Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

50. The Homes of Aristocrats and One’s Parents are Challenging (2)

“I, I’m but an assistant… for this, to be called a job…”

“I’m sorry…”

In response to the sudden reaction, Tistye recalled their list of invited guests.

While Luca didn’t seem to care much, it was a common understanding in Verscia that, ‘nobles do not work.’

That was especially the case for women. Except for when a female head family acted on behalf of her late husband, most of time, woman like Elena would spend their time on lessons and dance. It was considered their bridal training.

For one to work like a man was unusual.

I, maybe I said something uncalled-for…

Tistye was just casually asking, but it might have been offensive for Elena to be considered working.

An awkward silence flowed between the two. Finally, the measurement of her shoulder width started.


Elena’s work was fast. It seemed that she was very accustomed to it.

She started on Tistye’s shoulders, then measured the distances to her arms and elbows, the widths and the edges—each time, Elena would write down the numbers. As soon as she was done, she’d move to the next part.

Tistye had been turned into a mannequin. All the while, Tistye could only observe Elena while staying quiet.

Wow, she’s used to it…

Eventually, after finishing all the measurements, Elena exhaled.

“T, thank you… I will sew this size at once so you can try it on and we can make any needed adjustments…”

“I understand, thank you.”

Elena became silent once again. Thus, Tistye returned to the drawing room.

Gaizel, who hadn’t been present earlier, was on the sofa.

Tistye raised her voice.

“Your Majesty, why are you here? Was your schedule not busy today…”

“I have a bit of a free time.”

While looking over Luca’s design, Gaizel gave a brief replay.

It seemed that the others had the impression that, ‘His Majesty loves his wife to the point he’d make time to see her.’

However, in reality, it was a little different.

[“What a relief… since I heard that the designer is a man, I thought he was going to measure Tistye so I went here immediately… turns out that he brought an assistant…”]

Your Majesty…

His reason was unexpectedly… trivial. For the sake of Gaizel’s honor, Tistye decided to keep it a secret.

After that, the meeting was over. Once the date for the next fitting was decided, they’d have another meeting. Just before leaving the room, Luka murmured.

“Will Your Majesty attend the party next week?”


“Good. We’re planning to participate, so we are looking forward to see you.”

After the chief of ceremony disappeared, Tistye stared back at Gaizel.

“…Your Majesty, what party?”

“Forgive me, I forgot to tell you. Actually, the duke’s family is hosting a party next week…”

Gaizel frowned slightly.

“I thought I’d decline, but he’s also an invited guest. As such, we have to treat him respectably.”

From the perspective of the royal family, in addition to the usual public affairs, some social events would be hosted on rest days.

Gaizel seemed to have rejected quite a few, but the duke’s invitation was another story.

“It must be difficult…”

“Indeed. Forgive me, but please keep your schedule open.”

Unable to comprehend his words for a moment, Tistye tilted her head.

Then, she immediately asked.

“C, could it be… I have, to attend?”

“Isn’t that obvious?”

O, of course…

A long time had passed since their marriage, but half of it had been spent on a snowy mountain and being on the move. In short, she hadn’t done anything like that since the ceremony.

However, when she thought about it carefully, it was a grand party. Naturally, it was necessary for Gaizel to participate with a partner.

B, because His Majesty is going to attend with me, I have to make sure he won’t face any difficulties!

Perhaps noticing that Tistye had grown silent, Gaizel held her hand. He kept rubbing her hand slowly, reassuring her.

“I’m by your side.”

“Your Majesty.”

He had noticed her anxiousness—it made her chest warm.

It turned out, Gaizel also had his own anxiety.

[“In all honesty, I don’t want to bring her with me… What if other men realize how adorable Tistye is? But, it’s also a big opportunity to announce that she’s my wife… Well, I can secretly knock out any suspicious people. Besides, Van and Randi will also be there…”]

“I, I’m looking forward to the party!”

If she were to stay silent any longer, the voice of Gaizel’s heart would surely become more drastic. Tistye immediately cut off his thoughts.

Ugh… I’m nervous…

On the night of the event, Tistye wore a crimson dress.

The dress had a wide neckline, one which revealed her collar bone and went to her shoulders. It showed the curve of her upper body.

The skirt was hanging naturally without any bulge. A black satin fabric was woven in two places on the side and the back.

A star ruby necklace with six stars embedded on it also shone on her thin neck.

Beside her, Gaizel, whom was also dressed up for the evening ball, was also very handsome, despite merely donning a simple jet-black evening coat, a silver aiguillette, and a white shirt.

Because there were no extra decorations, Gaizel’s long legs and small face were clearly emphasized. On his chest was a crimson pocket square, the same crimson as Tistye’s dress.

***T/N: …Um. Why is the empress only attending her second party and most importantly, remembering influential house names NOW!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??! I mean, the stranded in snowy mountains works as a reason for not attending the ball, but something tells me the empress isn’t quite ready for her role if she still doesn’t even know the people she’s about to rule, and this whole wedding ceremony knickknacks is unnecessary because they are married already, and there are a lot of more pressing things to do!!!!

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