The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

121. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (11)

Jill nervously watched Frida’s gait. It was as if the little girl was being cornered by a predator.

Upon arriving, Frida sat down in the farthest seat across the table. Frida softly coiled her stuffed doll’s tail so it didn’t dangle on the floor.

“Did something happen? You usually don’t bother to visit me alone.”

“My… older brother… keeps telling me, to have a tea with the Dragon Princess…”

Jill immediately looked up. Thankfully, no one noticed. Natalie gave a casual reply.

“I’ve said it many times—just refuse him. It doesn’t matter how, just say no.”

“But… he has asked me, five times, already… I’m, causing trouble for my older brother… he just wants me to get along with the Dragon Princess… as a member of the Rave royal family, I’m a disgrace…”

The two were under house arrest during the false emperor mayhem. As such, they hadn’t attended the crowning parade like Jill. Not to mention, the announcement regarding Jill’s engagement had also been postponed until her position became clear. Despite that, Listeard seemed to have been trying to introduce Jill to the other princesses.

I didn’t know about that at all… It seems that I have a lot to think about…

Apparently, to reject Listeard’s request, Frida pretended to be ill. On the contrary, Natalie was very blatant.

“Just tell him that you suddenly came down with a chronic illness. I have said it, haven’t I? It’s too soon. That little brother of mine, Listeard, just doesn’t understand the fear of the maids.”

“…But, even older sister Elynsia said that the Dragon Princess is dependable…”

“It doesn’t matter. You have to understand, Frida. Listeard is too righteous while Elynsia can sometimes be too much of a muscle head!”

Natalie nonchalantly remarked sucjh while biting a cookie.

Jill humbly asked her.

“…D, did something happen with the maids?”

“…Since you’re working here, too, you have something to keep in mind. The emperor’s tendency for little girl has placed the inner palace on edge.”

Jill desperately wanted to correct the slanderous things that was being saying about her husband. Despite that, she decided to remain silent for the time being.

“The inner palace is controlled by the emperor’s queen. However, because the emperor currently doesn’t have a princess, the former emperor’s consorts are the ones in charge. They are all part of the anti-emperor faction.”

“…Is that because a lot of crown princes died a long time ago?”

“Indeed… one of my brothers died in that incident. The other straight up abandoned his right to inherit the throne and deserted the castle with his mother—which leaves me.”

Jill suddenly recalled it.

I remember! There is an exiled prince in Kratos! Using Princess Natalie’s case as a shield, he asked Geraldo for help in succeeding the throne! Thus, a civil war started in earnest… he’s none other than Princess Natalie’s brother!

Everything stemmed from the deeds of the Goddess.

…She should’ve just reduced that spear into splinters.

While Jill might have been annoyed by the Goddess, she was more concerned about Princess Natalie’s brother. She didn’t know where he was as of the present. But, if his movements were the same as before, he might eventually bow to Hadith.

Feeling like gritting her teeth, Jill asked.

“Be it your brother, or your mother, have any of them contacted you?”

“Nope. The reason my mother left her only daughter in the imperial capital was so I could die in her son’s stead, after all.”

As Jill fell speechless, Natalie laughed.

“It can’t be helped. My mother was born to an impoverished noble family. It’s a miracle that her son was born as an heir to the throne. When one of my brothers died from the curse, her dream was shattered and she almost became a madwoman. As she can’t bear to lose another son, she decided to turn a blind eye to me.”

“B, but, Your Highness Natalie is her child, too… I can’t comprehend that at all…”

“Do you think so? I don’t have the ability to lead the Dragon Knights like Elynsia, nor do I have magical talent or fine backing like Frida. I only have myself—and the blood of the Rave royal family. It seems I’ve become the stereotypical example of a princess…”

Natalie ridiculed herself, while Jill could only listen.

“What? I don’t care if I’m useless. Besides, ever since my mother left me, it’s been three years.”

“It’s only been three years. You don’t have to be so harsh on yourself.”

Towards Jill’s words, Natalie showed a troubled face. Frida also pursed her lips.

“Older sister Natalie, you don’t have to worry, you still have me…”

What a good kid.

Jill felt a sting behind her eyes. No wonder Listeard was fond of Frida. Natalie laughed and dispersed the bleak atmosphere.

“Let’s stop talking about it. That’s not what I intended to talk about here.”

“That’s right… forgive me…”

“What I want to say is, in the inner palace, it’s a common occurrence. The anti-emperor faction united because even if they wanted to turn their sons into the emperor, a foul emperor bearing the heavenly sword existed. The situation grew even more hostile when it was revealed that the former emperor hadn’t inherited the blood of the Dragon God Rave. In addition, an 11-years-old Dragon Princess also entered the palace.”

Jill unknowingly put a hand on her chest.

“Do you understand what I’m getting at? It’d be difficult for a child to officially become the empress. Hence why, the princesses of the inner palace are kicking up a fuss.”

“Is it because once the emperor’s wife officially enters the inner palace, their positions will be threatened?”

“That’s right. Hence, they’re keeping track on the movements of the Dragon Princess.”

Natalie explained it in a bored manner.

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