Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

102. Unlike the Normal Prince

Ever since then…

…I had successfully set up a barrier for Verclaim.

Finally, I was able to take a breather. Intending to look around the castle, I was exploring.

“The castle has not changed much.”

Well, that was only natural.

Only half a year had passed ever since my banishment.

But… I felt like more time had passed.

Recently, it had been enjoying myself. However, I still remembered how angry I was upon being exiled.

Even just walking around reminded me of the past.

The memories I had of that place were not very pleasant, yet I felt nostalgic. It was complicated…


I was called to from behind.

I stopped and looked back at the voice.

“My, if it is not Your Highness Claude. What are you doing in a place like this?”
I spoke in a deliberate manner.

Claude approached me with a slow pace.

“I, I have not properly spoken with you, yet…”


“Indeed, for Leticia… and also for creating a barrier for this kingdom. I am indebted to you.”


I was about to make a strange sound. However, I managed to stop myself.

“I am sorry for doubting your power as the saint. What I did was wrong.”

“Is something wrong with you? Normally, you would not say anything like this…”

“…I’ve changed.”

Why is he blushing?

Crossing his arms, Claude averted his gaze from me.

Because of that, I inadvertently spouted a childish reply.

“Let me tell you the truth… I did not return back for the sake of this kingdom. However, if this kingdom were to be usurped by demons, the world would be endangered. That is why, it could not be helped. So, do not get me wrong.”

“Of course.”

Actually, that wasn’t the only reason. Still, I didn’t want Claude to misunderstand, so I deliberately said that.

“Anyway, Claude, about earlier… why did you argue with His Majesty? Usually, you wo not do such a thing.”


Towards my question, Claude was at loss for words.

Then, he tried to muster an answer.

“…I feel like I can’t stay like this forever. I can’t even protect Leticia, much less my own kingdom. After Eliane’s banishment, I realized how powerless I am.”


I was impressed.

I was surprised Claude was be able to have such a revelation.

He continued while scratching his cheek.

“The prince of Lynchgiham is very competent. Even though we’re of the same age, he’s a good representative of his kingdom…”

“Do you mean Nigel?”

“Yes. It’s no wonder that His Majesty the King of Lycnhgiham entrusted him with his soldiers. I think it’s amazing.”

“Fufufu, yes, Nigel is indeed famous.”

“I was impressed because I was made aware of our difference in capability.”

Claude said with a little dissatisfaction.

“But, one day, as a prince, I’ll catch up to him. No matter how long it takes.”

“It won’t be easy. Nigel is much better than you realize!”

Claude agreed with me.

Even if the praise came from Claude’s mouth, it was still for Nigel. As such, I was happy.

I’m truly engaged with such a person, right!?

…I considered also blurting out that news to him, but I decided against it.
There was no need to tell him.

“Is that all you want to say to me?”

“No, there’s something more…”

Claude’s expression turned even more serious.

“Eliane, is it true that the Demon King was sealed in this kingdom? I mean, that’s just absurd…”

“It is true. Otherwise, the demons targeting this kingdom would not make sense, right?”

“That’s true. What are we going to do, now? Isn’t the barrier a timed one? Once the barrier fades, the demons will attack again. During these two weeks, we have to come up with something…”

“Everything will be fine. I did not return to this kingdom without help. There are ways to prevent the resurrection of the Demon King.”


Claude tilted his head.

However, the chance for it to work was slim. Even if it was brought here, its success could not be claimed as absolute.

Regardless, as of the time, we had no choice.

“For that, I require your help, too, Claude. To prevent the resurrection of the Demon King…”

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