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76. I made Holy Water during the Practical Test

The written test was over. I moved to the practical test.

The practical test had us entering a laboratory a few at a time. Each group would then make potions or some other kind of medicine.

“The practical test sounds easier.”

I entered the laboratory in a group of ten.

It was narrower than the magic research institute’s, the equipment was also lacking… but it should suffice.

I felt that I should be able to do better in the practical test, something I was more familiar with. Being careless was one’s greatest enemy, though.

As I was about to start making medicine…

“What do I make…”

I heard the anxious voice of a girl. She belonged to my exam group.

“What’s wrong?”

Before I noticed it, I had called out to that girl.

“This year’s written test was difficult… I have to make it up through this practical test… I, can I really pass?”

“Oh, are you worried about that?”


“If you do your best, the result will come naturally. If you’re nervous, you won’t be able to do your best.”

“You seem to be calm…”


It might have looked like that, but I was nervous, too.

However, now that I was there, I couldn’t go back.

I should had studied more… I kept regretting, thinking it was too late.

“Well, even if I told you not to be nervous, you won’t just relax that easily…”

Wasn’t there be a good way?

Oh, that was right!

“How about writing ‘people’ on your palm and swallowing it three times?”

“Can it fend off my nervousness?”

“Yes, I think it would. I’m not lying. Here, let me do the same.”

Feeling half-confident, the girl wrote ‘people’ on her palm and brought it to her mouth.

It was some kind of charm.

By writing ‘people’ and swallowing it, the word would empower you and give you an edge over the people around you.

By telling myself that I should keep calm, I could really relax…

…I heard that it had such an effect.

You’d be saved by what you believed.

…Suddenly being told such a thing, the once anxious girl smiled.

“Thank you! My nervousness has subsided!”


“You should do your best, too! Let’s pass together!”

“Yes, of course.”

With that said, the girl started making her own medicine.

The girl was also my rival in the so-called qualification test.

However, the test didn’t have a relative evaluation. Even if a score was lower than another’s, as long as it exceeded a certain level, it should be fine. Even if it wasn’t, that didn’t mean you’d instantly be eliminated.

I couldn’t let anyone best me.

But at the very least, I also wanted them to pass.

“Now, let’s get started!”

I clapped my cheeks, regaining my spirit.

By the way, for that test, only one potion ingredient was allowed to be brought in.

The setup was in my favor.

Of course, what I brought in was…

“Spirit water! Shall I use this to make holy water?”

I placed the bottled spirit water on the desk.

Hmm, if I thought about it, holy water might be overkill for the qualification test. Despite that, I couldn’t cut corners—that was what I was best at! Or so I was told…

Let’s make excellent holy water and surprise the examiners!

Using the spirit water, I immediately started making holy water.

  • POV: Examiner

A student who perfectly described how to make holy water appeared in the written test.

It was a shock among the examiners, however, it was only a practical test.

The girl named Eliane has a perfect score for the written test. Unless she badly messes up during the practical test, she should be able to pass… but what is she going to make?

Bart waited for the practical test to finish in a separate room.

How many years had it been since he last felt that excited?

He used to admire unknown drugs and was devoted to research.

He was still devoted to the long-cherished desire of humankind, ‘holy water’, but recently he had fallen into a slump and his research hadn’t been progressing.

Perhaps, because of that, he had forgotten his excitement and continued his research with monotone feelings.

But… why, when I saw Eliane’s description, I remembered my old passion for the first time in a long while… Kuku, thank you…

What on earth would she make?

Her practical test should be over soon.

Bart was still waiting when—

“—Something has happened!”

One of the examiners jumped into the room.

“What happened? The practical test should be over…”

“Yes, it is. However, when I decided to collect the potions the examinees made…”

The moment he saw it, Bart doubted is eyes.

“This brilliance… someone submitted holy water—no way!”

“Yes, it’s a holy water! An examinee made holy water by herself!”

“What!? Alone!? Holy water!? Hey, could it be, the name of the examinee—”

“—I, it’s Eliane! That girl who got a perfect score in the written test!”

“How extraordinary is she!?”

He expected something amazing, but holy water was just…!

Seeing the holy water before him, Bart could only be dazed.

***T/N: F for Bart. He isn’t born a saint, that’s why he can’t make holy water no matter what. When he decides to once again try his hand at making it, a sue beat him to it. Just, F.

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