I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 50]

Chapter Fifty: [Extra 2] A Dog of My Own

“Oh, the dog has come to bear the eyes of an ordinary man,”

What I said at that time was real.

“…I’ll let you go. Stay by the lady who made you look like that. My father and I are not so narrow-minded as to break the contract. If we cut off the Ryudoji Family, you will lose a lot of money.”

But when I turned my back, something warm rolled down my cheek.

My dog, which I have loved since I was 10.

I thought I was showing my love, but to him, it seemed like I was only out to humiliate him.

So, I’ll let you go now.

I never wanted to hurt you.

…Ah, but I’m lonely.

I feel very lonely about letting go of my beloved dog.

“…What a strange dream.”

When I woke up, I was already in tears.

The farewell that happened in my dream was a sad one.

I was a rich lady who kept a boy of the same age around as her dog in my dream.

“…I’m just a simple office worker who doesn’t have anything to do with such things.”

Maybe it’s because a nerdy colleague of mine spoke passionately about an otome game called the “Prisoner of the Miniature Garden.”

I’m wasn’t really interested in the game in general, so I just ignored him.

“Your face is completely different! But the atmosphere is the same. It feels like you could totally be the Empress!”

Because he said such a thing… Maybe that’s why it left a strange impression on me.

“But… In my dream, I was quite immature. That’s why he ran away.”

I couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Maybe she couldn’t help it because she was just a teenage girl, but it’s only natural that her dog would want to run away from her. In my dream, I was imposing my love on him.

If you want your love to be accepted, you must first give the other person the form of love they want. Only then will you slowly have to encourage people to accept your love.

“…Em, Empress-sama… Have you woken up…?”

–Yes, just like how I am now.

“Yoshimasa… I wonder who allowed you to speak? The punishment isn’t over yet.”

Yoshimasa’s handsome face, who had been left tied up in tortoiseshell rope binding, became distorted by my words.

This pathetic appearance was so lovely that I almost wanted to forgive you, but I have to be patient. I shouldn’t let him be spoiled.

“Why am I angry? Yoshimasa… Why did you want to dismiss me?”

This man abused his position as the President of a Parent Company and had the President of my company dismiss me even when I wasn’t at fault for anything.

Isn’t it just to discipline a dog who would do such a thing without asking his owner?



“Because… I couldn’t allow you to attract other men without my knowledge anymore…!”

Yoshimasa explained, wriggling like a caterpillar, still being tied up.

“…It bothers me when you don’t listen to me whenever I ask you to be part of my family as my wife…! At the least, you still wouldn’t listen to me even when I asked you to be solely my exclusive secretary…! Whenever I go to your company, you get angry at me for coming to a measly subsidiary company… Now… I’ve already reached my limit…!”

…Oh, come on. Aren’t you ashamed that such a big man is so pathetic as to cry this shamelessly? I can’t believe that this is the President of a fast-growing high-tier company, not to mention the apple of every female employees’ eyes.

I like to own things that fall in love with an ordinary woman like me, and even though I wouldn’t say I like saying it, but I haven’t met many of those, except for you.

In contrast to the me in my dream, I wonder if I’ve trained this one in the wrong way. I spoiled him too much. He needs to understand his position again.

“Yoshimasa? Who is your owner?”


“Who is better, you or me?”


“Then you should know that you have no right to meddle in my business.”


…Oh, you don’t have to look so depressed. That’s how you look when you’re about to cry yourself out.

I can’t believe that a man who has everything exposes himself in such a pathetic manner to me, who is completely ordinary… What a thrill.

“…It can’t be helped. I’ll take the employment examination for your company next month.”


“But, I’m not going to be a secretary. If I’m going to get in, it’ll have to be a regular job. I can’t give that up.”

“It’s enough as long as the Empress-sama will be at my company! Thank you!”

…I always end up spoiling him like this.

He’s such a nuisance for a dog… But he’s cute no matter what he does.

When I unfastened the string I tied him with, Yoshimasa hugged me vigorously.

“…You… When will you learn to stay?”

“Ah… Empress-sama… I love you.”

“…Stop calling me Empress-sama.”

“Why? You deserve the title of an Empress. The name ‘Queen’ is too mundane for you. A noble and dignified, beautiful person. My ruler. I will be your servant… your dog forever.”

…You’ve been very devoted.

His appearance that looked like he was royalty when we met feels like a lie.

That’s how well I trained him… It means that I got into the gap in his heart well, but even so, it’s still too appropriate.

Doesn’t it feel like you’ve existed solely to be with me?

“…You’re really a bad dog.”

Gently, I reached out to the wide of his back.

My dog.

My very own adorable dog.

No matter what happens, I won’t ever let you go.

…Even if you wish to be freed, like that person did in my dreams.

“–I’m asking you to call me by my name… Stupid.”

When I buried my face in his warm chest, before I knew it, my dream that felt like actual memories disappeared into oblivion.


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