Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

89. The Determination of the Saint

Nigel, Douglas, Philip, and I surrounded a table.

After listening to what I said, Douglas was the first to stand up.

“You want to save your former kingdom!?”

Douglas’ words were filled with anger.

It couldn’t be helped. I used to complain to Douglas about my mistreatment.

Apparently, Douglas made a stop my former kingdom once. As to what he said to Claude, that was a mystery to me.

Still, he probably informed Claude about their impending doom.

It might be because of that.

Douglas was unable to accept my words.


Not taking my eyes off the approaching Douglas, my reply was short.

I was a little scared when Douglas, whom was well-built, narrowed our distance. But I decided to stand my ground.

“You want to save the kingdom that once banished you!?”

“Are you stupid or what?!”

I could guess what Douglas was about to say.

For a while, the two of us glared at each other.


Douglas was the first to speak.

He folded his arms and sat down on a chair. He seemed unconvinced.

“I also believe saving that kingdom is an act of foolishness. I don’t want to see Claude ever again. However, even though the archdemon, Baldur, is gone, if left alone, that kingdom will soon fall into ruin.”

While most were critical of me, some were kind to me.

After being treated horribly by Claude, I decided to ditch the kingdom by myself.

To just return to that kingdom… it did sound crazy.


“…I, I can’t abandon that kingdom, not by any means. The incident with Baldur helped me realize this.”

With the help of Nigel, Douglas, Philip, and Vincent, Baldur was defeated.

But my former kingdom had no means to fight against demons.

If more demons were to attack, that kingdom would be finished.

When I pictured the innocent getting massacred, my chest filled with pain.

“Nigel seems to already be aware of this.”

Douglas turned to Nigel.

“…I am.”

“Why don’t you stop her, then? Do you know what kind of treatment Eliane suffered in that kingdom?”

“Of course I tried to stop her, but she refused to listen.”

Nigel shrugged.

“I believe Eliane properly thought this through. I want Eliane to do what’s best for her.”

Tch! What a stubborn pair of husband and wife you are!”


Certainly, Nigel was my fiancé, but we aren’t formally married, yet!

Because of Douglas, my face was bright red.

“But Nigel and I alone aren’t enough to save that kingdom.”

I spoke while suppressing my embarrassment.

“Douglas… and also Philip—I want your to help me if possible. That’s the reason for this meeting.”

“It’s a wise decision. There are still some demons who’re stronger than Baldur. Even if you’re the saint, dealing with all of them would be impossible. It’s no surprise that you want to rely on our power, however…”

Doulgas left his seat and stood before me.

His thick chest felt intimidating.

Suddenly, Douglas grabbed my collar and brought his face closer.

“D, Douglas!? What the hell are you—”

Nigel tried to help, but I stopped him. I stared back into Douglas’ eyes.

Usually, I’d be embarrassed. But at the moment, there was something urgent.

“No matter how much you requested me, I won’t save that kingdom. Besides, why do I have to help a kingdom that has no relation to me?”

“Of course, it’s only natural for you to think so. If Douglas refuses to help me, then it can’t be helped. I won’t force you.”

In good faith, I conveyed my thoughts to Douglas.

—I didn’t think I was saying anything crazy.

Was it my nature as a saint?

It was just impossible for me to leave that kingdom alone.

Until now, I had turned a blind eye towards that kingdom.

After all, when I thought about those whom were suffering, my chest hurt.

But, after witnessing Baldur’s cruelty, I couldn’t ignore it anymore.


Douglas sighed deeply and slowly let go of me.

“Okay, I will lend you my power.”


“Of course, but, if you dare attempt to return to that kingdom and leave Lynchgiham, I won’t forgive you?! I also like this kingdom. I have no intention of returning to that kingdom.”

“Yes, of course. I’m ready to spend the rest of my life here.”

When he heard my respond, Nigel smiled.

Nigel actually said the same thing last night.

Still, that was just preposterous.

I wanted to save my former kingdom due to my selfishness.

I didn’t feel like leaving Lynchgiham and returning to that place.

“I’m sorry for treating you roughly, I wanted to make sure you were prepared.”

“No problem, although it hurt a little, I was able to see your face up close. Your eyelashes are longer than I expected.”

“Gahaha, you always say the most interesting things! That’s why I’m motivated to help you!”

Douglas laughed boisterously.

“But… what about the Spirit King? Hasn’t he been terribly quiet until now?”

Douglas mentioned Philip.

Up to that point, Philip had been quietly listening with his eyes closed.

“I have a lot of things to consider.”

He opened his eyes.

“Well, are you against Eliane saving her former kingdom?”

“No, I agree. But more than respecting her hopes, it’s for Lynchgiham… if we don’t save that kingdom, the world will perish. I don’t want that. As such, we have to do something about that kingdom.”


Douglas tilted his neck.

Even if that kingdom was destroyed, it was unlikely that the demons would invade other kingdoms.

Baldur was a special case. The demons were usually cautious. Unless they had a good chance of winning, they wouldn’t just invade any kingdom.

…What was Philip implying?

“I thought they had given up long ago… but after hearing Baldur’s story, that doesn’t seem to be the case…”

“Baldur’s story?”

While I was wondering, Philip continued.

“They’re planning to revive the Demon King.”

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