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90. The Original Saint

“To resurrect… the Demon King?”

Nigel tilted his head.

In response to his question, Philip continue to speak.

“A long time ago, a demon army existed in this world. It was led by none other than the Demon King. For generations, they warred against other races. The Demon King was so strong, no one could stand up against him. In the end, all the races joined hands to defeat the Demon King. That was how the present world come to be.”

“Wait a minute, Philip. I have never heard of such a thing. Did that really happen?”

“I thought Eliane knew, but she apparently didn’t.”

Philip was astonished.

“Well, it can’t be helped. After all, it has been a thousand years… In fact, it’s a folklore that has been passed down from generation to generation among the spirits. But it seems that humans are unaware of it.”

The battle with the Demon King… I wondered if it actually happened.

“Douglas, did you know about it?”

“It happened before I was born. I’ve heard of it, somewhat. I don’t think it’s that old, honestly. In fact, I thought it was a fairy tale spun by the elderly.”

Douglas exhaled.

Apparently, Douglas also didn’t know.

“Why would the Demon King be resurrected? Why now?”


Philip nodded and resumed the story.

“After a long battle, the humans decided to seal the Demon King. It’s because they thought they couldn’t win even if they went all-out. The Demon King was thus sealed in a certain place. That place should be the capital of your former kingdom.”

“Is that true!?”

I had never heard of any of it. I could only listen.

“Who could’ve sealed such a mighty Demon King?”

“The saint.”

Philip answered.

“To be precise, the ‘Original Saint.’ Hence why, the saints, who have inherited the blessing of the goddess, have been protecting that kingdom for generations…”

“The ‘Original Saint’… for her to have been able to seal the Demon King, she must have been powerful, right?”

“Indeed. Eliane seems to only be able to protect the entirety of Lynchgiham with her barrier. The Original Saint is said to have been able to shield the entire world. Well, Eliane’s skill is also astounding…”

The Original Saint…

As Philip said, there was a limit to my barrier.

Therefore, when I was banished, the barrier surrounding my former kingdom broke.

As of the present, there was a barrier over Lynchgiham.

Currently, that was the maximum range of my barrier.

“The Original Saint was able to shield the entire world…”

…She must have had tremendous magical power.

“Well, I don’t know how true it is. It happened long time ago. There may be some dramatization.”

“That may be the case… at any rate, the power of the saints, including mine, has maintained the peace of not only that kingdom, but also the world…”

“…Yes, but…”

Philip’s face darkened.

“Eliane has been banished. As such, there’s no way for her to protect the kingdom. Then, Baldur invaded, and the rest is history. Up until recently, the demons have attempted to revive the Demon King and invade that kingdom. But with the power of the saint and a dragon residing nearby, those attempts have been foiled.”

Douglas looked very proud.

“But… these days, there hasn’t been any sign of them. I thought they had given up on resurrecting the Demon King. Apparently, they haven’t. If the Demon King is resurrected, it won’t just be the kingdom, the whole world will also be caught in a whirlpool of turmoil. As such, I respect Eliane’s idea.”

Philip finished talking.

Apparently, the situation was much direr than we thought.

I was a little resentful at not being taught such an important thing as the saint. Although, my predecessor might not have known about it, either.

The atmosphere became heavier at once.

“This doesn’t seem to be a problem only involving a kingdom anymore… to protect Lynchgiham… no, in order to protect the world’s peace, we must prevent the resurrection of the Demon King at all cost.”

Nigel stared at Philip.

“But, how do the demons intend to achieve that? Are they going to do something?”

“I don’t know, but archdemon Baldur mentioned something about not having enough magical power. Perhaps he intended to makeup for it through human sacrifices. They failed to achieve the help of spirits, after all. As such, I don’t think they can revive the Demon King immediately. Regardless, it’s still urgent. We should take action as soon as possible.”

I didn’t mean to relax, but listening to Philip fired me up.

Nigel hit both of his cheeks. “Alright! Tomorrow, let’s leave immediately! We must head to the kingdom and prevent the resurrection of the Demon King!”

There were many things I didn’t understand.

The resurrection of the Demon King… the Original Saint…

…But I couldn’t afford to relax.

Having listened so far, I came up with an idea.

For that reason, we must head to the kingdom right away.

I smiled at Douglas.

“I’d like to, but my village is still in a state of confusion because of Baldur, as such…”

“Yes, I know. You should return to your village at once. Once they’ve calmed down, I’d be happy if you could come and help us.”

“I’m sorry.”

Philip gave an apologetic bow.

“Alright, it’s decided. We’ll fulfil Eliane’s wishes and prevent the resurrection of the Demon King. For the time being, let’s head to the kingdom. Once we’re ready, I shall inform everyone of the details.”

To Nigel’s words, we all nodded.

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