The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

41.2 A Meeting Between the King of the Frontier and a Lady (Preparatory Phase)

The 『Dragon Emperor skill』, 『Naming Bless』, allows me to add attributes to an item by applying characters with the same sound. For example, if I were to apply the characters 『chouken (super-hard)』 to 『chouken (long sword))』, the sword would become super-hard.

[Except the use of 『Naming Bless』 is limited to what is in my possession. I do not believe Lizette is of my possession?]
[But isn’t Shouma-nii-sama the 『Aberrant Overlord』?]
[?? Nii-sama?]
[…………Ano, Nii-sama?]
[What was it, Lizettle? I didn’t quite catch thatー]
[…………I believe Shouma-nii-sama is the 『King of the Frontier』, correct?]

I take a deep breath in response to Lizette’s line.
With my breathing in order, I answer.

[…………Well, I guess I am.]
[Th, thus, since Lizette is the lord of the 『Abandoned Castle』, that is equivalent to Lizette being Nii-sama’s subordinate. Lizette is without a doubt that Lizette falls under Nii-sama’s rule.]
[There is a logic to that.]
[In addition, Nii-sama applied the name 『Kiryuuou Shouma (The Winged Demon Oni Dragon King)』 to his own 『Kiryuu Shouma』 to attain a transcended strengthening. This can be said to be reason why Nii-sama has the ability that is 『Naming Bless』……]

For some reason, Lizette’s eyes shine as she looks at me.

[Therefore, Lizette desires the same be done to Lizette. Lizette humbly requests this, Shouma-nii-sama! Please grant Lizette a 『cool name』 like Nii-sama’s!]
[Ano, Nii-sama?]
[Ano ano, why the thousand-yard stare, Nii-sama? Did Lizette say something bad? Lizette said, please grant Lizette a 『cool name』 like Nii-sa── aah, Nii-sama is downcast! Etto, eto eto…….]
[Ple, please, Nii-sama! Please give Lizette a 『wonderful name』 like Nii-sama’s── eeeh?! That is no good either?! Why is Nii-sama slowly crumbling into his chair!? Eh? Nii-sama is shocked that an other worlder has been infected as well?! No, that is not what Lizette is saying………………etto, eto eto, Nii-sama!]

The next thing I know, Lizette’s face is right in front of mine.
Her eyes are, kippari, wide open, brimming with resolve.

[Please, Shouma-nii-sama! For the sake of surviving these turbulent times, this is 『unavoidable』! Please give Lizette an 『embarrassing name』!!

……I see, this is about 『Naming Bless』.

So, Lizette wants me to give her an 「embarrassing name」 in order to strengthen herself. For a moment there, I thought that I had infected an other worlder with chuunibyou……. Seems like it was just my imagination. Thank goodness.

[An 『embarrassing name』?]
[Yes, an 『embarrassing name』!! While Lizette will undoubtedly be embarrassed, Lizette desires to become stronger so that Lizette may protect everyone as well! While this is incredibly embarrassing, it is alright since it is Nii-sama. Please shame Lizette with your words, Nii-sama!!]

……I’m not sure how to feel about those lines that just invite misunderstanding though.

After all, Lizette, your face is turning so red, steam looks like it’s going to come out of it.

[Got it. I’ll try using 『Naming Bless』 on Lizette.]
I say.

If Lizette is aware that it’s an embarrassing name, then that’s fine. Should I try giving her a name that is as powerful as 『Kiryuuou Shouma』?

If she’s aware of it……. then it should be fine.

If Lizette were like me in my chuunibyou days, standing on an empty station platform at night and shouting things like 『O, Gods of the Heavens, Gods of the Earth, hear this one’s name! My power has opened the door to the other world! Now, train that will guide me to the other world, for the sake of following the path that leads to the minor god of the 6th Heaven, come!!』

── Crying out something like that doesn’t seem likely.

…………As she’s aware of it, it should be fine.

Lizette, Yukino,and Haruka are talking face-to-face with hushed voices. I can’t tell what from my position, but Lizette’s face has turned bright red. It appears that she’s aware that a chuunibyou name is an embarrassing thing.

…… She is aware of it, right?

[Aaaahー, how embarrassingー. Nii-sama is going to give Lizette an embarrassing nameー]1
[I get it, so come here.]

