The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

42.1 A Meeting Between the King of the Frontier and the Lady (Encounter Phase)

 ──The day of the meeting, on a plain near the frontier──

We are walking down the main road when we spot two carriages coming from the other side. 1 of the carriages is a wagon loaded with lumber while the other 1 is a coach with a roof and windows. An armored soldier walks alongside them.

The wagon comes to a halt with a, suu, upon noticing us. Only the coach, with an elder as its coachman, slowly approaches us.

[……Is that gentleman not the elder who recently came to the village?]
Lizette speaks up from beside me.

[That is to say, that carriage is Silvia-hime’s, is it not, Nii-sama?]
[Probably, she did write she was going to disguise herself as a merchant in her letter.]

『Silvia-hime』 is coming here incognito. Her disguise is to keep from being discovered by both the governor and her sisters.

[The carriage is guarded by the coachman and a single soldier. Seeing as she’s being escorted by 2 people, the numbers match.]

That means Silvia-hime has kept her promise.
How unexpected.

[As for nearby troops waiting in ambush…… It seems there are none.]
Lizette looks around from left to right before then shaking her head. Garunga of the oni tribesmen does so as well.

We’re presently halfway between the frontier and the 『Mawari Village』1.
Both sides of the road offer clear views of the plain. Nothing obstructs our line of sight. If a soldier were trying to hide, we’d immediately be able to tell. At the far end of the plain is a forest with a riverbank covered in towering stalks of grass. It’s a long way from here, though. If something unusual happens, we are able to immediately escape.

The carriage comes to a halt a distance 10 meters away from us. Its door opens and a girl dressed in white alights. 

The first thing to enter my sight is her white dress. It was embroidered, and it appears to be very expensive. While I have seen pictures of dresses like that in my original world, this is my first time actually seeing anything like it firsthand. The same seems to apply for Lizette, too. After comparing it with her own everyday clothes, she sighs with a, hau.

[I’m Silvia Kittle, the youngest daughter of my illustrious father, 『Governor Kittle』. I am pleased to make your acquaintance, 『King of the Frontier』.]
The girl climbs down from the carriage and gives us a light bow. She’s looking at us with slightly upturned, but also firm eyes.

We’re facing each other at a distance. This is because we do not completely trust each other. Like this, should something happen, we will be able to react right away.

[A pleasure to meet you. I am Shouma Kiryuu, a resident of the frontier. I am referred to with the unmerited title, 『King of the Frontier』 by everyone.]
I inform Silvia-hime of such.

[Thank you for deciding to come all the way here, Silvia-hime. We salute your courage for coming to the frontier.]
I wonder if taking this king like tone is this alright. When it comes people with influence, I can’t appear subservient, but being too domineering to the point of angering them won’t do either. Finding the balance between the two is hard. I wonder if this is it……?

[……The 『King of the Frontier』 overestimates me, does he not?]
[Consider it an expression of gratitude for agreeing to this meeting.]
[My, my.]
[You stand before me having kept our agreement of bringing only 2 escorts. You are in the presence of the 『King of the Frontiers』 himself. Praising such courage is only natural. Should you, Hime, desire it, I shall swear on the name of the 『Aberrant Overlord, Kiryuuou Shouma』 that I will not wield the power that even my nemesis of a goddess feared against yo– gohongohongohon!]

I instinctively hold my mouth.
That was close…… I opened the wrong door. I meant to open the 『Reality Processing Ability Door』, not the 『Chuunibyou Door』. 『Kiryuuou Shouma』 showed himself because I was addressed with a ridiculous title like the 『King of the Frontier』. That was bad.

[Anyhow, I give my gratitude for coming to the negotiation table. That is all.]
[……My coming here, that is because my subordinate’s rude conduct.]

Silvia-hime looks at me with upturned eyes.

[……I have dismissed Dims. He is no longer with me.]

Ah, that guy. The one who failed to break the fence and then got blown away by Haruka. I see, so he’s unemployed now.

[No need for concern. More importantly, would you allow me to confirm the terms of our alliance?]
[The terms are simple. They are 『a non-Aggression pact with Silvia Kittle』 and 『the sharing of information between Silvia-hime’s territory and Hazama Village』.] 
[Then, simply stated, 『neither side shall invade the other’s territory』 and 『important information shall be shared』?]
[Yes, it is as you said.]

