Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

52. The Homes of Aristocrats and One’s Parents are Challenging (4)

The night was drawing on, and the excitement was at its peak.

The number of guests continued to increase, and the surrounding area was filled with famous lords and their children. Every time they moved, Gaizel was often called out—as such, they had to stop.

After greeting Gaizel, the guests—whom were mostly men—would praise Tistye. The same routine happened a few times.

Gaizel’s frustration peaked along with it. Tistye continued to behave as formally as possible. Inwardly, she wondered when Gaizel would erupt.

Meanwhile, she spotted a particularly gorgeous group in the venue.

The group consisted of young ladies. They were dressed in bright colors such as yellow, pink, and light blue—they gathered like a bouquet.

At the center was a woman wearing bright red dress, with glossy black hair—she had a beautiful, but strong-willed face. It appeared that she was the daughter of the duke.

How beautiful…

Tistye also had sisters, but they never enjoyed getting dressed and applying make-up together.

Lizzy did a great job with her make-up, but referring to her as a friend would overwhelm the later. Watching the girls frolicking happily, Tistye narrowed her eyes.

However, the situation was strange.

When the angle changed a little, it seemed that they were surrounding a certain noble lady. Tistye was astounded—

—E, Elena…!?

Tistye watched the situation. Could it be, she was hanging out with her friends? The group moved more and more towards the edge of the garden. The duke’s daughter, whom was dressed in red, could be heard speaking to Elena.

“Aren’t you embarrassed to appear like that?”


“You didn’t have to come, you know.”

“M, my brother, needed a partner…”

When Elena spoke back, the duke’s daughter unpleasantly furrowed her eyebrows.

“You? Luca’s partner?”

Giggles were spilled from Elena’s surroundings. Tistye, who was secretly watching the entire scene unfold, realized that something was odd.

Eventually, one of the ladies tilted her wine glass.

With a splashing sound, a big, dark red, stain appeared on Elena’s chest.

“Sorry about that~”

“My, you will stand out if you look like that!”

“Wouldn’t it be better for you to return home immediately?”

The giggles grew into laughter. Not only towards the dress, they also started insulting Elena.

Elena didn’t argue. Having seemingly given up, she stared at her dirty outfit.

Not good! I have to do something about her!

Tistye hurriedly searched for something—it appeared that she hadn’t brought shawl or a coat.

Unable to take off her dress, Tistye looked back at Gaizel and noted he was wearing a coat.

After Gaizel had finished talking, Tistye begged him.

“Y, Your Majesty, it’s cold, can you lend me your jacket?”


Gaizel was a little thrown off, but he took off his jacket and handed it to Tistye.

After vigorously thanking him, Tistye left the place.

“Sorry, Your Majesty, I need a break!”

“T, Tistye?”

As soon as she said that, she started running without waiting for Gaizel’s reply.

By the time Tistye returned to the scene of the incident, the noble ladies had already left.

Elena was slumped in a corner of the garden trying to conceal the stain. Tistye gently draped the coat over her shoulders. In shock, Elena turned around. Her eyes went wide open.

“Your Majesty…”

“I’m sorry! Are you alright?”

She didn’t seem to be crying, which relieved Tistye. However, staying there wouldn’t solve anything.

Tistye spotted Sarah, and desperately prayed while pulling Elena’s hand.

“Duchess of Karida, I’m very sorry, but could you lend me a room?”

“Oh my!”

At Tistye’s sudden appearance, Sarah was shocked. However, when she saw the state of Elena, she immediately understood the situation.

Then, Sarah told a servant to guide Tistye and Elena to the mansion.

Upon arrival, Tistye took a rest in the drawing room.

Elena sat on the couch opposite her. The entire time, she hadn’t spoken a word.

What should I do, she can’t go home like this…

Should Tistye contract the royal palace for a change of clothes? Or, should she tell Luca?

Suddenly, Elena began thoroughly undress. Tistye stopped her in a hurry.

“N, no! Your dress will be torn!”

“It’s okay. After all, my dress is worthless.”

“That’s not true! The dress is pretty!”

When Tistye denied it, Elena looked even more pained.

She looked even more sad than when she was being bullied by the noble ladies. Tistye grew confused.

There was knock, and Sarah appeared. She was accompanied by several maids. In their hands, several dresses could be seen.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting… these are my old dresses, if you don’t mind.”

“Duchess of Karida…”

“Call me Sarah, Your Majesty.”

Sarah lent a dress she had worn when she was young to Elena, hoping that the size would fit.

All of them had sleek designs. They would look good on Elena.

Elena was silent for a while, but eventually picked a dress.

When instructed, Sarah’s servant took Elena to a separate room.

While waiting for Elena to change, Tistye was left alone with Sarah. Tistye bowed her head once again.

“Thank you very much, not only have you lent us a room, but also a dress…”

“No problem. Moreover, it’s an old dress…”

Relieved with Sarah’s cheerful reply, Tistye instinctively smiled. Sarah gently stared at Tistye’s face, and spoke with nostalgia.

“It’s as that child said—you’re truly a goddess.”

“T, that’s…”

“There’s no need to be shy. I’m sure you’re his only reason for becoming the emperor.”

It was truly embarrassing, and Tistye shrunk back. Sarah laughed and emotionally narrowed her eyes.

“It’s quite late, but I have to thank you—thank you for helping him.”

“Helping, him…? Me?”

“Yes, I’m sure the fact that he has survived to this day is thanks to you.”

When the couple had decided to take care of Gaizel, they were worried. Although Gaizel had the right to succeed the throne, he had no backing.

In addition, not only was his skill in swordfight on par with an adult, the couple also heard he hadn’t shed a tear during his mother’s death. They were aware that people referred to him as a monster.

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