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83. A Deplorable Request

“What have you done to her!?”

Philip screamed in anger.

The demon, Baldur, was pleased by his reaction.

“She did it to herself. She was trying to help a little boy. Therefore, my subordinates took the chance.”

“Don’t lie!”

“Even though it’s the truth? Therefore, why don’t you let me enter? We can discuss this further in a more suitable location.”

“What are you planning…”

Philip concluded that Baldur was lying.

He was determined to reject Baldur’s request.


“—She hasn’t suffered any rough treatment, yet.

Baldur casually continued at Philip’s confusion.

“Y’know what, my subordinates are a bit troublesome. When they find a cute girl, they have an urge to play with her. If they actually decide to play with her, that girl might not step foot in your village ever again.”


Philip slammed his fist on the table.

They are going to torture her. Eliane is in danger. What do I do!? I can’t involve a bystander like her in this!

It was suicidal to welcome Baldur into the village.

However, if Philip were to refuse, Eliane might be killed.

What a bunch of cowards!

There was no other option.

“I understand. However, Baldur, you’re the only one allowed to enter. Promise me that.”

“Fufu, I understand. For now, that’ll suffice for me. Let’s talk face-to-face.”

Baldur was in a good mood.

Philip, on the other hand, was gritting his teeth. He was trying to come up with a plan.

The reason he imposed that condition was because he was sure the spirits would be able to defeat Baldur.

However, there was no guarantee Baldur would fulfil his end of the bargain.

Most likely, his subordinates were waiting to launch an ambush.

Think…! A means to overcome this situation…!

Philip thought, but couldn’t come up with anything.

Smeared with humiliation, Philip was forced to dispel the barrier.

“Quite an exotic place, this is.”

They were at the square in the center of the village.

Usually, everyone would be enjoying Eliane’s food at that place.

However, a disaster had taken place.

Philip and Baldur faced each other. The wary spirits surrounded them.

“…What’s your goal?”

Philip asked in a low voice.

“No~ don’t look so scary. I just came to talk, therefore let’s get along?”

Baldur asked for a handshake, but Philip ignored it.

Baldur’s feminine tone clung to Philip’s ears, making him even more nauseous.

Baldur showed a distorted grin.

“My aim is only this—I want to cooperate with you spirits.”


“Yes. Specifically, to provide us a place to stay. I want some of my demons to live here.”

As if he could allow that!

The spirits, who lacked the means to defend themselves, wouldn’t be able to directly confront the demons.

That was exactly why they hid themselves in a remote forest and raised a powerful barrier.

That wasn’t the end of Baldur’s demands.

“Also, one more thing. I want you to assist us in pursuing our goal.”

“What on earth…”

“We, the demons, are preparing to become the world’s dominator. For that reason, we’re going to perform a ritual at the center of the human’s kingdom.”

Philip turned pale in an instant.

“Wha?! You still haven’t given up yet!? Do you truly think you’re capable of that!?”

“Of course, I alone won’t be able to do it. Despite that, my plan is flawless—it just merely requires a lot of sacrifices.”

Baldur winked.

By ‘sacrifices’, Baldur meant the lives of the kingdom’s people.

Wait… how many would it take to ensure the ritual’s success?

Despite that, it wasn’t about quantity. For the demons to complete the ritual themselves would also prove quite the task.

Under normal circumstance, a huge amount of time was required.

For that reason, Baldur was trying to utilize the spirits who had vasts amount of magic.

But, that’s just deplorable… if that ritual succeeds, the world is doomed. I have to stop it at all cost.

Regardless, it wasn’t as if Baldur would take his refusal kindly.

What should he do?

When Philip thought about it…

“I’m not expecting you to do it, I’m ordering you. If you refuse… well, aren’t you pleasing to the eye? Will you be able to withstand my play?”

Baldur licked his tongue.

I see… it was never a negotiation to begin with…

However, Philip found a ray of light in Baldur’s words.

“…You can do whatever you want to me. Until my last breath, I’ll try to keep up with you. But don’t touch the other spirits.”

I understand—is what I’m going to say, but I don’t want to lie. I plan to play with other spirits, as well.”

Philip clicked his tongue.

As I thought, he won’t be satisfied with just me… well, it wasn’t like I could believe the words uttered by a demon, either.

What should he do, then?

It was impossible to reject the proposal and fight Baldur. Even if they managed to defeat Baldur, the other demons would annihilate them.

However, if he didn’t help them, he didn’t know what kind of torment Eliane would face.

That saint whom was beautiful inside out.

She helped Philip and the others without expecting anything in return.

I’m sorry, everyone. We can’t involve our benefactor!

Philip stared straight into Baldur’s eyes.

“…I, understand—”

When Philip was about to answer—

“—There’s no need to do that!”

A clear voice echoed in the village.

Philip instantly turned around.

“E, Eliane!?”

That was right.

It was none other than the girl whom should’ve been taken captive by the demons. Nigel also stood beside her.

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