Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

41. Ultimate~ Tackle!

“I know, desu. That’s an incredible amount of pressure, desu.”

The phrase, “No, not tepehero!” combined with the appearance of an intimidating spirit have left Uruna and Owl frozen in place. Even the fairies flying over their heads are unable to hide their trembling and are fidgeting as they fly about.

“Looks like… they’re discussing something.”
“I don’t know what they are talking about, but this is our chance, de… su!?

Immediately after that, the two swallow their breathes as the spirit emits the seven colors of light.

“Yes! The sight captivated me, desu! I was negligent, desu!”

Uruna doesn’t reprimand Owl for being entranced by their opponent. The reason is because she herself was also dazzled and moved by the spectacle that unfolded before her eyes.

“That aura is destabilizing the barrier. If we don’t end this soon, it’ll break.”
“Un- understood, desu. I’ll get serious, desu!”

Owl resolves herself at Uruna’s words. However, at the same time, the doubt in her heart tightens.

Like I thought, this is strange, desu. When we were attacked in the park, he didn’t show any signs of being accompanied by a spirit this powerful, desu. More than that, he feels a bit different, desu…

His appearance is nothing like when we called out to him in the park, when he attacked us without warning.

Owl, while having such a doubt in mind, transfers magic power to her fairies in order to invoke her next spell.

—Diamond 7—

“Ya—y! With this, goshujin-sama can use techniques, too! Probably.”

I don’t know if Urd is being silly or serious, but I follow up on her with a tsukkomi. At the same time, I focus a minuscule amount of output towards my barefoot and release a [Scatter Flame Bullets].


It goes off without a problem, but a bit of the ground was blown away even I only meant to keep it at the level of a sparkler… looks like I messed up adjusting the strength.

Goshujin-sama, they’re coming!”

I look up at Urd’s warning and see a scatter shot of thunder and water disks flying at me. How dangerous!

“Tri- [Triple Barrier]!!”

Three transparent walls appear one in front of the other and stop all of the oncoming attacks… Except,

Goshujin-sama’s barrier is so pretty—! Ama—zing!”
Ah, yeah, looks like it.”

Yes, it is pretty, but that’s not the problem here. Not only is the radiance stronger than usual, each layer is also thicker, too.

“Urd, did you do something?”
Eh? I’m not doing anything. When goshujin-sama used his[technique], I did feel magic power flow through my body though. Only that—.”

No, no, that’s absolutely the cause! I don’t know the reason why, but the power of my [techniques] seem to have jumped by passing through Urd. If I invoke my [Scattering Flame Bullets] with the same feeling I have been using up until now, Odori park will be ruined senseless.

“Well then, what to do…? [Triple Barrier]!”
Goshujin-sama, nice defense!”

The attacks of these 2 are only numerous, they aren’t very strong. By using an enforced [Triple Barrier], I’ll be able to… Hm? When I look closer, my eyes lock in place. A barely visible, thin, 4th barrier has appeared.

“Isn’t this a [Quadruple Barrier]?”

That isn’t what I said at all.
Also, looking really, really, closely at the 4th layer, there is something extraordinary surrounding it. That’s a bit scary. Not using [Triple Barrier] either might be a good idea.

“For the time being, I need to find out why they’re attack me. Otherwise, I won’t understand anything.”

All of my techniques become too dangerous with the Urd boost. I’ll also need to get closer to talk with them.

In that case— — —

“— — —[Reinforcement]!”

I strengthen my thinking speed and physical strength and then approach the 2 while avoiding their countless attacks.

“Do- don’t let him get close, desu! Sanda, Guran, [Shot Bullet]!”
“Dine, [Bullet]!”

My vision is filled rounds of thunder, stone, and water.

I think about my [Triple Barrier]… I don’t know what will happen with my technique that became a [Quadruple Barrier].  That’s why, instead— — —

“— — —Sorry, Odori park! [Toy]!”

I use the stone pavement of Odori park as material for creating several puppets and use them as a wall while I continue my charge towards the 2. A part of the stone pavement was peeled from the park as a result, but this place has already been tattered by the magic of those 2. That’s why, I’d like for this to be overlooked.

“We can’t defeat them by drowning them in attacks!”
The class representative’s imouto gets frustrated as she releases a round of water bullets.

