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91. The Future Princess

“Milady, will you not be departing tomorrow? There is no need to help us.”

The chef was very concerned.

“This is no trouble. It’s just… I cannot stay still.”


“I am doing this because I want to. Or, could it be, am I in the way?”

“That’s not it! Milady is certainly skillful! Moreover, there’s not enough manpower. As such, you’re a great help!”

The chef hurriedly waved it off.

I understood the chef’s worry.

But… cooking was my hobby. Besides, when I though how everyone else was doing their best for me, I couldn’t help myself.

Alright! Just a little more!

Cheer up, me!

I grabbed a rice ball.

—there was a reason for this.

“Tomorrow, we will depart. We have to prepare immediately. The distance from here to the capital of that kingdom is quite far.”

After our discussion ended, Nigel said such.

“I see. I’m really sorry for making you rush like this, Nigel.”

“It’s no problem. For the sake of the world, we must hurry. I have to do what I can.”

Nigel tried to act strong before me.

Despite how exhausted he was, he was patient so as to not worry me.

I had to reward him for his dedication.

“Immediately send a messenger to knight captain Adolf. Tell him to prepare equipment and rations. Even if we can replenish some on the way, there’s no such thing as overpreparing.”

“Food is important.”

If we were to fight hungry, we would never achieve a good result.

Eat three meals a day and get enough sleep.’

What would happen if I were to hurry to the royal capital without sleep or eating was quite obvious.

“The cooks will have to work until late into the night. Therefore, preparations will have to start now…”

Nigel said in a worried voice.

As expected, three delicious meals a day was necessary. Whether or not it was going to be a long trip, I couldn’t say. At the very least, I wanted to cook a delectable meal.

“If so, I’ll help!”

“E, Eliane?”

“Yes, my hobby is cooking!”

“I know that, but, is that alright? Since Eliane will also be departing tomorrow, shouldn’t you be resting!?”

Before Nigel could finish speaking, I ran towards the kitchen.

“Hmm… I’d like to bring something delicious if possible.”

While holding the rice ball, I muttered that.

“Well, it can’t be helped. We don’t have enough time. The dish has to be as simple as possible. Still, it’s our job to cook delicious food.”

“That’s right.”

Regardless, no matter how urgent it was, we were lacking in manpower!

Maybe it was going to be an all-nighter… No, because I was departing tomorrow, I had to sleep. But… the cooks would have a hard time…

While thanking everyone, I held a rice ball.

“Big sis! Cecily will also help!”

A cute little girl’s voice rang out.

I turned around and saw Nigel’s little sister—Cecily, the kingdom’s first princess, rushing to us.

“Cecily-chan, will you help me?”

“Yes! Cecily wants to go on the trip too, but big brother stopped Cecily! That’s why, even if a little, Cecily wants to be helpful!”

With that said, Cecily showed a firm posture and tried to make a rice ball.

By the way, I hadn’t told everyone our actual purpose for going to the other kingdom.

After all, if I were to honestly say we intended to prevent the revival of the Demon King, everyone’d be upset.

Of course, the king and his vassals had already been informed.

However, Cecily didn’t know the actual reason.

“Alright, can Cecily-chan help me in making rice ball?”

“Yes! Leave it to me! Ever since big sister taught me, Cecily has been doing her best!”

Cecily reached for the already cooked white rice.

That was right.

After I met Cecily, whenever I had free time, I’d teach her how to cook.

Of course, I hadn’t taught her how to make any complicated dishes, yet.

However, recently, Cecily had become able to make omelets by herself.

It seemed that she’d make a good bride in the future!

…In order to protect that peaceful future, we must prevent the revival of the Demon King at all costs.


Cecily quickly withdrew her hand.

“Cecily-chan, that’s dangerous! First, you have to rinse your hands…” 

“I see…”

“Did you burn yourself?”

“I’m alright! This time, Cecily won’t fail!”

Cecily rinsed her hands and grabbed the rice.

Nigi nigi!

With her tiny hands, Cecily started to make a rice ball. It was such an adorable sight.

“Good, Cecily-chan! That’s how you do it!”

“I’ll do my best!”

I laughed at what Cecily said. After all, she had imitated my tone.

Although I was busy, I enjoyed making rice balls…

“Big sister…”


Keeping her eyes on the rice ball, Cecily spoke.

“Will tomorrow’s trip be dangerous?”


Cecily said something unexpected, she caught me off guard.

‘That’s not the case.’ was what I was trying to say…

“The truth is, Cecily already knows. Cecily really wants to stop big sister, but… Cecily’s selfishness will only bother big sister… there’s only one thing Cecily can say—please return safely.”

…I was surprised.

I thought Cecily was still a child, but she was apparently more mature than I expected.

She was truly the future princess.

I might have been looking down on her a little.

Hence why.

“…I understand. Thank you, Cecily. I’ll definitely return with everyone. Afterwards, let’s go on a picnic with everyone and eat plenty of rice balls.”

Treating Cecily like a woman, I answered seriously.

“Yes! Cecily is looking forward to it! Cecily will do her best until then!”

I had to do my best to meet her expectations!

Thinking that, I worked faster at making rice balls.

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