I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

38. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

This is my home now – the Royal Capital Villa.

By the way, everything is going well up here. Sara-chan thoroughly explained to me everything that has changed. Soran is preparing magic stones. And when I was at our family meeting, I reported to my father, mother, and brother that I would be bait; contrary to my expectations, no one fainted. They just flicked me on the forehead…

As Soran once said, smiling, I’m white and fluffy at home.

“Lady Rururia…”

“What happened, Manya?” I was drinking tea and setting up my spirits for the upcoming decisive battle.

“Irene Dilaver is here.”

“What?!” Irene?! I promised that I wouldn’t bring the Duke’s daughter close to me right now!

“Excuse me…” Irene, guided by Manya, quietly entered the room. The last time I met her, she was Sara-chan’s assistant. Irene, who looks like a girl from high society, felt like she was carrying a strong sense of discomfort.

“Well, please sit down… Irene?”

“…” When Manya walked away, Irene continued to stand motionless, looking down. Hey, are you okay?

“…I heard that you asked Soran for magic stones…”

“Well, yes, that’s right.” Is Soran still reporting everything to her like that? I guess he still loves Irene. 

Irene raised her face and looked at me. Her face was messy with tears… I think she heard that I’d be a bait. Well, that’s okay because I kept on talking about it, it’s not like it was a secret.

“But I haven’t become friends with you yet!”

“…I am not against that.”

Her face gradually became unsuitable for a girl that hails from high society, so I handed her a handkerchief. I don’t even know whether I’ll be able to return yet…

Don’t say anything ominous, Irene.

“…There is disturbing movement among the aristocrats…”

Oh, that’s it.

 Probably because the movement of monsters has become more active recently due to the activation of Dragon Vein. According to Sara-chan’s information…

Soon, there will be aristocrats who will be trying to take advantage of this and ruin the country. This time, according to Sara-chan’s prediction…

“As soon as I found out that you had returned, I came to you.”

 It means that the aristocracy of the country will be under control, Irene. Indeed, the Diravel Duke is the largest faction at present; they could do it… Hmmm, but…

“…Does that mean we can be friends?” 

It’s a nasty way of saying it, but it would be a problem if it were done just for me. I heard that the Duke’s family is watching. Again, according to Sara-chan’s information. Does it mean they’d be changing the guidelines… Right, Irene…?

“I want you to be my friend, but I don’t want you to be forced, and I also like Lemaire, I don’t want you to fight, and I’m against the war! Love and Peace!!! I love the white dove, which is the symbol of peace!!!”

 “…Calm down, calm down first, Irene.” 

Lo, love…? Hmm, what was that? Dove? Why did you bring up doves, Irene? Is this some play on words?

  “…Ahhh! I don’t know what to say!” When I saw Irene screaming, I felt sick. Oh, I realized for the first time that I was nervous. 

Irene is holding her head with her hair pointing in all directions… Yeah, it’s a shame, but it made me laugh a little. Irene looked at me with a thoughtful expression… Her face filled with tears. Don’t sniff! This whole situation is not befitting a lady!

 “Anyway, I ask you to become my friend!” Saying that Irene ran away without hearing my reply. 

You’re like a storm, Irene. It was a quick escape. I didn’t know what I wanted to say, after all. Was it a friend notice declaration?

I thought about her… The impression I’ve had regarding Irene had changed a lot from when I first met her at the graduation party. I thought Irene was a young, weak lady, pretending to be in trouble, but was secretly doing well. In reality, it’s completely different, and now she desperately spins around trying to make friends. Although I had a memory of Isekai when she cried as a child and Sara-chan hugged her… Ah, is she as weak as I expected? Even so, you still want to be friends? I’m sorry, Irene.

However, do you know that you usually become friends with someone without knowing it?

Smiling, I continued drinking my delicious cup of tea.

– I’ve arrived at the Knights Training Ground in the Royal Capital

I have a difficult task right now. For the first time, I needed to cross the training ground and enter the knight’s office tower by myself.

 I was about to ask one knight, “Knight-Captain…” but I wasn’t even able to finish what I was saying, and they immediately took me to the head’s office. Why? I have no idea. 

As I walked, there were strange hooting sounds all around us. Knights? I don’t understand them at all. Ignoring the looks and voices surrounding me from all sides, I followed the knight in front of me, who, for some reason, was overly excited. 

“We haven’t seen you lately, so we were worried! …Though, they’re all a bit nervous.”

“…Ha?!” What are you nervous about? Naturally, you don’t see ladies at the training grounds. However, why do the knights care? …They are extraordinarily disgusting and noisy.

“Come on, why don’t you sit down with me?”…Hey, no way? This is a weird misunderstanding, don’t you think!? Is this the purpose of this place?! “That was rude! Well, it’s okay, I’m old, but look at those two young…” 

“Eh, hey, wait!”




They. Threw. Something. At. Me!

What the?! I can’t believe it! Where is the treatment, such as ‘A visitor has come to you, Captain’ and ‘Come in, please?’ This knight in the iron mask is just an idiot! Who do they take me for?

“Good morning, Miss Rururia.”

“Good morning, Knight-Captain.” 

I’m embarrassed! The Knight-Captain escorted me to a sofa that looked like it was meant for visitors. It was surrounded by such an awkward atmosphere, with lots of documents cast to its sides. Thank you very much. Taut atmosphere. Is it normal for aristocrats to be like this? All the gentlemen I’ve met lately kept either grabbing or hitting my head, so that should be their standard, right?  

“So what’s wrong?” 

 …Huh! Just like that? For some reason, I thought about myself and felt something indescribable. Stop, leave those thoughts alone! You have to fulfill the purpose of why you came here!

