eliane’s power should have been fake. She was only threatening him to keep from getting banished.

It was pathetic of her to act like that.

But, as of the present, he had no choice but to concede that many unfortunate incidents had befallen him ever since Eliane disappeared.

Therefore, Eliane was the true saint.

Why did I expel Eliane?

In his current situation where he was imprisoned and rendered useless, Claude had no choice but to look back. He had to ven though he hated it.

I… was probably lonely.

He wanted to be the center of attention for women.

He wanted to mess with more women.

Eliane wasn’t one such woman.

She had refused his invitation to bed because that weren’t yet married.

She told him that as a prince, he had to mind his behavior.

Also, because she was the saint, she was busy all the time, neglecting Claude.

No… maybe she tried to love me in her own way…

However, it was far from the ideal image of a lover that Claude had envisioned.

Claude hd met Leticia when he was having a frustrating day.

“I, I think I’m in love with you…”

Leticia was sweet to Claude. Her obedience was also cute.

Now that he thought about it, he envisioned his ideal woman to be as loving as his mother.

Moreover, Leticia would always depend on Claude.

No man would be unhappy being relied upon by a woman as cute as Leticia.

“I can’t open the lid of this bottle, Claude, will you help me?”

Considering that he was a prince, and she was a mere count’s daughter, it was uncouth of her.

Yet still, Leticia, who relied on him for such a trivial matter, was cute.

There was also the decisive event that made Claude annul his engagement with Eliane and decide to be with Leticia.

It happened on a snowy day.

Although the fireplace was lit, the day was still chilly in of itself.

Leticia knitted a sweater for Claude who was bad with cold.

“Wow, it suits Your Highness very well! Do you like it?”

Leticia’s face beamed as Claude wore the sweater.

Honestly, the sweater he received from Leticia was nothing compared to the high-quality ones he always wore.

Not to mention, threads were frayed in some places.

While the material was first class, the sewing was subpar. As such, it couldn’t repel the harsh winter cold.


“Thank you, Leticia, for knitting it especially for me.”

Claude was happy and embraced Leticia. She had done her best to knit it for him. Her hands proved it.

Unaccustomed to knitting, her hands were full of scratches.

When I saw those hands, I was determined to protect Leticia for the rest of my life…

Later, when Claude wore the sweater, an aide advised him to, “Stop wearing such an unpresentable thing.”

Naturally, he punished that aide. But… he probably overdid it.

It’s getting colder… I want to wear that sweater…


When Claude was reminiscing about the old days, he heard the uneasy voice of Leticia.

Leticia snuggled up to Claude, peering at his face.

“What’s wrong, Claude?”

“I’m sorry, everything is my fault… forgive me for being so foolish and ugly…”—Leticia would often apologize to him.


“What are you saying? None of this is your fault. No matter what, I’ll be by your side. I’ll protect you, even if it costs me my life.”

Claude embraced Leticia.

Seeing such a situation, the demons watching over them laughed.

“Hahaha! How can you still love such a grotesque woman? I thought I’d be able to enjoy myself a little since she is a woman, but she was actually this repulsive! Well, for an idiot like you, such an ugly woman is probably suitable.”

Claude was angry and involuntarily glared at the demons.

“Huh? What?”

However, his fear for the demons was greater, and he soon withdrew his gaze.

No, I have to hold back… even if I resist, I’d just be killed… I can’t let any harm befall Leticia…

Claude gritted his teeth, trying to calm his anger.

For some reason, Leticia lost her beauty.

However, Claude’s love for her hadn’t changed at all.

On the contrary, when he looked at Leticia in such a powerless state, his drive to protect her got stronger.

“Leticia, I will find a cure for you.”

“…There’s no use… only a true saint can heal me…”

It was when Leticia made that remark.


A deafening sound echoed.

“W, what happened?!”

“A dragon, a dragon has invaded this kingdom!”

The demons rushed out in a hurry.

The entire castle shook, and Claude pulled Leticia into an embrace to protect her.

“A dragon, why would a dragon…!?”

It seemed that the dragon had returned to destroy the kingdom.

Even though demons have already invaded… now, a dragon, too. It seems that this kingdom will end…

Claude was consumed by despair.

…Am I imagining things?

Judging from the noise, the dragon seemed to be battling the demons.

It was as if the dragon was trying to crush the demons for the sake of protecting the kingdom…

No, don’t be so full of yourself… there’s the dragon has no reason to protect this kingdom…

Screams and angry cries flew all around.

Claude reassured Leticia by gently stroking her back.

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