A Court Blacksmith, whom was Condemned for being a ‘Woman who Reeks of Iron’, was Picked up by a Friendly Guild and Attained Happiness Translation

1. The Court’s Female Blacksmith

Born to an aristocratic family, I was a so-called noble lady.

Despite that, my family wasn’t very influential. My family’s rank was low. Our history needlessly extended all the way back.

Our mansion was larger than normal, but it wasn’t beautiful enough to brag about. I only had a few gorgeous and fancy outfits.

Regardless, my parents kept protecting our small house. It was to the extend that it would fly away if a storm were to arrive.

Then one day, my parents fell ill.

They suffered from an illness that was prevalent in the royal capital. Said illness usually spread amongst commoners.

When they went to see a doctor, it was already too late. By that point, they could only rest as they waited for their final days to come.

The rest was history.

As a child, I was made to understand that people die easily. Afterwards, there were crying, grieving, suffering…

But, during their final moments, my parents laughed and said to me;

“Liliana… be strong, live…!”

“Attain… your happiness.”

During their hardest moment, what they wished for was my happiness.

I realized that those words came from the bottom of their hearts, and my tears refused to stop.

My parents were the ones who protected the house.

Because we were a small and weak aristocratic family to begin with, after my father—the head of the family—passed away, I could no longer maintain my dignity as an aristocrat.

At that rate, the money would eventually run out.

The employees quit all at once—I was left alone.

I also didn’t have anyone to rely on.

Still, I had to live strongly.

There must be a way.

My parents always kept my talent a secret.

I had talent for blacksmithing.

Ever since my birth, I had been endowed with a skill that had nothing to do with being a noble lady.

I thought that I’d never once use it during my life, but now I had no choice but to rely on it.

I decided to abandon my title.

With the remaining money, I prepared the necessary tools to work as a blacksmith and rushed to see the knights who guarded the royal castle.

The royal castle had a profession called a court blacksmith, one who managed the weapons and armor of the knights.

That was the position I coveted.


Kan, kan, kan—!

The sound of iron being struck echoed within the workshop.

When I wiped the beads of sweat off my forehead, the soot on my hands stained my face.

In the soot-covered mirror, what was reflected wasn’t the image of a noble lady.

Different from the past, my long hair was cut short and tied back so it wouldn’t hinder my work.

My red hair, which had been praised by my mother, was also covered with soot. Not to mention, I smelled of iron.

“…Hm, I wonder if I should take a break.”

At the age of fifteen, I worked as the court blacksmith.

Because my predecessor had quit two years ago, I was able to complete my apprenticeship and take a position within the court.

I seemed to be the youngest court blacksmith to ever hold the position.

Some people were surprised, while others pitied me.

After all, I was a fallen aristocrat, one whom wasn’t only working as a blacksmith but was also covered in soot on a daily basis.

Some would sympathize with me, while others would sneer at me. I was used to it.

In addition—



“Ms. Liliana, the hero has returned.”

“Really—!? I’ll be there, soon—!!”

I jumped out of the chair with a cheerful reply.

After wiping my dirty face with a damp towel, I tidied myself as much as possible and left the workshop.

Upon arriving at the knights’ barracks, a beautiful man with golden hair turned around.

“Welcome back, Sir Allen!”

“I’m home, Liliana.”

The hero—Allen.

The man chosen by the Holy Sword Zephyr which was kept by the royal family for generations.

He protected the people from the wicked demon king whom was trying to destroy the world.

He wasn’t only very strong, but also kind and handsome.

“Are you injured?”

“I didn’t suffer even the slightest injury. I guess I have you to thank for the armor.”

“N-no, that’s because of your strength, Sir Allen…”

“Hahaha, thank you, Liliana.”

He showed a refreshing smile.

As my heart throbbed, I felt weak in the knees.

…As I thought, this man is special…

He treated me, whom was covered in soot, like a woman.

He’d smile at me and speak kindly to me.

“Excuse me, Liliana, but can I ask for your help in mending my armor and holy sword?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Thank you. I’m glad you’re here. Truthfully, I want to spend more time with you… if only the Demon King weren’t present…”

“…Sir Allen!”

“Liliana, I’ll definitely defeat the Demon King. That’s why—I need you. I want you to continue helping me.”

“Yes! Leave it to me!”

I loved Allen.

The way he’d gaze straight at me as he said he needed me…

When I became a blacksmith, I thought giving up on my happiness as a maiden was inevitable.

With him there, I felt like I could still yearn for that happiness.

Even though I was happy, I didn’t let it show. In front of him, I wanted to appear graceful.

When I returned to the workshop, I lined up the armor and the holy sword Allen had entrusted me with.

The armor was crafted by me while the holy sword was the national treasure of the kingdom.

In order to defeat the demon king, the holy sword was necessary.

I had to repair it so that its strength would always be maximized.

“Alright! I have to do my best!”

I wanted to be of help to Allen.

Just being praised by him made my day.

…I also wanted to see his gentle smile.

With that in mind, I gave my best as a blacksmith.

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