Thanks to stone pavement puppets proving sturdier than expected, they’re being forced into a hard fight. This is my chance to get close without needing to hold back!

“It can’t be helped, desu… Uruna-chan, please earn some time, desu.”
“So, Owl is going to do that. Dine, [Great Wall]!”

At the cry of class representative’s imouto, a gigantic rapid of water appears as a wall.

Uwa, that’s pretty sturdy.”
The stone pavement puppets charged ahead, but they weren’t strong enough. They couldn’t break through the torrent wall.

“Isn’t it no good like this?  I’m not sure if I can get through with normal [Reinforcement] either. Not to mention I can’t use [techniques]… This’ll hurt a bit, but it’s all I’ve got.”

I utilize [Reinforcement] and strengthen my muscles and bones. Then— — —

“— — —even further, [Reinforcement]!”

Reinforcement is layered on the muscles and bones of my right arm.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow!”

The nerves in my right arm scream out at my muscles and bones receiving [reinforcement] beyond their limits. It’s a nostalgic pain, one similar to growth pain.

Otto, now isn’t the time for getting sentimental.”
I ready my strengthened fist and punch at the torrent wall of water with all I have!
“[Gender Equality Fist Destruction (Telephone Punch)]!”

An intense explosion echoes out. Starting from the source of the shockwave, the torrent wall of water is blown away.

“Wha-! My [Great Wall] was torn down with just a punch!”
“Just like that!”

Of all the techniques I possess, [Gender Equality Fist Destruction (Telephone Punch)] is the most powerful. Right now, I’m only using [Reinforcement] with my right arm, but I can make giant craters when I apply it to my whole body. However, using it creates a massive opening and it requires me to sacrifice my right arm. As such, two conditions need to be met before I can use it. I need to have time to prepare and I need to be wearing a [substitution tag]. Also, strengthening my body is a bit painful.

“This is the result of applying a soundproofing effect to the [Triple Barrier] surrounding my house and practicing in my garden.”

I’ve grown from being attacked by those special ability holders. For the sake of my tranquil life, I need to be well prepared! Also, because of that, I’ve been developing various new techniques other than [Gender Equality Fist Destruction (Telephone Punch)]. Those, however, are a story for another time. More importantly— — —

“I have no intention to continue fighting. Tell me why you suddenly attacked me.”

— — —I need to figure out what is going on.

“Why we suddenly attacked you? That’s our line!”


“Aren’t you the one who called us with those letters in our shoe lockers!? They read, ‘If you want the [Fairy All Seed] returned, come to the park.’ Then, you attacked us out of nowhere. Hurry up and give back the stolen [Fairy All Seed]!”
“Letters? [Fairy All Seed]?”

I don’t understand what’s going on. I’m the one who was called, and I don’t have any memory of stealing anything with that name.

“Hold on a sec, something’s wrong. I was also called here by a letter in my shoe locker. I have no recollection of stealing anything by the name of a [Fairy All Seed]. To begin with, I don’t even know what that is!”
“Bu- but you attacked us just now in the park! We were almost killed!”

Just now?
I’ve been here the entire time. Just what the heck is going on?

“…Uruna-chan, thank you for buy time, desu. The chant was finally completed, desu.”

During the middle of that, I hear a disturbing line from the blond girl hiding behind the class representative’s imouto.
The chant… was finished?

“I don’t know who you are, desu, but peacefully surrender yourself, desu. [Greatest Golden Giant Soldier (Greatest Gauguin)1]!”

At the blond girl’s cry, a 5 meter tall, golden, giant appears. It doesn’t have any weapons, it’s just a skeleton dressed in simple armor, but the pressure is staggering.

Uwa—, that’s dangero—us! It lo—oks strong!”
“Sure, it might be a bit dan… Wha-!?”

In an instant, the puppets that were gathered around me are all blown to bits. Upon glancing at the golden giant’s fist, clinging to it I find are small pieces of the stone pavement puppets. Despite appearances, its speed is unbelievable.

“So- so fa—st. Goshuji-sama, did you see that just now?”
Ah, I could see it.”

My eyes can keep up with it, so it’s not that I can’t dodge its attacks. Still, I’m not sure I’ll be able to match it using the stone pavement puppets and reinforcement. I can’t use techniques either. What do I do…?

