I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

37. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

We finally arrived on the land of Lemaire Kingdom.

…Ah, I’m finally back home.

His Imperial Highness said I do not have to come to tell my greetings nor report to His Majesty and His Chancellor. Very well! I decided to hurry to my information expert Sara-chan to determine what I should do and where I should go.

…Oh, I almost forgot that I have to visit someone before that… I feel heavy… But I still have to go…

I’m in Count Wale’s Royal Capital Villa.

“…I’ll do it wherever I go.” Sara-chan somehow strangely held her head. I offered her some tea to drink. I understand that the servants could serve it, but still…

I have a right to ask. Sara-chan, please answer!

Sara-chan looks at me suspiciously. I feel very sorry for myself, trying to overpower everything and take anything that I have.

“Yes, Sara-chan, this is it.”


I hand her some books. Latest Dragon Observation Material of Magic Division Commander and the First Edition Biography of the Wise King of the Head Priest. Sara-chan has wanted them for the longest time.

“How did you manage to get this? I thought it would only be available after six months?”

“…I contacted them directly.”

 I buried my face in the cushion, remembering how mentally exhausted I was at that time.

The Head Priest, with a smiling face, politely taught me from the beginning to the very end. However, he kept palming the oath off me and forced me to take it to the gods, all the while asking me, “You like our temple, don’t you?”

…Thanks to the Priest who shouted, “You’re crazy!” that I was brought to my senses and was able to run away. Thank you.

At first, the Magic Division Commander showed me the materials as usual, but as soon as he noticed my “Dragon Crest,” He almost dragged me into the terrifying door just behind us. I was petrified. What was he going to do?

“You like our temple, don’t you?”

I was apprehensive about the thought of the aftermath of my supposed disappearance that the Head Priest lost me. Was what happened okay?

 While I surrendered to those terrible memories, it seems like Sara-chan had finished reading.

“…I see.” She instantly burned the handed materials with magic flames. Yeah… I understand the necessity, but someone wrote those with all their effort, so I’m a little sad.

“I’ll explain.” Sara-chan stepped on the tiles by her feet; suddenly, a map appeared. I’m dealing with Sara-chan, so I don’t want to dig into why she had this all set up.

 I reckon that maps that spread out on a desk are a national secret. It was a precise map that aroused sufficient suspicion as to why she has it. Oh… I’m not too fond of all this. What are you doing, Sara-chan…

 But Sara-chan couldn’t hear my voiceless scream. She put her finger on the map, just around the Colossus Ruins.

“Here, the Dragon Seal was made at the Colossus Ruins… The one that you opened.”

“But Sara-chan, this is a false accusation!” Sara-chan completely ignored my objections. It feels like I’ve experienced similar emotions quite recently. Sara-chan moves her fingers from the Colossus Ruins to the left and right, just like the flow of a road.

“It is said that the Dragon Vein was flowing in Ancient times starting from the Colossus Ruins.” Pointing back to the Ruins, she lowered her finger down the map. “Furthermore, just below that is East Lemaire. And…” She again moves her fingers back and forth from East Lemaire, like the flow of the road. “From East Lemaire, the Dragon Vein is flowing… Do you get it?”

“Yeah. Thanks to the easy-to-understand map.” 

Sara-chan sits down again, saying that it’s “the main subject”. Why do I act as if I understood everything? Stop. Main subject? What does she mean? 

“There must be a pair to your Dragon Crest. East Lemaire probably sealed it.”

“Eh… it was sealed?” I have doubts about the past form. So… Maybe.

“Yes, that damn case five years ago. There is no doubt that the Fallen Hero had a Dragon Crest at that time.” Sara-chan looked into my eyes. That case? I looked down a little.

 “Maybe this time in the place where two Dragon Veins overlap, we should use your Dragon Crest and Alkaios’ Dragon Crest to summon the Evil Dragon.”

Does that mean that if I go there, it might help the Evil Dragon be reborn? Sara-chan, unnaturally bright, told me what she thinks I should do.

“Hey, Ria. The other party is that Fallen Hero, isn’t it? Not only his armed forces, who were called Guardians of the Continent, but also the organizations under Io of the Dead are so powerful that they cannot be underestimated, right?”

Sara-chan gently took my hand. Her hands were a bit cold… I wonder if Sara-chan is also nervous.

“So, you shouldn’t interfere in this.” Her voice envelops me. Sweet, soft, and gentle. But you know? Sara-chan, I can’t do that.

 “You are necessary for the resurrection of the Evil Dragon. If you stay in a quiet and strict prison, you will not be hurt, and we will settle everything.