I stand up and beckon Lizette. She is bright red as she kneels down in front of me. It is not limited to just her face but down her limbs as well.

From beside us, Haruka wistfully watches us while Yukino, for some reason, writes characters in the air with her finger, but I don’t care about that right now.

I place my hand on Lizette’s forehead and invoke my skill.

[『Naming Bless』── Thou shalt be bestowed with a new attribute. Receive your King’s christening!]
[……I humbly accept, Shouma-nii-sama……. My king.]
[The soul of the words superseding the current soul of the words that shall be granted to thee shall be as follows. 『Lizette』 shall become──]

Then, I realize 『Naming Bless』.

[Rest for a bit, Lizette. We’ll experiment with the attributes later.]
[Then, adjusting the magic circle comes first, right?]
[That’s right. Yukino, keep an eye on Lizette. If something comes up, call me.]

With that said, I head to the magic circle room with Haruka.

 ──Lizette’s POV──

[……Lizette has received a new name from Nii-sama.]

With 『Naming Bless』 finished, Lizette saw Shouma off while feeling somewhat embarrassed.

Shouma and Haruka are on their way to the 『magic circle room』. Once there, they will probably adjust the 『barrier』.

[……Still, why did Nii-sama look so shocked when I said that 『Kiryuuou Shouma』 is a 『cool name』……?]
[I feel as though I may understand.]
[You know, Yukino-san!?]

Yukino nods at Lizette’s remarks.

[……Surely, Shouma-san is putting a seal on himself by thinking that his true name is 『embarrassing』. All so that his, overwhelming abilities don’t go on a rampage.]
[……Then what did he mean with the phrase 『infecting a person of this world』?]
[……I believe that he doesn’t want others to be involved in his fate. He’s afraid of 『infecting other people with his destiny』.]
[……I see!]
[……Moreover, Shouma-san must have been in constant combat against the 『Enemy of the World』 in his original world. In order to survive, I assume concealing his true identity must have been essential? He may have been camouflaging his existence by hiding his true name.]
[……So this endures from that time?]
[……I fear that may be the case.]
[……So that is why Nii-sama shows such rejection to his own alias…… now I know.]

Lizette and Yukino exchange glances and nod.

[Thus…… what Lizette and the others can do is aid Nii-sama in exerting his 『true power』. After all, Nii-sama is the anticipated successor to the 『Dragon Emperor』-sama.]
[Right. We have to let Shouma-san understand he no longer needs to hide his 『true power』 anymore.]

Before the two 2 realized it, they had brought their hands together.
Lizette and Yukino── it is at that moment when the objective of those two girls coincide.

 ──Shouma’s POV──

A few days later,

Silvia-hime’s messenger once more comes to 『Hazama Village』. It is to confirm whether I will accept the meeting and the location it will take place.

During that time, I had flown with the harpies to choose a suitable place for the meeting. I convey that and another messenger makes a trip to adjust the location.
Meeting with important people is a real hassle.

After a few more days, the messenger returns.
After finalizing the agenda and location, we decide on time, date, and spot for Silvia-hime and I to meet.

It is decided that our meeting will take place on the plains midway between 『Governor Kittle’s Territory』 and 『Hazama Village』.

Apparently, that’s the most 『neutral place』.
I have no particular objection to it either.

Our objective is to confirm whether Silvia-hime is an ally of the ajin or not. If she is indeed an ally, then she’ll be a reassuring companion, though she isn’t quite trustworthy at the moment. So, we decided to meet her just once.

The meeting with Silvia-hime will be held in 3 days.

Until that time, I occupy myself by experimenting with the magic circles and barrier while also confirming the new attributes that I gave to Lizette. 

It was written that I could be accompanied by up to 2 people, so I decided to have Lizette and the oni tribesman Garunga-san come with me.
Haruka and Yukino will remain in the village.

[Well then, Haruka and Yukino, as according to plan.]
[Roger that, Aniue-sama.] [Please be careful, Shouma-san.]

Thus, on the appointed day, with all preparations finished, I head to the venue on foot with Lizette and the oni tribesman Garunga-san.

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  1. This is spoken in hiragana, which, in this case, denotes that the line is spoken in monotone.