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41.2 The Groundwork

“When forming a magic circle, there’s a circuit through which magic power passes between the caster and the circle. Normally, magical power is poured into the circle to activate magic. Only the caster is connected to the circuit and the circle. Such is the contract.”

Anyway, he needed magic stones immediately, so both Angelica and Tobias immediately started refining them.

“A few months ago, during the duel with His Highness Leonardo, I reworked the contract a little from, ‘only the caster’ to, ‘those with magical power in the vicinity of the circle.’ The amulet I used during the face off with His Highness Roland was switched to, ‘an item with magical power in the vicinity of the circle.”

By the way, ever since Sharina heard the strategy from Riol the night before yesterday, she had already been making water magic stones. The amount had exceeded fifty.

“With Tobias’ help, I was able to improve the amulet I used to defeat His Highness Roland.”

Sharina had heard it before, while Angelica and Tobias listened to Riol amidst making magic stones.

“I shall cure the demonic disease the king has been afflicted with.”



Both of them were surprised and screamed. The fire magic stone and earth magic stone which had just been completed rolled out off their respective hands and made small noises.

“The queen is impatient because His Majesty’s condition is that bad. Hence why, she seeks to restore the prestige of His Majesty and the crown prince before his death.”

Speaking of demonic disease, it was an incurable disease that affected only those with magical power. A terrible disease that was inseparable from the aristocracy. Once someone was afflicted with said disease, they had no choice but to hope its progress would be slow.

“Therefore, it can’t be helped that His Majesty’s illness can’t be cured.”

“That said, you aren’t a doctor…”

“Holy magic also can’t cure the demonic disease. No matter how much you amplify healing magic with Riol’s amulet, it won’t work.”

Angelica and Tobias stared at Riol incredulously.

Sharina was also clueless towards how to cure the demonic disease. However—

“If neither holy magic nor a doctor can cure the demonic disease, then what can?”

Until now, Riol had been able to overcome any unfavorable situation and make anything impossible possible. He wouldn’t say such a thing without putting thought into it.

If the element was magic, the magic stone that would formed was ice. Ice that was difficult to melt. Throwing said ice into a magic circle for flowing water would prove to be useless.

Riol took a piece of said ice and raised it towards the window, which overlooked the sunset. Riol then spoke, as if seeing a path within.

“In the first place, if the illness is caused by magical power, then a doctor won’t be able to treat it, right?”

The next day.

“Fufu, finally decided to reveal your true nature, you vile, vile witch?”

In the carriage heading to the royal palace, right after school.

I’m sick of you. Swallowing those words, Sharina gazed at the man who sat before her.

“When you became the official fiancée of my older brother, you must’ve realized that when compared to the members of the Rose Garden, you came short. After all, they had been receiving the princess education for more than ten years, and were more eligible than you. Even if they have been disbanded, there are many strong rivals that’ll threaten your position.”

Roland Louis Ulisya Elgacia.

He was the younger brother of the first prince whom was hailed as the young lion of Elgacia. He had (obviously) been overshadowed by his older brother. The fact was, he was actually a talented hawk who hid his claws.

“Hence, you decided to target me, instead. After all, I only have a few fiancée candidates—which means less rivals for you. The prospect is also better than being my older brother’s wife, which might lead to you being downgraded into a concubine…”

Riol’s frank impression of Roland was that he wanted to be a black-bellied genius who oversaw everything from a higher place. Roland aimed to grasp the secrets of others and make them dance on top of his palm like a fool. Angelica agreed with that evaluation with a sad face.

“Fufu, but think that everything’ll go the way you want is a big mistake.”

He was so sure that Sharina was rejoicing inwardly. Especially after her envisioned scenario ‘came true.’ In truth, that prince was just pretending to be a scheming genius.

“You took advantage of your familiar to shoo away the first prince all while disguising your witchy self in a Cinderella skin. A shame for him. It’s his fault for not realizing he’s just a mouse. A mouse can never be together with a princess. How pathetic of him. He should’ve seen your true nature—beneath your charming cover, you’re but an ugly, ash-covered, vixen.”

…Did he say something good?

However, it was too backhanded. Besides, she couldn’t even comprehend him. She didn’t know if he was referring to her as a witch, being ash-covered, or a vixen. In summary, a vixen witch with ugly ash-covered skin? What kind of creature was that?

In the end, he even mentioned something about wings. So, on top of everything, that creature had wings, too? That creature was about to go around and become a divine creature, then.

“…I will do my best.”

As expected of the finest carriage prepared for the royal family, the carriage moved in a flowing manner with minimal rocking.

Sharina responded emotionlessly. It was as if she had been struck with something and couldn’t come up with an excuse.

For the sake of the princess education, she had to return from the academy to the royal palace with that man every day. Roland was also starting his full-scale education as the future king.

Fufu, you must be perplexed as to how I could see through you so well.”

“Although I’m sure that you haven’t see all there is to me.”

“Oh, don’t think that’ll work against me. That’s your usual remark for when you’re fishing for a guy, right?”

“I was just remarking, though…”

Deluding Roland into thinking everything is exactly as he expected is conveninet. If Sharina were to rebel too much, the queen would probably resort to an even more drastic measure.

“I’m just…”

Sharina took a small breath, but she closed her mouth without making any further noise.

‘I’m just longing for you.’—

—was what she was supposed to say.

Despite that, even though it was just acting, she couldn’t even muster the will to say those words.

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