“…You’ll ruin all their plans, won’t you?”

Sara-chan’s face darkened.

Sara-chan always protected me without my knowledge. Even now, she’s still trying to shield me from everything and lock me up somewhere just like that. But it seems that only I can do the checkmate – the final move.

“…Apparently, every country is in hiding… Neither Lemaire nor I have grasped where they are.”

“In that case, wouldn’t it be better if you used me as bait?” I squeezed Sara-chan’s hand to warm it up a little. I looked straight into Sara-chan’s eyes and said the most selfish thing ever.

“They are waiting for me at the building. I decided way back then; I’m going to hit that green bastard with one shot.” I grinned while Sara-chan rolled her eyes towards the sky.

“…I know. That expression on your face tells me that you’ve already decided on everything.” I laughed lightly. Sara-chan hugged me tightly, with tears spilling from her eyes, unlike the usual Sara-chan I know.

“…Please just come home!”


 “…When it rains, it pours…”

“…Yeah… I know…”

 Carefully stepping away, Sara-chan, as usual, looked at me with a smile similar to an old Evil Dark Dragon that tried to eat prey that keeps on trying to escape unsuccessfully. Brrr…

 “If you die, I’ll kill you.

“I’ll do my best not to die.” I held her hands again and looked at Sara-chan’s eyes. She looked worried. I smiled.

“It’s okay; I will do everything in my power to return home.”

I’m in the Magic Tower Laboratory in the Royal Palace.

“What? Bait? You!?” Screaming so, the tea that was brewed for me was poured too much and overflowed, spilling from its sides by Soran, who was looking at me with a stunned face. Well, I didn’t expect anything else. Although I feel sorry for Soran, who was so surprised that he froze, but I still have something to ask.

“Well, that’s the situation. I wonder if I can get a little magic stone so that I could protect myself…”

“Oh, is that so.” Soran was offended by me. Ah, did I say something impossible… Was it that expensive… 

Soran glared at me.

“If your friends want something, and they ask you about it, won’t you take advantage of it? Wouldn’t you?” 

With an offended face, Soran repeated the phrase I said to him before. Oh, does he remember? It’s a little embarrassing to repeat it.

“Ask in your usual arrogant manner.”

“Well, don’t blame me.” I reached out my hand to Soran and spoke harshly. “I need one of your usable magic stones.”

 “Where are your manners?” Soran hit me in the forehead. What for? He told me to say it like that!

While I was rubbing the stricken part of my forehead, looking at him with a grudge, Soran began to mutter with a serious expression.

“…After all, it is necessary to invalidate physical attacks… After that, with offset magic for each attribute…” He started to pull out expensive gems with incredible speed and began to create complex magic circles on them… Ah, no, even such a precious thing… Wow, are those diamonds? Huh! Pink diamonds!?

“Oh, Soran, if it’s too expensive, then …”

“The more expensive a gem, the more advanced magic you can put in it, so deal with it.” While saying so, he piled up magic stones with complicated magic circles one after another. But, can I handle it?

“Soran, I don’t have the confidence that I can handle such complicated magic stones.”

“That is expected. So, the defense system will be attached to this necklace, so it will automatically protect you.” While talking about it, he dexterously attached magic stones to the chain, which also seems expensive. 

…The necklace turned out to look rough and sloppy. Will I really need to wear this? What have I done?

“I’ll put attacking magic stones in this bag, so all you need to do is just to throw them properly.”

Great. Then I’ll be able to handle it, too. I wonder how incompetent Soran thinks I am. I, of course, understand that he is correct, but still… 

 Soran takes my right hand and taps it lightly. “If you put it in here, you won’t even be able to notice it. So just for this first time, just put this necklace in.” 

Oh! Magic circles appeared on the back of my right hand! Soran also threw the rough necklace into the bag. This is amazing! …Ohhh! The chain is arising from my right hand!

“…No, this is no good… I need more…”


He looked at the attacking magic stones and repeatedly threw them with a wistful expression on his face. Then, he turned to me. His eyes are fixed on one point. “Give me a little more time for attacking magic stones.”

“Well, yes, of course… Just don’t overdo it, alright?”

Although I asked for it myself, the jewels were piled up too high… I started to worry about various things. 


Soran grabbed me by the collar and threw me out of the laboratory.

…What the?! 

“I’ll prepare everything. Someday you’ll thank me.”


He shut the door in my face. I am stunned, but the corners of my mouth naturally lifted.

It’s Soran…

How can I not thank him?