“I want you to peacefully surrender yourself, desu. If you do, we won’t go any further with this violence, desu.”
“Turn my self in, you say…”

Even if I’m told something like that, I don’t recall doing anything to turn myself in for. Furthermore, even though they adamantly refused to listen to what I said, I’m being asked to peacefully turn myself in, how annoying.

“Master, please leave this to me. I will protect master!”

While I’m coming up with a countermeasure for the golden giant, Near jumps out of my chest pocket and sends its golden scarabaeid beetle flying towards the golden giant.

Hm? Looking closely, Near and the golden scarabaeid beetle are connected by a spirit thread. Is that golden scarabaeid beetle a type of shikigami?!

“Tha- that’s my familiar!?”
“Why is Owl’s familiar here!?”

The 2 are also surprised, but now isn’t the time for that. In a fluster, I hide Near in my pocket.

“Near, don’t come out of my pocket! It’s dangerous!”

Near has a [substitution tag] attached, but whether Near is a living creature or a machine is a delicate line I don’t know the answer to.  As such, I want to avoid exposing Near to danger as much as possible.

There is no need to worry. Everything is already over.”
“It’s already over?”

Immediately following Near’s words, the golden giant with the golden scarabaeid beetle attached to it stops moving. Then— — —

Eh? What? Why is it grabbing us!?”
“I- I don’t know, desu! I can’t control my [Greatest Golden Giant Soldier (Greatest Gauguin)], desu! Re- release us! Why did you grab us, desu!?”

— — —The giant hand grabs, lifts, and restrains the class representative’s imouto and the blonde girl.

What just happened? I can’t figure out what’s going on.

“I usurped control of that giant. It is now under my control.”
“Under your control…”

Near can do that? Near is incredible.

“Owl, sorry, but I’m going to destroy your [Greatest Golden Giant Soldier (Greatest Gauguin).”
“It doesn’t matter, desu! I also intend to do the that, desu. Guran! Sanda!”

Not good! They’re going to destroy that giant!

“I won’t allow that! Ultimate~ tackle2!”

Just before any magic can be invoked, Urd zips off and tackles the spheres of light flying over their heads.

“Guran! Sanda!”

The spheres of light get sent flying like pin pong balls and the magic fails to invoke. For now, what a relief, what a relief.

“Well then…”
“Ke- keep your hands of Owl! Whatever you want to do, do it to me! You… beast!”
“N- no, desu! This incident is my responsibility, desu! If you’re going to disgrace someone… disgrace me, desu!”

To be saying things like beast and disgrace, just what kind of person do they take me for…

“For now, let’s talk. Near, release them.”
“To be saying, ‘Eh…?’, I don’t have any intentions towards either of you 2. I just want to talk.”

Maybe releasing them got them to trust me a bit. They aren’t showing any signs of wanting to attack me.

How exhausting. With this, it looks like we can finally talk.

—I am a Diamond—

From the roof of a certain building, a man watches over the fog covered Odori park.

“How surprising, degozaru. Never would I have thought a [spirit practitioner] like him was hiding away…”

His name is [Chrome]. He is in the form of Kousuke, and he is responsible for the surprise attack on Owl and Uruna and for making the 2 hostile towards him.

“An existence utilizing a spirit that shows signs of being comparable to a great spirit… To have found such an interesting person, putting those letters in their shoe lockers and running around while disguised as him was worth it!”

Chrome, wearing a knitted cap, laughs loudly. His expression, for the first time in a long while, shows delight. He is overjoyed at having encountered an interesting existence.

“I’m sorry for Io-dono, degozaru, but this is certainly going to get interesting, degozaru.”

According to Io’s magic, the criminal who snatched the [Fairy All Seed] is Kousuke. Chrome was charged with recovering it, but he no longer has any thoughts towards accomplishing that task. Instead,— — —

“Not only does that boy utilize a powerful spirit, he has mastery over unusual physical techniques and invokes never before seen barrier and recovery techniques… Fuu fuu fu, I will absolutely uncover that boy’s true identity, degozaru!”

— — —only the goal of uncovering Kousuke’s true identity fills his head.

Haa… but before that, Io-dono is going to tell me off, degozaru.”

At the same time Chrome murmurs those words, his figure vanishes from the roof top.

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  1. ゴーガン: Paul Gauguin was French Post-Impressionist artist.  Assuming I’ve read the name right, anyway.
  2. This attack is a pun with her name (Uru)