I look over my shoulder towards Lizette.
Pun pun pun, she vigorously nods her head.
Looks like even from the perspective of ajin, these terms are quite the favorable.

The 『non-aggression pact』 is particularly important. It implies that the daughter of the 『Governor Kittle』 recognizes an ajin village as being of equal status.

The 『information sharing』 is also something to be appreciated. Information such as the prices of commodities and the distribution of goods in human society does not reach the frontier. Once the land surrounding Hazama Village developments to the point where a lot of crops are being harvested, having this kind of information will be important.

I don’t have any problems with this…… except,
the common knowledge of in my original world dictates, “offers that are too good to be true have a catch.”

Let’s confirm this, just in case.

[Could you tell me the reason why you’re offering us such favorable terms?]
I say.

[Are you dissatisfied?]
Silvia-hime tilts her head.

[……Certainly, you must find it baffling that I am seeking an alliance immediately after you refused me……]
[I apologize if you find this distasteful.]
[No, your question is reasonable. After all, I am well aware of the history that humans drove the ajin to the frontier.]

Silvia-hime seems to lose herself in her thoughts for a moment, then,
[The reason I am rushing to form this alliance, it is so that my father is not targeted from behind.]

She takes a step out from the shadow of her parasol and declares,
[My father, the one who’s called 『Governor Kittle』, has an aspiration. He aspires to calm this turbulent world and set forth a new dynasty filled with dignity. I, his daughter, support my father by gathering talented personnel and refining strategies. That is all.]

[……I see.]
That is easy to understand.

In short, Silvia-hime’s father, 『Governor Kittle』, his goal is the entire realm. In order to help him, Silvia-hime is gathering talented personnel and making the necessary preparations behind the scenes so that once war eventually breaks out, he wouldn’t be attacked from behind. To that end, she seems to be trying to bring the ajin to her side.

[And then?]
[What do you mean by, “and then”?]
[Well, I wonder if 『Governor Kittle』 will attack the frontier after seizing the realm.]
[I assume that once 『Governor Kittle』 manages to unify the realm, he will naturally wish to annex the frontier as well. Once the realm becomes his, will only the frontier be permitted to maintain its independence? Am I correct in assuming that the non-aggression pact will remain valid until then?]

Hang on, why did you avert your gaze?

[Allow me to warn you, this place beyond what humans can manage.]
I say.

Silvia-hime raises her eyebrows some.

[Is it manageable for you?]
[……Well I am the 『King of the Frontier』, after all.]
[How strange. I am beginning to want to believe in you.]
[I had an ajin as a friend once. Around when I was young…… we 3 sisters have had our own factions, and things were tense at that time. I had the pleasure of saving a stray harpy.]

Silvia-hime gazes off into the distance.

[However, she was gone soon after. It was then that I understood, ajin are not bound by human logic. Aren’t you the same, 『King of the Frontier』?]

We stand in silence for a moment.
Silvia-hime’s eye become down cast as she gets lost in her thoughts. Then, she looks at the faces of her subordinates on her right and left. The elder and the soldier with the parasol── their expressions remain unchanged.

Lizette is holding my hand. With her slender fingers, she writes on my palm, “Should it come to it, I will use that power.”

I immediately make an “X” with my fingers. The power I granted her the other day is pretty terrible. It’s why I told her using it here is prohibited.

[I’m repeating myself, but what I desire── no, what the frontier desires is for it to be left alone.]
I say.

[I came here to confirm that. What are your intentions, Silvia-hime?]
If you can, please decide quickly. This manner of talking quite is tiresome.

[Very well, let us create a permanent non-aggression pact between us.]
Silvia-hime opens her mouth after some time.

[I wish to form this alliance with you strictly as Silvia Kittle. Should my father direct his army to the frontier, I promise not to deploy any soldiers.
…… As the 3rd of 3 sisters, the intuition I have tempered through fear being assassinated is warning me. It tells me not to make an enemy of you.]
[Will our alliance be in writing?]
[It will, so that everyone may understand Silvia Kittle wishes for it. I shall have a messenger to deliver a copy to you afterwards.]

With that, Silvia-hime and I move away from each other. At the same time, I see her release a heavy breath.

