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45.1 What I Wish for

Three days later, Riol was summoned to the royal palace.

“Good day to you, Your Majesty.”

It was within the audience room of the royal palace.

The king who sat on the throne had recovered enough to move about on his own. Far below the throne, a boy with delicate figure and black-hair knelt on the red carpet. Knights lined on both sides.

“…Raise your head.”

“I understand.”

On the side of the red carpet closest to the throne stood crown prince Roland. He was gloating. Sharina, as his fiancée, was allowed to attend.

To be precise, she was his fiancée candidate. Due to tradition, the fiancée of the prince of Elgacia wasn’t fixed until the end. As such, Sharina was only treated as his fiancée.

…There was also the underlying circumstance of the queen trying to appeal to the masses. That was the reason why Sharina became a member of the Dahlia Garden in the first place.

“Your discovery is truly wonderful.”

“I’m honored to be complimented by Your Majesty.”

The amulet for treating he demonic disease was to be reproduced by the kingdom according to its manufacturing process. It had been decided that the amulet itself would be provided free of charge to aristocrats all over the kingdom.

After all, human life—mainly the lives of high-ranking aristocrats—was at stake. If someone tried to monopolize the amulet, it’d cause a bloodshed.

Considering the danger that came with such a life-saving discovery, one which could overthrow the kingdom, it could be said that said decision was only natural.

“—Thus, your reward.”

Instead of the amulet’s interests and profits, the vassal read aloud the enormous list of rewards meant for Riol Glen.

Gold coins, war horses, medals, and even a title. While it was but a title of knighthood, it was unprecedented for a teen to receive it. More so, there hadn’t been any wars in recent years.

“…Is there anything else you wish for?”

The award ceremony was decided in a hurry. As such, it would be over after the king asked the final question. Extra procedures were omitted in favor of a simple and speedy ceremony.

Therefore, when asked such by the king, the recipient was supposed to reply, “I wish for the further advancement of this kingdom.” —And that was it.

“Yes, for the further advancement of this kingdom…”

Riol replied as per the rule.

“…I’d like to request for Your Majesty’s permission.”

The king didn’t answer.

Smiles leaked among the attending aristocrats. ‘As expected of a village boy.’ They ridiculed him, thinking Riol didn’t know the customs of the ceremony.

“…I shall listen to you.”

At first, asking such a question was but a formality. However, the fact that Riol had answered yes piqued the king’s curiosity.

“This amulet wasn’t developed by me alone. Itwas only possible with the help of a certain someone.”

The contempt in the aristocrats’ eyes grew.

They perceived Riol as a stupid, ignorant, child who kept asking for more, despite being awarded with the highest honor.

As the aristocrats watched Riol with astonishment, ‘What could this redneck possibly want?’ Riol continued without hesitation.

“I’d like to further my research and create something that’ll benefit this kingdom—as such, for that purpose…”

Riol took a breath before staring straight at the king—

“—I’d like Your Majesty to allow Sharina Clydea, His Highness’ Roland’s fiancée candidate, to become my assistant.”


The queen gasped. She had understood Riol’s aim.

“Y, Your Majesty the King, Countess Clydea has to devote all of her time to her delayed princess education…”

“It is exactly as the queen said. I’d like for Your Majesty to grant me his permission. Permission to allow Sharina Clydea to devote her time to research in order to contribute to the development of this kingdom instead of the princess education.”

“I see…”

The aristocrats became silent all at once. Instead of additional wealth or a higher title, Riol had asked for a research assistant. What was more, it wasn’t as if they could sneer at him, the man who did that ‘for the sake of the kingdom.’

“I’m not the one you must ask for permission, as I don’t want to force anyone. Sharina Clydea, let me confirm your intentions.”

Sharina lifted her face. She had been waiting for those exact words.

“The demonic disease was incurable. I never thought there would be such a simple way to cure it without any side effects. From now on, this amulet will save the lives of many. I was deeply impressed by this research.”

She recited her prepared lines. Sharina could see Riol gently smiling—it seemed that he was relieved that she was safe. That alone filled her with the energy of one hundred people.

“The future of the people is the future of this kingdom. To save the lives of the people is to save the kingdom. I want to do my best for the future of this kingdom.”

The queen immediately interrupted.

“—Cease! Speaking of the future, if she were to neglect the princess education, no one would be there to support Roland who’ll carry the future of this kingdom…—”

“Indeed. The more time I spend on the research, the less princess education I’d receive. As such—”

—Sharina knew the queen was going to say that. She was prepared.

“—I want to leave Dahlia Garden.”


“I’m the one at fault. I don’t think I can handle both the princess education and the responsibilities of a research assistant. Hence why, I consider myself unworthy of becoming the princess.”

The king held his hand to silence the queen who was still trying to argue. Then, the king closed his eyes.

“There are many others more suitable than me to be the future queen. However, Riol Glen has no other research assistant. I hope to contribute to this kingdom by doing what only I can do. “

She was to assist in his research, for the sake of the kingdom.

If research was prioritized, Sharina would have no time for the princess education. She wouldn’t be qualified to become a queen. As such, she chose to withdraw from the role.

She wanted to serve the kingdom—to think about the future of the kingdom.

…She wasn’t particularly in love with the crown prince, nor did she yearn to become queen. She also didn’t mean to tarnish the royal family’s reputation—

—all she ever wanted was to be with her love.

Putting into consideration the mindset of a youth who truly thought of the kingdom, Riol prepared such a script.

“For you to think about the kingdom to such an extent, I’m truly impressed. Well, then…”

“—Your Majesty!”

The king alternately gazed between Sharina and Riol before muttering in a heavy tone. Sharina’s face beamed as the queen screamed.

“…F, fuun! It seems that you’re bedazzled by money you have at hand! Instead of the queen’s budget, which you can waste in the future, you want to splurge the reward you currently have!?”

At the same time, there existed a man who dared to interrupt the king and disturb the award ceremony. Like a moron, that man raised his chin, crossed his arms, and spoke as if he had seen all there was to the world.

***T/N: A lot of us here pitching for a civil war to happen meanwhile Riolu got his own priority–no revenge, no rich, no status, only Sharina.

“Other than you, no one has ever tried to talk to me, nor even exchange proper greeting. I can’t use magic, but I got to become a scholarship student through writing. People talk behind my back, about how said special seat is actually reserved for failures like me. Basically, I have nothing to lose—nothing, besides you.”

12.2 Dreaming Angelica

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