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75. The Written Test

Thus came the day of the exam.

“Eliane, you don’t have to be nervous. With your talent, I’m sure you’ll pass.”

“That’s right, after all, big sis studied hard!”

When I was about to leave for the exam, Nigel and Cecily wholeheartedly encouraged me.

“Thank you… I won’t hold back!”

“That’s the spirit!”

Besides, I had the charm for passing given to me by Nigel.

I still wore it around my neck. Just by doing that, I already felt powerful.

“Oh, right. Eliane, about that talisman—”

“Oh no! At this rate, I’m going to be late! See you!”

At the end, Nigel tried to say something, but I had already scrambled out of the royal palace.

I will definitely pass!


Upon arriving at the exam site, I showed my admission ticket and then entered the building.

It seemed that due to Robert, I was able to take the exam. For him, I absolutely had to pass!

By the way, I also wanted to hear Robert’s encouragement. However, he seemed occupied with work and thus couldn’t come out.

Robert seemed to have decided that I’d pass. However, to me, the exam was a great enemy that could sweep me by my feet if I let my guard down.

The pharmacist qualification exam was divided into two parts.

One was a written test, while the other was a practical test.

As Robert had said, I wasn’t worried about the practical test, but… the problem was the written test.

Although it was only for three days, I should be alright, right? I had studied for the exam, after all.

In the past, I had also taken tests. At those times, I had reached passing scores.

However, I wasn’t certain I wouldn’t get swallowed up by the atmosphere.

I’ll relax and take the exam properly!

I moved according to the guidance inside the venue. Eventually, I reached a place which resembled a large auditorium.

I’d be doing the written test first.

Soon after I sat down, a person who looked like an examiner came over…

“Then, I will start the written test immediately. Please do your best and don’t be nervous. Alright… start!”

The test started.

I looked at the question paper.


If all the questions were like this one, I’d be able to finish up without any problems!

Nothing in particular made me stumble—I was able to solve the problem smoothly.

However, as I proceeded further along with the problems, the difficulty level steadily increased.

But, if it’s only this—!

After there were only 20 minutes left to the exam, I had arrived at the final question.

I stopped.

This is…

I could solve that problem just fine—but wouldn’t it be too difficult for other students?

Making something like that the final problem…

But, regardless of practical skill, if someone was unable to solve that problem, they might be judged unfit to become a pharmacist…


That year’s pharmacist exam was difficult…

Although I was a little confused, I still wrote down the answer.

…With that, I was finished!

But… what was with that final problem?

I felt like there was an underlying reason behind that final problem… Besides, there was no correct answer to it.

Because of that, I wrote a bit of my own theory. Even if I didn’t get that problem right, I shouldn’t need to worry because I’d still receive a passing score.

Even so… for future pharmacists to have to solve such a difficult problem…

I thought I had mastered pharmacy, but it seemed that I still had room for improvement.

The essence of a pharmacist was deep.

Anyway, let’s review the answer!

I used the remaining time to the fullest and reviewed my exam from the very first question.

  • POV: The Examiner

The written test was over.

The examiners gathered in a sperate room and read the collected answer sheets.

“This time, we went all out.”

“It wouldn’t be strange for the highest score to be the average score.”

While scoring, the examiners were enthusiastic.


“I don’t think there’s a perfect score.”

“That’s unfortunate for the students. After all, the final question of this written test was made by Mr. Bart, a leading pharmacy expert.”

The attention shifted towards an elderly man who sat on the innermost seat.

The man—Bart, put his elbows on the table and casually glanced down at the answer sheets.

Kukuku… Am I too mean? Aspiring pharmacists—no, even veteran pharmacist wouldn’t be able to solve that problem!

As the other examiners had said, Bart was the number one or the second-best pharmacologist in the world.

He was residing in Lynchgiham for the time being, but until recently, he had been studying medicine in other countries. As such, he hadn’t returned for a long while.

For the first time in thirty years, he was requested to make an exam question.

He also supervised the entire exam, but more importantly, he created the final problem.

Bart did it himself without any help from the others.

He was told that there was a great pharmacist in the mix. Basically, Bart had been requested to create such a question.

Hearing that request, the pharmacologist soul of Bart was ignited.

A great pharmacist? Moreover, one without a qualification. I see, a pharmacist who is great in the field. Even so, no matter how good a pharmacist is, if he lacks knowledge, he’ll fall into a slum, someday. I have to nail it in!

Bart felt it was time for him to play his part.

“So… what’s the name of that stray pharmacist?”

When Bart asked a question.

“…I think she’s called ‘Eliane’, this is her answer sheet.”

“I see.”

Bart immediately looked at Eliane’s answer sheet.

Hmm… as expected, all the questions except for the final one are correct. Well, if she’s truly a great pharmacist, she should be able to do that much.

Nevertheless, the answer she came up with for the final problem was exceptional.

The final problem regarded the theory of liquids, which Bart had spent thirty years perfecting as he traveled around various countries.

That theory was a long-cherished dream of both pharmacists and pharmacologists.

Basics, applications, etc—a wide range of knowledge was required. Unless she had read the latest theory, she shouldn’t be able to solve it.

Moreover, the theory hadn’t even been completed.

Indeed. Bart had inserted a problem with a vague answer.

“Well, what kind of strange answer did she write…?”

However, the moment he saw Eliane’s answer, Bart stood up on spot.

“What the hell is this!?”

“Ah, uh… Mr. Bart? What happened? Did Eliane answer wrong?”

“It’s the opposite! Her answer is too wonderful!”

It was a perfect, correct, answer.

No, that wasn’t all.

Eliane’s answer seemed to have her own theory mixed in.

What insight! With this, won’t my research progress dramatically!?

Bart’s hand, which was holding the answer sheet, was trembling.

“By the way, what is Mr. Bart researching?”

Other examiners were speaking quietly.

“Certainly, he’s trying to make ‘holy water’…”

“Holy water? Ah, surely, Eliane is that pharmacist who concocted holy water herself, right?”

“Don’t say stupid things, that must be a rumor. It was the effort of everyone working at the research institute of magic!”

“Well, that’s only right, as if you can concoct holy water by yourself, anyway…”

In the room, Bart’s excited voice echoed. “As long as I have this, I can complete holy water!”

***T/N: This… this feels so cheap, man. Missed the entrance of the exam? Waiting for next year’s exam is for peasants, I shall utilize my harem’s authority, who is the director of the magical research institute! I only studied for three days top, and even fallen asleep amidst of it, but managed to ace the exam, ooh la-la! Is medical school supposed to be hard?

Also, Eliane’s theory? For concocting holy water? Now ain’t that interesting, considering the meticulous steps she did to concoct said water, could the theory be: uwu uwu basically you take a water from the village of the spirit king you’ve charmed with basic dishes, then you inject it with saintly magic that only the privileged is born with!!! There you have it!!!

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