Even with soldiers at both her sides, the king of the ajin is across from her. That must be nerve-wracking, like standing face to face with a fierce beast.

[I must express my apologize for one thing.]
Suddenly, Silvia-hime looks at me.

[Considering the unlikely event that you would try to harm me, I had soldiers hidden.]
Silvia-hime points to the forest beyond the plains and the riverbank.
[Strictly speaking, the agreement stated 『2 escorts』. There are only 2 people here. I did not break our agreement. Please view my conveying this to you as my respect for your faithfully keeping your promise.]

[What was that?!]
Lizette, gripping the hilt of her sword, shouts out.
[Shouma-nii-sama came all this way with full confidence in you!]

[Hence forth, I sincerely apologize.]
Silvia-hime brushes her golden hair as she speaks.
[The sort of character belonging to the 『King of the Frontier』 was unknown to me. This is the action my retinue recommended to me, by all means.]

[This was my suggestion. If you are displeased with it, then you may cut me down.]
The elderly coachman steps forward.

[However, assassins have targeted Silvia-hime-sama since she was of a tender age──]
[Enough, Dougal. Even if you speak of my sisters, it will only displease the 『King of the Frontier』.] 
[……My apologies.]

Dougal, the elder, doesn’t move. He holds his neck out towards me.

[If the necessity arose, did you intend to kill me with arrows?]
[We never had the intention of killing you. We merely desired to keep you from moving in order to buy time for our escape.]

Silvia-hime answers my query with downcast eyes.

[However, as they are projectiles, would you not receive injury as well, Silvia-hime?]
[I have prepared countermeasures to that end.]

At Silvia-hime’s words, the man holding the parasol chants a spell with a low voice. At the same time, he brings the parasol down towards us. A half-translucent shield appears on its surface.

[……That is a protective spell, Shouma-nii-sama.]
[A spell that creates a half-translucent protective field by condensing mana?]
[You can tell?!]

That’s thanks to the image training I did in my original world. I quickly got bored of it and switched to an offensive system, though.

[I see. That way, you are prepared for the incoming projectiles.]
[Allow me to apologize for my discourtesy once again, 『King of the Frontier』.]
[It’s fine. However, let me confirm one thing.]

This is important, so I have to properly confirm it.

[Are Hime-sama’s soldiers really hiding in the forest and grass along the riverbank?]
[Indeed. They are dispersed and stationed as groups.]
[As in small groups of about 10?]
[Of 3. There are 30 soldiers in total.]
[Did you order them to not move until you give a signal?]
[With a strict order.]
[Got it. Call them here, now. There will be casualties.]

Silence falls around us. Lizette and Garunga-san must have understood what I was trying to say. They close their mouths and listen carefully.

Silvia-hime and her escorts are in a daze. However, their expressions gradually stiffen. Surely, they must be hearing what I am.

[……Guah, stay back.] [……Weren’t the mamono annihilated from the frontier……?] [It’s tough…… what the heck is with this goblin……]

We hear screams from the soldiers hidden within the riverbank and forest.

[Mamono?! But how?!]
[Surely, as the daughter of 『Governor Kittle』, you are aware that numerous mamono reside in the frontier?]

Mamono, on principle ── unless they are being controlled by someone── don’t go after groups stronger than themselves. That particular trait of theirs is no different from that of a wild animal’s. Thus, 『Silvia-hime』, having been surrounded by 20 soldiers, wasn’t targeted by them.

As for why they didn’t attack us, it’s because we flew almost the entire way here.

The soldiers, however, isolated within the forest and tall grass, are different. Groups of 3 are small. A normal mamono will attack that. Moreover, the soldiers were ordered not to move. They can’t even talk. They are easy prey for these mamono.

[The mamono of the frontier will surely attack your soldiers if they are scattered.]
[……Are you not the 『King of the Frontier』?]
[And what of it?]
[You have supposedly said this. That you personally exterminated the mamono in the frontier. If that is the case, then should there not be any mamono here!!?]
[Weren’t you the one who proposed we meet in a 『neutral place』?]
[That is why I’ve lifted the protection from around this place. Presently, this place is not part of my territory. That is why mamono appeared. That’s all there is to it.]

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  1. Continuity error here, it was previously known as Mawaru. This has since been changed in the previous chapters.