“I came to talk about the Dragon that you know so well.”

“… That’s right. It was Saint of the Salvation.”

“…Not that.” 

Don’t say words you don’t want to touch the most! And don’t laugh! It hurts, but I can’t argue. It’s easier to just deal with it right away and leave.

“Because I’m bait, if I get caught up by the Fallen Hero crew, I want you to come and help me. I also want you to train knights to avoid attacks. “


The Knight-Captain silently stared at me. I have to endure this! 

“You want me to allow your kidnapping?”


“And get into the enemy camp?”

“Uh, yes… That’s right.”

“…In addition, you want me to do extra training during this busy time?”

“I will be very grateful to you.”

The Knight-Captain sighed. He changed his tense posture and leaned against the armrest.

“Can someone else do it?”

“No, no one can.”

“It’s quite selfish, Miss Rururia.” the Knight-Captain gazed at me.

 …Yes, that’s right. I have no other words to say! But I want to give him a good blow. 

Even though I’m bait, I want to go home alive! Although he’s old, he was still the Guardian of the Continent who protected the whole region with a sword from the Fallen Hero. I couldn’t think of anyone other than the Knight-Captain who could face them head-on! I want to live…

Wow, I’m selfish.

“Why are you so particular about being the bait?”

“I just want to punch someone, and he is in the squad.”

“…A man?”

Stop, wait! That’s misleading, so don’t try to add additional meaning! I started to itch all over because of those words. Knight-Captain, stop saying such things! Someone help me!


A knight entered the room, but for me, he was like help from the heavens.

“Oh, it is not good for a young man and woman to be alone in a closed room, after all. You never know what people might think! Oops… I’m prepared to be half-killed by our Captain…”

He was right. The Captain looked at him with unconcealed fury. The knight immediately retreated. It’s a shame. But thanks.

Nevertheless, there really won’t be any misunderstanding about this, will there? He didn’t think we were alone here on purpose, did he?

Without saying a word about that knight, the Knight-Captain corrected his posture and stood up straight.

“I understand. Let’s make it all come true.”

I straightened up. I asked for their help myself, so I can’t complain, but it somehow felt uncomfortable.

“Instead, I’ll train you so that you won’t get hurt by any chance.”

His big smile is so vicious that I felt like I was on the verge of dying. Somehow he didn’t look like a knight at all.

 The intimidating feeling gradually increased, and my fingertips became numb… I feel sorry for myself. I need to get up. Thank you for your support! Your Excellency Knight! 

“Lady Rururia, please feel free to rely on me.”

Holding a cushion, Her Majesty the Queen was looking down at the training grounds… Her Majesty, the Queen.

This is my office, the Office of the Chancellor. But Her Majesty the Queen said that she could see the training ground well from my window, so she was relaxing here.

Before my eyes are the woman from the highest council, who should have loud titles, such as the Bride of the Dragon Knight or Saint of Salvation. Nevertheless, she is covered in mud and seems to avoid the fact that she wields the strongest sword of the country’s knights. They treat her too hard. 

I don’t know what she can hear. “There’s still more!” or “Leave your temper elsewhere.” I don’t have any ideas.

“Since we’re getting along well, I want to have a word with you.”

“Of course, Your Majesty.” 

Her Majesty looked utterly impassive. Even if she didn’t look the part, she is such a powerful woman. ‘Maybe there is a great way to lure these bastards. Wouldn’t it be better to strike back at them by drawing them into prison than to be bait?’

As she finished expressing her thoughts, Her Majesty gently shook her head and made a sad face.

“We are in your debt, Lady Rururia.”

When she told me so, the tragic incident that happened five years ago immediately flashed before my eyes. To achieve their goal, they deliberately arranged disasters in different places. They killed a large number of people and hurt the hearts of many. 

One of the victims was me.

“Five years ago, at that time, I couldn’t prevent the disaster, and I missed them.” Her Majesty regretfully sat in a chair. She sighed. When she opened her eyes and looked at the scenery outside, her eyes were soft. “And I just wanted to let him go as he pleased.”

I feel the presence of Her Majesty. Many people are fascinated by the depth of her soul, bowing before her. I am one of them.

“Let’s get back to the topic. Even if you get the Dragon Crest, you’ll have to move on to the next step. No, maybe you already have it.”

 The Vein of the Earth is indeed damaged, and the number of monsters released from it is increasing. There are many reports about it. With this amount, many creatures and monsters that are even more powerful than we know will attack our country soon.

“Then, it’s easiest to hit them by ourselves… and crush their plot. In gratitude for what they did five years ago.” Her Majesty grins, I allowed myself to laugh too. That’s right, and it wasn’t just Her Majesty who hurt the people of our country and kept silent… I hold the same feelings.

“Excuse me! Your Majesty’s Chancellor”


“Preparations for the 1st and 2nd supply units and the Border Protection Corps have been completed!”

 He is doing work that is not his responsibility. He’s too nervous. Lionel’s guy decided to save his time and let his subordinates report directly… He could have come himself.

“I got it. Please continue to prepare.”

“I understand!”

The knight, paying no attention to the fact that he is in front of the Queen, flew out of the room with the speed of the wind. Well, what should I do with them?

“Adults should go about their adult business, so let’s get ready.”


When I took out the material ‘About various personnel allocation in a defensive battle, the formation of supply unit and supplies’, Her Majesty made an outright stern look.

“Can you entrust this to Lionel?”

“I can’t. I need to conduct a comprehensive voting system with each department, Your Majesty.”

 Her Majesty sighs before standing up with great speed and strength.

The war was about to begin, but when I saw this, I smiled with satisfaction.