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84. I’m Being Looked Down on too Much!

Time rewound a little.

“Huh, where is this?”

I felt a dull headache.

Awake, I gradually opened my eyes.

“Eliane, are you awake?”

Ralph was beside me. Apparently, I was asleep on top of Ralph. Or, fainted, to be precise.

“Ralph-chan, what happened?”

“As you can see, You and Ralph were captured by a mysterious group and taken here. How could Ralph fall into such a predicament? Now Ralph is too ashamed to face that dragon man…”

Ralph was depressed.

I reassuringly stroked Ralph’s back. “Ralph-chan isn’t the one at fault.”

“F, forgive me, big sister, it’s my fault.”

“It’s not this child’s fault! Blame me, instead!”

In the same room were also the figures of a child and a woman who seemed to be his mother.

Both of them were frightened. They wouldn’t stop apologizing.

“You aren’t at fault, either. I’m glad you’re safe.”

I smiled so as not to scare them.


“No matter how I think about it, that was a trap…”

I was caught off guard.

Currently, we were trapped in what appeared to be a cell.

I tried to open the door, but couldn’t. Furthermore, it was magically locked—thus, it was impossible to open with force.

“Hee, you are finally awake.”

A person who appeared to be a guard approached.

Wings protruded from his back, and he also had two horns.

From his unusual appearance, it seemed that the one who had captured us wasn’t human.

“Are you… a demon?”

“Well, it should be obvious.”

The demon showed an unpleasant smirk.

The demon race—they usually didn’t appear in public.

Multiple different voices echoed from other places.

I didn’t know where theey were, but there seemed to be a lot of demons present.

“For what reason do you confine me. Not to mention, to kidnap such a small child?”

I asked, however, I had already guessed the answer.

“You’re hostages.”

Such was the reply.

Perhaps confident of his victory, the demon was laidback.

…How foolish.


“Right now, our lord, Baldur should be visiting the spirits. Baldur is a strong man, but he can’t face the spirits head-on. Therefore, you will be our hostage. That way, we can negotiate with the spirits.”


I was at lost for words.

It seemed that when I attempted to help the child, I was struck by demons from behind.

The spirits… by that, they meant Philip and the others?

They planned that from the beginning?

“Let me out of here. Take me to the spirits, now!”

“Ha! Even in a situation like this, you still worry about others. Too bad, though! You won’t be able to escape! In the first place, it’s not like you can open this door. Even if you manage to escape, there are many demons lingering around. Will you be able to drag your limbs and escape from here, I wonder?”

The demon joyfully sat in a nearby chair.

Of course, I was aware of that.

I didn’t expect it to be easy.

“Big sis, are we going to be fine?”

“Please, I’m not asking much, you can leave me here… but please, can you save this child?”

When I turned around, the child and his mother begged me.


“It’s alright. I will get the two of you out.”

I never intended to abandon any of them. Of course, that included Ralph.

“Eliane, what are you going to do? If we wait, Nigel and the dragon man may come to our rescue, but we don’t have the luxury to sit around and relax…”

“Yes, I know.”

I didn’t know what would befall Phiilp and the others.

However, the demons were looking down on me too much!

I used telepathy and started communicating with someone in the royal capital.

“…Huh? What’s wrong, Eliane? You usually don’t speak to me through telepathy…”

Douglas’ voice.

Apparently, my location wasn’t too far from his.

Using telepathy at such a distance wasn’t be a problem. Did the demons perhaps think that even if I could use telepathy, I wouldn’t be saved?

“Douglas, I don’t have much time, so I’ll be frank—I’ve been captured by demons.”


I kept talking to Douglas through my mind.

“Can you tell Nigel right away?”

“Okay, but Nigel will also have to sneak around. Can you escape by yourself?”

“I think I can, but there are many demons keeping watch. It’ll be difficult for me to face them alone.”

“Well… the fact that you can use telepathy like this means those demons are looking down on you.”


The demons probably weren’t informed enough. As such, they became lackluster.

Did they honestly think I’d just do nothing?

Did they think I’m but a damsel in distress who can only wait for her prince?

…What a shame.

Such was the fatal blunder of the demons. They didn’t even bother to properly do their research.

“Douglas, my plan is hereby—…”

I communicated my plan.

After saying, ‘I understand.’ Douglas cut off the telepathy.


Time to break out!

Another demon had appeared before our cell, and was discussing our fate.

Well, it didn’t matter how many there were.

“Uhm, pardon me?”

I called out to the two demons.

“I’d like to go to the bathroom, where is it?”

Huuuh? Just do it there. I have to keep you under my surveillance.”

“B, but, as a woman, it’s embarrassing. Can you at least turn around…?”

“Ha! Who are you to order me? But, if I were to mistreat you, Lord Baldur might get angry… Alright, I’ll be merciful, but only this once. I’ll turn around for three seconds, but that’s it.”

“Haha! There’s no way a girl can finish her business in three seconds!”

While laughing, the two demons turned around.

But… 3 seconds were enough.


I immediately touched the prison’s door and channeled my magic.

I learned how to control my magic from Robert and became proficient at it!

In less than a second, the prison’s door was unlocked. It opened with a click.


—the demons noticed it immediately.

“Hey, you, what kind of—”


Before the demons could rush towards me, I took out something hidden beneath my clothes.

It was the jewel I received from Douglas.

When magical power was poured into the jewel, a divine light enveloped my surroundings.

By the time the light disappeared…

“How courageous of you demons to try and kidnap Eliane. Do you know who she is, and what she has accomplished?”

An arrogant man with his arms crossed appeared before me.

I had summoned Douglas.


>Eliane: I’m not a damsel in distress!!!1!!!11 I don’t wait for dah prince!!1111!

>Proceeds to call not one, but two guys for help.


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